How not to gain weight in the winter time

None of us want to get over the winter a second chin and fat deposits on waist. At the same time, we understand that in winter the body tends to accumulate fat cells.

And if you add to this more nutritious the food we eat, reduced physical activity and slowed metabolism, then, from this conclusion that the arrival of extra pounds is inevitable.

Using proven methods, cold winter we can survive with minimal impact to the figures, and spring meet head-on.

In the winter, try to drink more liquid, as its deficiency can lead to insomnia, wrinkles, and overall poor health. But this disease, like insomnia, may itself be the cause of excessive weight. If you do not want to drink, replace the water with fruit and vegetables, which also contains a sufficient amount of liquid.

It is desirable to eat at the same time though the Council is a classic. To eat «correctly», that is, a small fractional portions, as nutritionists advise us, often we just do not schedule permits.

Therefore, you should plan the diet so to be able to eat well three times a day. If you are in one and the same time to have Breakfast, lunch and dinner, proper metabolism and good functioning of the body you will be guaranteed.

For a good and responsible sleep Wake meets, as you know, the hormone melatonin. So, can we gain extra pounds, we can even not overeating and reducing physical activity.

A rich source of vitamins will be the veggies, without the use of which can cause problems with the digestive tract. So be sure to include vegetables in your daily diet. Very healthy and tasty vegetable soups are Polish, German and Scandinavian cuisine.

Recipes soups today a great many, so choose a dish that you will like, be pretty easy. In no case do not overeat, but if you feel feeling hungry, though ate not very long ago, then treat the body with Apple or a glass of fresh juice.