How to drink bicarbonate of soda for cleansing, healing and weight loss. You can improve your health if it is right to drink soda?

Soda is so common a product in the kitchen that the first information about the reception of her solution inside is puzzling.

We used to rinse the throat and teeth to use in baking, add to cosmetic homemade produce, at least – to take with heartburn.

It turns out that if the right to drink soda, it can have a healing effect on the body.

How to drink soda: what is the use of the substance

To drink or not to drink soda – individual solution, in any case do not take the following information as a recommendation!

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate) can be called a unique product. It is used not only in cooking but also in medicine, cosmetology. The purpose of the reception of baking soda inside to restore the acid – alkaline balance in the body.

The ideal pH level of blood around 7.35 to 7.47 pH is a physiological norm. If this figure is lower, doctors say about acidosis – critical shift of acid-alkaline balance, which can lead to coma and death. The strongest acidosis is a pH of 6.8, while figure 7, 25 recommended alkalizing therapy.

While most people have a level of balance shifted in the direction of acidification (less than 7,35), that is, there is a slight acidosis. Its causes – poor environment, unnatural refined food, uncontrolled intake of drugs. Detrimental effect in terms of lowering the pH have on a person’s permanent stress, anxiety, tension, fear.

To remedy the situation, you can ingest the sodium bicarbonate. However, to rely entirely on «miracle drink» is not necessary, it is important to eliminate the cause of the acidification of the body, that is, to rebuild the lifestyle, change diet, get rid of the source of stress, etc.

To accurately measure the level of acid-base balance, use of methods of laboratory diagnostics. In life you can use special indicators in the form of paper strips. A rough estimate of the status of your body and the color of the conjunctiva of the eye. At normal pH it is bright pink, with the shift to the alkaline level is dark pink, with a strong acidification is a pale pink or almost white.

Why need to drink soda, which gives the alignment of the acid-alkaline balance? Soda has proven antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Useful qualities of a soda drink a lot:

• normal pH level keeps the teeth healthy, prevents its destruction;

• alkaline environment is detrimental to worms and other parasites, which can be your body;

• alkalinisation helps to eliminate toxins, the normal absorption of b vitamins;

• soda is used for mercury poisoning, fluoride, lead, iodine, formaldehyde, ethanol, methanol;

• soda helps with burns, acne, successfully used for getting rid of fungal infection;

• thanks to drink from a soda can normalize blood pressure, cure cough, reduce inflammation of the walls of the stomach, strengthen the immune system.

The explosion of emotions due to the promulgation of the methods of Dr. Simoncini, who has developed the scheme of treatment of cancer by soda solution. There is a theory that cancer triggers the fungus Candida, which the carrier is in every person. A decrease in immune defenses leads to the development of cancer process.

Candidiasis are shown douching, washing the affected area with soda solution. This will relieve itching and irritation. Psoriasis, gout, arthritis, prostatitis – an incomplete list of diseases in which the extra treatment you can use soda baths or compresses.

If you know how to drink soda with alcohol poisoning, can alleviate the condition of the patient. You need to drink a glass of hot or warm water, which dissolved a teaspoon of soda powder, the action of poisons will be reduced, the internal organs will be cleansed.

How to drink bicarbonate of soda for cleansing the body

Reception soda requires compliance with certain rules. How to drink bicarbonate of soda for cleansing the body? First of all – not to combine the solution with meals. This means that is to drink the solution on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals. Either wait at least two hours after a meal.

To begin cleaning you should gradually accustom the body to the taste and action of sodium bicarbonate. Enough to start is to take just a pinch that will fit on the tip of a knife, and dissolve it in a glass of water. Gradually the body is so accustomed to soda nourishment that will accept it with pleasure.

Prophylactic daily dose of half teaspoon twice a day. It is important to observe the rules of preparation of the drink.

1. To heat water until hot. Normal range is from 50 to 90 degrees Celsius. You can’t use cold water or scalding water.

2. In a glass of hot water take a half spoon of baking soda. A sign of a correctly selected temperature of the water – soluble Fizz soda powder. The allocation of carbon dioxide (on the surface of the water stands out a lot of bubbles) the uptake of sodium bicarbonate will be better.

