How to brew rose hip in a thermos for the treatment of colds. Rules for the welding of dried rose hips: alive vitamins

Rose hips – incredibly useful berry. The people love her for the pleasant sour taste and the ability to fight with various illnesses. Teas, decoctions and infusions of rose hips essential in winter, during flu and SARS. Cook them in a water bath, French press, a regular teapot, and even in a slow cooker. But the easiest and most popular way – just steamed rose hips in a thermos.

What vitamins are in hips

The benefits of drink, made of berries of wild rose is legends. By the way, rose disputes the legend that the useful vitamin C content in fruit is the lemon. The fact that rose hips ascorbic acid 60 times more acidic than a Sunny fruit.

There are hips, and many other vitamins, e.g., b, A, E, PP, D, and powerful mineral complex (iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, fluorine). In addition, the berries contain pectin, fruit acids, fiber, tannins, an entire army of useful components to promote health.

Not accidentally, broth hips in folk medicine, considered almost a panacea for all ills. Strengthening the immune defense drink based on wild berries actually possess the magical effects on the human body. Judge for yourself:

• extracts of rose hips increase the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthen the heart, preventing such terrible diseases as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke;

• due to the high content of vitamin a To rosehip relieves haemorrhage (including pulmonary and uterine);

• tincture on the hips helps to cope with colds and flu, cure sore throat, to relieve a headache;

• taking brewed rose hips regularly, you can get rid of depression, insomnia, nervous disorders, to reduce the weight, restore the bowels, liver, kidneys, quickly recover after childbirth;

• tincture of rose hips strengthens eyesight, increases the potency, treats BPH;

• for women it is useful in that it restores thyroid function and normalize hormones.

Knowing how to brew rose hip in a thermos, you can quickly and effectively help your body to restore youth and strength.

The rules of the brew rose hip in a thermos

Why thermos? Because it’s simple, fast, convenient. No need to wrap cans in three layers of warm towels, no need to look for complex structures. Brew in a thermos helps to keep the infusion hot, so don’t have to heat it to enjoy the sour taste of the aromatic drink.

However, it is important to know how to prepare dried rose hips in a thermos to keep all the vitamins. They – the most precious thing in the berries and for which they are collected.

Here are the basic rules:

• long boiling is inadmissible, it kills the vitamins. Therefore, it is proper immediately to lay the dried rose hips in a thermos that steamed with hot water;

• can be brewed with whole rose hips, pre-shredded. But you have to understand that in the second case, the infusion would be more of a vitamin, since more pollutants are released into the water;

• boiling water will kill the vitamin C. Scientists believe that when heated above 80 degrees the vitamins are destroyed. So fill the thermos need not cool the boiling water, and cooled down to 80 degree boiled water.

Importantly, as has been collected and how to store berries intended for brewing. Fee must be complete before the frost, otherwise the vitamins will be destroyed. Store the dried berries should be away from sunlight, preferably in a cool and dry storage area.

Before to brew rose hip in a thermos, you need to wash them under running water. Then either send in a thermos, whole or crushed with a knife, blender or meat grinder.

How to make dried rose hips in a thermos: two simple recipe

The easiest way to prepare an infusion of rose hips, the berries of the Bay just water in known proportions. Do it better in the evening so in the morning you can drink the first glass of healthy drink. Basically, if tea from the hips is needed before that can drink it after 3-4 hours. Especially if the fruit was pre-shredded.

How to prepare dried rose hips in a thermos to keep all the vitamins?

Here’s the first recipe:

• take 1 tbsp. l. dried berries to each Cup of water;

• wash and grind in any way;

• pour in a thermos;

• pour slightly cooled boiling water (remove from kettle with a lid and let the boiling water «breathe» for three minutes);

• leave between the water surface and the lid of the thermos air layer;

• infuse for eight hours;

• strain and drink a glass of drink on an empty stomach.

Careful filtering is necessary in order to deliver the beverage from the fibers. They are contained in the core of dried berries. Once in the stomach, hard bristles can irritate its walls and lead to severe discomfort. It is especially dangerous to drink not filtered infusion with damaged mucous membranes.

How to brew rose hip in a thermos, whole? In the same way as in the previous recipe. However, it is better to reduce the amount of water to the infusion was more concentrated, or increase the amount of dried raw material. For example, take 2 tbsp to each Cup. After the dog-rose infusion, the berries have to mash, return to the infusion, then strain it and drink half a Cup three times daily to strengthen immunity and combat the deficiency.

