How to lose weight on water subject to water regime? How to drink water and how much can you lose weight on the water?

The popularity of diets with water understandable.

The human body gratefully accepts excessive use of moisture, especially against the background of the constant stress and restriction.

How much you can lose water, depends not so much on the water, but on the state of the organism and the selected scheme.

How to lose weight on water on a water diet

Diet for the lazy, or the water diet refers to a special scheme for admission of water in order to reduce weight. They differ from each other. So, the scheme lazy diet – just drink 15 minutes prior to any daily meal, two glasses of water. And it must be just water, no gas, additives, mineralization.

Another scheme: before Breakfast drink a glass of warm water before lunch, two before dinner and all three glasses. The calculation is the fact that the stomach is filled with water, not an example of a large amount of food. The decrease in the volume of food consumed will certainly affect the lower calorie content.

When water diet you can drink the water, regardless of meals, the main thing – sufficient. To calculate the rate of water per day, multiply the actual weight by 40. For example, if the initial weight of 78 kg, the water will have to drink 3 liters and 120 ml. Tea, coffee, soups and other liquids drunk during the day do not count: you need to drink it clean water.

The point is to improve the metabolic processes to remove toxins, remove swelling. Every morning should start with two to three glasses of water, drunk on an empty stomach. The water immediately gets into the pancreas, purify the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates normal operation, improve digestion. To lose weight on water, you need to drink it in small doses for better absorption. The temperature should be normal, neither cold nor hot.

Additionally, it is recommended to provide a low-calorie diet, to eliminate on the diet all fatty, salty, marinated, limit flour. Do not abundance of fluid people with kidney stones (risk that the disease may be undiagnosed and discovered it is already in the process of diet) and high blood pressure.

How to lose weight on water if you drink it for one of these schemes depends on the initial weight, amount of slag, and even season. And water diet and water diet will get rid in a week from three to four pounds overweight (and it will, unfortunately, not fat), and for three weeks from seven to ten pounds.

It is important to know some of the rules on water intake during the day:

• if hungry – drink some water, but only at room temperature. Cold water stimulates the appetite;

• lovers of coffee need to learn the rule: for each Cup of coffee you need to drink a glass of water out of the main volume. Coffee dehydrates the body;

• long-term work before computer also dehydrates, so every fifteen minutes you need to drink some amount of life-giving water;

• it is not necessary to wash down the food. When the meal was carbohydrate, you can drink in half an hour, if protein – two. The water dilutes the normal concentration of acids and alkalis, which dissolve the food before it enters into the intestine, nutrients are not absorbed.

Water diet will help not only to lose weight, how to normalize the weight, to return it to normal levels. So if you only need a to get into my old jeans, slightly to remove the tummy, then this option is perfect.

How much you can lose water at a seven-day wet starvation

Wet fasting is the refusal of food and a reception for seven days only water in sufficient quantity. This option is weight loss water is suitable only for completely healthy people, and then only after consultation with your doctor. Weight loss is guaranteed, but how much can you lose water, depends all from the same individual: weight, physical activity level, season, a sufficient amount of fluid intake.

Weight loss average per seven-day period of hunger strike will be about six pounds. The first 3.5 pounds gone for the first day: it will be a pound of glycogen three liters of water. Only after the organism will spend the glycogen will start the breakdown of fat stores and some muscle fibers. That is why it is necessary to support muscular activity and take vitamins to replenish the body needs substances. In just a week you can get rid of 2, 5 pounds of actual fat. In addition, the body daily will lose up to 25 grams of muscles.

What will be the diet during these seven days? Water, herbal teas (sage, chamomile, hibiscus, mint, Melissa, thyme), green tea. The amount of water a day – not less than one and a half liters to 2.5 – 3 liters.

How much you can lose water without harm to health

Seven days – that is how much you can spend on wet starvation without significant harm to health. Especially resistant girls spend in this mode most of the time, but it is very dangerous. How to lose weight on water for two weeks? 10-17 pounds. But this is a very dangerous occupation, and it is important to follow the rules of entering into hunger and out of it.

Before the water hunger strike for three or four days should be eliminated from the diet of meat and fish products, oily and salty. You need to move more and drink more water – up to two liters. To reduce the diet, go to vegetable dishes, to introduce fruit and vegetable juices.

Fasting is accompanied by acidification of the organism (acidosis). The process is accompanied by headache, weakness, unpleasant odor, nausea. This usually happens on the third day. The body can help with an enema, a shower, fresh air. How to lose weight on water depends largely on the health status and the degree of slagging of the body. If symptoms persist, connects insomnia, aritime, increasing headaches, wet starvation, immediately stop.

The build-up of water is juice therapy. For Breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of the usual portions of food drink a glass of fresh juice, optionally diluting it with water. Juices from packages not suitable: they have too much sugar and preserving agents. In addition, you should continue to drink pure, non-carbonated and unsweetened water.

During the first day, you need to enter into the diet of fruits in small quantities, natural juice (Apple, grape, pear, etc.). On the second day, add the vegetable soup, the third – chicken broth. During the following weeks you can gradually introduce vegetables in larger quantities, it is best boiled, steam, at least the grill.

In the following days you should follow a healthy diet with emphasis on dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, greens.