How to care for a tea mushroom? How to make a nice drink: content, growing and caring for tea mushroom

Drink Kombucha for its healing characteristic, tonic and taste properties, which are known since ancient times.

Today, not only the supporters of the popular treatments, but conventional medicine recognizes its benefits for the human body.

To be useful, you need to grow and maintain.

How to care for a tea mushroom: the conditions of detention

Depending on what conditions are created for Kombucha, will change not only its taste, but still useful characteristics and chemical composition. To Kombucha is properly developed, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of his detention:

1. Kombucha can perfectly live and develop in a spacious glass tank, for example, in three-liter jar. It may be the other dishes, but it must match the size of the mushroom.

2. Glass container with mushroom should not be in the light place. Direct sunlight slows the growth of Kombucha, so you should not put the container on the window sill.

3. The recommended temperature for normal growth of Kombucha is in the range of 23-27 degrees. By lowering the temperature slows the development of fungus that can cause algae and his death.

4. Once the mushroom is cooked, it is not necessary to close the capacity tight lid. In this case, there is a lack of oxygen needed for respiration of the fungus. Enough to load up 3-4 times a clean gauze and put it on top of the container.

5. It is not recommended to pour in the Kombucha tap water, as it is saturated with calcium. Water should be boiled.

7. Before you pour water, it is necessary to dissolve the sugar and tea leaves. Do not pour the tea on top of the mushroom or put it in the water, which remained undissolved sugar. As a result of such actions, he’ll get a burn and patreese brown spots. The same applies to tea infuser. Petals or granules from the brewed tea needs to be removed completely.

8. To ensure the normal functioning of Kombucha, it from time to time should be washed with clean water. Water can be tap water, but better if it is boiled or spring.

9. You must carefully watch, that Kombucha is not lost. This may be a result of a prolonged stay in a single solution. A symptom may be a change of color on top of the mushroom. It becomes brownish. In this case, he should be removed from the container, rinse in clean water, remove and discard the top part.

10. If you were a long time or you just forgot about the mushroom, it can remain dry. It again will begin to live, if it to pour the tea solution or sugar water. The fungus has the ability to be stored in a dry form.

How to care for a tea fungus: what it is poured

As drinking Kombucha, there is a need to replenish the environment in which it is located. In order to be healthy, proper nourishment becomes a regular procedure. It is necessary to prepare the tea solution, diluted with sugar. In boiled, 1 % tea solution, dilute the sugar in the ratio of 1 to 10. In such prepared solution, you can move the mushroom itself or to add this solution to that in which he already lives.

It is necessary to watch that the prepared solution was not very strong or rich. This will lead to slower growth of the fungus. The concentration can be lowered by adding boiled, cooled water.

Feeding of mushroom or replacement solution to be repeated regularly, about every 3-4 days. With decreasing ambient temperature, this procedure is reduced to once per 6-7 days. In order to mushroom, the drink was more saturated, the feeding process can be carried out more often.

How to care for a tea mushroom: how to wash and divide

Kombucha needs constant care and attention. It is not enough just to put it in a container, pour a drink and feed from time to time. So what care needs Kombucha?

To the fungus is not killed, it is periodically necessary to wash. Usually wash it cool, better flow, and clean water. You need to wash it very carefully, as if the water pressure is strong, it can damage the structure of the fungus.

Also, while washing it should be kept gently. Mechanical damage can cause damage to the integrity and he will die. After dipping, the fungus returns in a familiar environment, filled with a weak solution of sweet tea.

In the summer, with higher ambient temperatures, the fungus is more active than in winter. Wash it and change the tea solution to have more often. The process of cleaning is recommended once every 3-4 weeks in winter and at least once in 1-2 weeks in the summer.

Also, what kind of mushroom to be constant care, required extensive cleaning of the capacity in which he lives. The Bank, which is a fungus, thoroughly wash and remove the slime, algae and other substances. After that, the Bank is filled with new tea solution and preparing a new product.

Reproduction Kombucha is very simple. It is necessary to separate the upper part of the mushroom and move it to a clean container with warm water. New mushroom needs to settle in a dark place at room temperature for at least a day. As soon as the film fungus will begin to rise and flake, you can move the young mushroom in a sweet tea solution. 2-3 days after the mushroom is moved, it will noticeably increase in size and the drink can be consumed. Period of life tea fungus when it produces the highest quality drink – a couple of months.

How to care for a tea mushroom: beginner mistakes

Drink their Kombucha is not only delicious, but also useful. However, all the flavor and medicinal properties of the fungus are stored in the case, if it is properly cared for. Novice «pickers» make some mistakes that hinder the tea mushroom to make the drink:

1. By placing young Kombucha in a glass container, don’t expect an instant result. There is a period of growth and maturation. Be patient and give the fungus an opportunity to grow.

2. Attempt to put sugar on top of the fungus and improve its productivity will lead to negative consequences. The consequence can be the burn of the fungus and its destruction. Sugar is added only in the diluted condition.

3. The fungus must be constantly bathed. In any case, you shouldn’t take the lower, unattractive layers of the mushroom, and leave a beautiful top. Is lower layers produce those items, as a result of which a tasty drink.

4. The mushroom should swim only horizontally, smooth side up. If it is inverted, it is necessary to return to normal position, as otherwise the beverage will not.

5. You need to constantly refresh the water off the mushroom after drinking the beverage. If water will not cool off in the tea solution to increase the acidity. If you do not want to drink the drink, simply pour some part of it and pour fresh solution.

6. It can not be a solution to use metal utensils, as the fungus produces acid. The reaction of the acid and metal will cause the product to deteriorate.

7. Most often, the fungus dies when he poured the still hot tea from a mug or teapot. If you accidentally «cooked» mushroom, do not throw it away, remove the upper part, maybe he will survive and will delight you with a healthy drink for a long time.