Together with rose hips in a thermos after brewing to throw a handful of raisins, 3-4 pieces of dried apricots, dried apples or pears. This will enhance the benefits of the beverage, giving it new shades of taste and aroma. To sweeten a sour infusion of very good natural honey, although you can use regular sugar. To put their after infusion drink, that is his own Cup.

If a thermos is not, replace it by using glass jars. After brewing you need to wrap in a warm towel and in addition wrap. You can put the jar in a pillow or put in a hot battery. The steeping time is the same: at least 8 hours.

Important detail: after 11-12 hours, the vitamins will start to break down, and the drink will be absolutely useless. So drink the infusion of rose hips need during the day, and the next day steamed a new batch.

How to make fresh rose hips in a thermos

If the hostess has fresh berries of rose hips, you need to use this to cook the most valuable vitamin infusion. If there is also currant leaf – excellent! It will not only give the wild rose a wonderful flavor and increase benefits.

Before brewing the berries, they need to be cut and choose the middle of the seeds and fibers. The resulting raw material folded into a thermos, add some of the pumpkin leaves and pour boiling water podostyvshimi the rate of 1 tablespoon per one Cup of boiling water. The steeping time is 4 to 5 hours. Left to pour the miracle drink cups, add honey, a lemon wedge and enjoy a good brew.

How else can you brew rose hip in a thermos

Not only currant leaf could become the second component when brewed, the fruit of the wild rose. In the broth, you can add ginger, anise, cloves, cinnamon, hawthorn berries, black currant and chokeberry. Delicious and healthy infusion helps to cope with seasonal colds, restore metabolism, to start the process of weight loss, saturate the body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

With ginger

Burning fragrant ginger, blending with a slight acidity rose hips. Turns out delicious Duo – a drink that will tone, strengthen immune defenses will help get rid of stress and accumulated daily fatigue. In addition, the known benefits of ginger to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells. So girls who want to lose weight and at the same time need vitamin charge, you should pay special attention to this version of the drink.

How to prepare dried rose hips in a thermos to keep all the vitamins and berries, and pungent ginger root?


• two handfuls of dried rose hips;

• piece of fresh ginger root with a length of approximately five inches;

• half a liter of boiling water.

Method of preparation:

Ginger root peel and grate (can be cut into thin slices).

Wash the berries, mash these with a rolling pin or a mortar (you can just slice).

In a thermos to throw dried berries of rose hips and ginger.

Pour all the boiling water, then cooled to a temperature of 80 degrees.

Infuse for two or three hours.

Strain and drink a glass before eating.

You can sweeten to taste and when brewed, add spices (anise, cloves, a pinch of cinnamon).

With hawthorn

Real health bomb, you can call the infusion of rose hips and hawthorn, taken in equal proportions. Hawthorn has the unique ability to heal the diseased heart (e.g., to relieve symptoms of arrhythmia, tachycardia). Combined with rosehip, it increases its good power. However, those who suffer from low blood pressure, make tinctures of hawthorn, as they reduce the pressure. How to brew rose hip in a thermos for this recipe?


• a handful of dried rose hips (about three tablespoons);

• two tablespoons of dried hawthorn;

• two liters of boiling water.

Method of preparation:

Berries wash, gently muddle the end tolkushkoy or leave whole.

Pour into a thermos, carefully pour the boiling water.

To Nativity for 8 hours.

Drink the infusion strained, adding sugar to taste, lemon, honey.

The infusion strengthens the heart muscle, restores power, improves performance, protects against virus attacks.

With Aronia

The same prepare infusion of a dogrose and berries of black chokeberry. They can be replaced with frozen or fresh black currants.


• two tablespoons of dried rose hips;

• two tablespoons of berries of a black chokeberry;

• two liters of boiling water.

Method of preparation:

Wash the berries under running water.

To place them in a bowl and slightly mash to break the integrity of the shell.

Fold the raw material into a thermos and pour boiling water over the desired temperature.

Leave overnight (at least eight hours).

In the morning again to crush the berries with a potato masher to saturate the infusion.

Strain and drink half a Cup three times a day.

There is another option of making this drink. Before sending the berries in a thermos, they need to boil for fifteen minutes at a gentle simmer. The total time of infusion does not change: eight hours. However, boiling destroys the vitamins, so the way of the longing of mountain ash and rose hips on fire questionable from the point of view of beverage use. This is hardly a good answer to the question, how to prepare dried rose hips in a thermos to keep all the vitamins.