How to choose a sweet melon: open all the secrets. Try the best grades: how to choose a sweet melon torpedo?

Beginning of August is the period, so wait for fans to feast on delicious melons. Naturally, the «sampling» of melons with the new season you will be able in July, but it will still not the same melon.

The best varieties that we love – farm and torpedo, will appear in August. However, the chance of running into absolutely tasteless melons is very large, even in high season. Try to figure out how to choose a sweet melon, including all your favorite torpedo?

How to choose a sweet melon: useful and harmful properties

Fragrant sweet melon – a gift of nature. This vegetable we love not only for the pleasant taste and aroma, but also many useful dietary properties. For example, it can help to improve the work of gastrointestinal tract, to raise immunity, to relieve apathy and depression, and improve the condition of the skin.

Many probably heard about the popular melon diet, which will help quickly and efficiently get rid of extra pounds without feeling this painful bouts of hunger.

For anybody not a secret that this vegetable has a lot of useful features and some drawbacks. For example, the fetus is absolutely not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes and ulcer.

In addition, its use is undesirable nursing mothersas babies in the future can result in unpleasant difficulties, and upset stomach.

Also after you eat the melon, it is not recommended to use cold water, sour milk, yogurt or kefir – it may cause indigestion.

The same problem may appear in person, decided to combine the use of a sweet vegetable drink.

Fruits with damage (cracks) can a thief cause diseases such as botulism and salmonellosis.

How to choose a sweet melon?

Naturally sweet taste and numerous health benefits awaits every fan of the taste of a fresh melon. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to choose it correctly. There are some recommendations that will help you make the right choice.

1. The colors and condition of the skin. For these varieties is light yellow color of the rind in fine mesh is typical. However, the web also needs to be yellowish. If it is not, and the fruit is clearly a shade of green – the fruit hasn’t been ripe, and it’s best just to skip. Note the number of longitudinal furrows on the fruit, the higher the number – the vegetables will be softer and sweeter. Make sure that the surface of the melons didn’t abound with any damages like stains or cracks. Appearance first suggests that the fruit is slowly starting to deteriorate, the second is a clear sign of over ripeness, and through them can get into the pulp of different viruses, dust and dirt.

2. Density. Good quality fruit of the melon should be quite dense and hard. If you are, touching it, drew attention to the excessive sweetness from the melons should be abandoned because it is perespevshey and already starting to fade. Also you should not choose too firm fruits, such vegetables can still be not up to the end ripened.

3. Aroma. If your chosen fruit emanates a pleasant smell, you probably immediately will feel it. When choosing a melon can just be ashamed of her smell – and it is absolutely vain, that a pleasant aroma will help you determine a really sweet copy.

4. The condition of the tail. If the fruit of the melon ripen in the right conditions, and were promptly ripped off, his tail will probably be dry. If you choose the fruit, but noticed that he had greenish tail, or no – better skip it and pick up another, this has simply not matured to the end.

5. Look at the «nose». On the opposite side of the ponytail is another great sign of the quality of the fruit – its «nose». Apply some pressure on the «nose» of the fetus, if it is too hard and the fruit of the melon is not quite ripe, soft says that melons ready to eat.

6. Pulp. Quality fruit of the melon has a white, juicy and firm flesh. Naturally, the assessment of this feature for obvious reasons can not be (do I even need to remind you that the acquisition of sliced melon is strictly prohibited?).

7. The time of purchase. As if you couldn’t wait to buy tasty melon early, with this purchase it is better to wait until mid-August, especially if you are a big fan of the variety Torpedo. Otherwise, instead of the delicious fruit you can «be lucky» to get to the fruit, crammed with a large amount of nitrates that is unlikely to be held for you without a trace.

How to identify a fetus with nitrates?

We would like to give some advice regarding the definition of fruits of the melon with a large number of nitrates. The fruits purchased in June or July – a priori will be the nitrate, however, the acquisition of melons in September does not protect you from the «chemicals» inside.

Of course, to identify externally, not having any special devices, the vegetable, the eyeballs filled with nitrates, is simply not possible. However, if you have seen well traceable longitudinal veins is a clear sign of the presence of nitrates inside. This fruit will be almost no smell, the seeds will be empty, with a grayish tinge. In addition, the «impure» fruit of the attachment of the tail will be slightly different in color with the rest of the fruit. Remember, the nitrate concentration in the center will always be lower than near the skin.

even if you are well aware of how to pick quality fruit, it does not give you the complete confidence. The fact that you can purchase the fruit close to the highway, or of land that does not have the necessary documentation and are simply not suitable for growing these vegetables. The melons themselves are not easy to stomach food, and the presence of additional heavy metals and carcinogens is unlikely to benefit him.

How to choose a sweet melon Torpedo, what is the difference in this class

One of the best and most popular varieties in our area is the melon varieties Torpedo. This variety is a native of Uzbekistan, has an elongated shape and characteristic light yellow colour. The name of the grade received, respectively, thanks to its shape that looks similar to the battle torpedo.

Like any types of melon, «torpedo» should be chosen primarily on the dry ponytail, sustainable, pleasant smell and soft «spout». If we are talking about the flavor characteristics of this variety, be aware that it is, first and foremost, should have an elongated shape, yellow color, fine mesh and bright yellow longitudinal stripes. The latter need not be continuous, but scattered along the vegetable, like a dotted line.

Also note that the seeds in a ripe melon should depart from the pulp, specifically in the dashboard they should have mucosa.