3. If the water was hot, need to wait until the solution has cooled slightly.

4. After taking a soda you can eat not earlier than in half an hour.

Prophylactic administration of baking soda helps to cleanse the body due to its alkalinity. Excess acids will be neutralized and removed to the outside. How to drink bicarbonate of soda for cleansing should be on an empty stomach after waking up and evening before bedtime. Eventually it will be possible to adjust the concentration of the solution. At the initial stage it should be quite weak.

Regarding the timing of the intake of soda, there are discrepancies. Someone recommends to limit course taking someone believes that soda should be taken regularly. The adherents of the system insist on drinking soda throughout life. In any case, before you self-medicate, you need to consult a doctor. In the presence of any chronic disease initiative is completely contraindicated!

Cleansing the body using soda important if there is his shashlakova: bad skin, excess weight, constant tiredness, chronic constipation. In the process of the major internal organs: liver, intestines, kidneys, contaminated blood and lymphatic system. At risk people who eat greasy junk food, alcohol.

For more effective cleansing of parasites and toxins should combine the drinking of the solution with baths and enemas. For the preparation of enemas need two liters of warm water to get 30 grams of soda. The course of these procedures, from five to seven days. Conduct klezmania should be in the morning or evening, after a preliminary emptying of the bowels.

How to drink soda for weight loss

Any weight loss requires a change in the diet. Do not expect miraculous weight loss using only one soda. Even if it is right to drink soda for weight loss, only one sodium bicarbonate can not do. However, if you include the drink menu for a fixed term, it can help the process of getting rid of excess fat. This is mainly due to stimulation of the bowel and cleansing from congestion, parasites and toxins.

Many dieters are familiar plateau when dieting weight suddenly ceases to decrease and stands still. Plateaus can last from several days to several weeks. Such a long period of lack of results often leads to frustration and breakdowns. To push the body to continue weight loss will help the soda solution. How to drink soda for weight loss?

Make the drink three times a day on an empty stomach half an hour before meals. The total volume of soda that is consumed in a day and a half teaspoons. The course will be two to three weeks, after which have to stop. Not necessarily to do based drink water: soda can be diluted in hot milk.

Moreover, the club soda is just one of the ways to use powder. If no rejection is allowed to just wash it down with water or milk. Place desired amount of baking soda in a spoon, send it in your mouth and drink down.

It is important that be taken the use of sodium bicarbonate and in General for weight loss after a full examination of the body. Normally tolerated by any restriction of supply and a connection is atypical of the usual diet products only after the doctor confirms the absence of occult disease.

Not enough to properly drink soda for weight loss: the process was faster and more comfortable, you need to regularly take the bath with soda. On a normal volume of water should take 150 grams of baking soda, 300 grams of sea salt and two to three drops of essential oil (ylang-ylang, pine, lemon, sandalwood, etc.). Take a bath you need from 30 to 50 minutes, combining the procedure with reception of mineral water without gas or herbal tea. A course of ten treatments in a day will get rid of five pounds of excess weight.

The skin after such bath will become soft, healthy, radiant. However, women with sensitive skin can appear dry, so after the procedure, the use of emollients. The magical effects of healing baths will manifest in getting rid of insomnia, irritability, chronic fatigue. Less painful would be subject to critical days.

In some cases, forbidden to drink soda

In order not to harm their health, intake of soda should be agreed with your doctor. Strictly forbidden to take soda drink in the presence of the following diseases:

• all diseases related to the excretory system and the kidneys;

• diabetes mellitus of any type;

• stomach ulcers;

• violation of the acidity of the stomach;

• the third stage of cancer;

• hypertension;

• individual intolerance of soda or allergic to it.

In cleansing the body by soda solution waste and toxins in large quantities are ingested. If renal function impaired, they are unable will be to bring that amount of dirt out.

It is strictly forbidden to drink soda during pregnancy and lactation. Risk to the fetus, newborn or pregnant women is extremely high.

We must not forget that side effects after taking soda inside may be vomiting, nausea, increased flatulence, diarrhea, belching, pain in the stomach. With such a response the question of how to drink bicarbonate of soda for cleansing the body, itself is removed. In this case, you should immediately abandon this method of recovery.

In addition, if long time to drink baking soda, the calcium level in the blood will decrease and sodium levels increase. As a result, can develop or worsen high blood pressure.