Horror movies as a way to lose weight

Enjoy watching your favourite films in complete comfort while improving your figure, just staring at the screen – I think that this is a common female fantasy? No, the absolute reality, and even more, a proven scientific fact. Here only the films that will fit, not all but only the most terrible and emotional. To such conclusion the research team from the University of Westminster in London, the results of long scientific experiment able to prove the hypothesis that horror movies are beneficial to the person gets rid of excess weight.

Part in this unusual study took 10 volunteers who were shown a list of classic films in the genre «horror». At the time of the viewing, each participant had to be under the control of special instruments that measured such testimony as being out of carbon dioxide, the volume of absorbed oxygen and the number of heart beats per minute.

Oddly enough, each film lasting 90 minutes, delivered a separate party in an average of 113 calories, that weight is equivalent to a small chocolate bar. It should be noted that approximately the same result gives a 30-minute walk in the fresh air.

The results of this research, the scientists also added a ranking of the best pictures for weight loss, which includes all films viewed by the participants of the experiment.

First place in the ranking went to the horror film «the Shining» — view it helps a woman to get rid of in an average of 184 calories. The movie «Jaws», which took the second position, allows the viewer to lose a 161 calorie. 3 calories of him behind the film «the Exorcist.» Behind her in the list are the bestsellers «a Nightmare on elm street», «Saw», «Paranormal activity» and «Alien» — their effectiveness in relation to weight loss ranged from 110 to 150 calories for a view.