Hormone diet: in essence, what are the advantages and disadvantages. Will not return if the excess weight after the fashion of hormonal diet

Lately all you see on the street full of people. Large body mass often does not allow man to live a normal life, and forced to go to the most desperate measures for the sake of weight loss.

Hormone diet for women, which will be discussed below, allows with minimal effort to solve the completeness problem, caused by hormonal imbalance.

The results of multiple studies confirm the dependence of the collection of excess body weight in women levels of certain hormones. So, the more the pancreas produces insulin, and the ovaries – estrogen, the higher the chance of the formation of excess fat in the body. These data have allowed the nutritionists to develop a power system that reduces the levels of these hormones simultaneously increase the percentage of adrenaline, testosterone, somatropin, norepinephrine, and other fat-burning hormones.

May increase the levels of estrogen and insulin:

• hormonal contraceptives;

• pregnancy and lactation;

• menopause;

• treatment of hormonal disorders.

Any of these processes, and other hormonal disturbances can lead to a set of body fat due to the metabolic changes, increased appetite and fluid retention. If a hormonal imbalance caused by serious diseases that no diet will not help, and may need medical help. And in cases of temporary natural changes in the body is sufficient to comply with the hormonal diet for easy adjustment of hormone levels.

Where they lay «hormonal» fat

In what place and at what rate the fat deposited in the body, often depends on a high content of certain hormones:

estrogen stimulates the formation of fat on the buttocks, to adjust status you need to eat foods rich in fiber;

insulin causes deposition of fat on the sides to get rid of it, eat meat, fish, plenty of vegetables;

• stress hormones cortisol form the belly fat, and to remove it requires only healthy fats (preferably fish oil), whole grain products and legumes;

testosterone triggers the fat deposits on hand. In this case, it is necessary to significantly increase the amount of protein in the diet and completely eliminate TRANS fats and hydrogenated fat (pastries, butter creams);

But a reduced level of growth hormone can «lead» fat ankles and calves. For the correction it is sufficient to increase the amount of protein and reduce the consumption of fast carbs.

Hormone diet: the basic principles

This diet does not require any special foods or ways of cooking importantly, the food was varied and easily digestible. It is better to reduce to a minimum salt, pepper and other spices that prevent the elimination of fluids from the body, causing swelling.

Each food item is assigned a score from 0 to 4, in which it is clear that how promotes fat deposition after eating the product. But the products with the zero designation not lay fat at all, and even contribute to their flaring.

Points products when hormone diet:

• «0» has fish, eggs, seafood, white meat chicken and Turkey, rabbit meat, raw vegetables, mushrooms, citrus fruits, greens, dairy products, less than 2% fat, green peas;

• «1» – vegetable juices, beans and berries;

• «2» – the chicken (except the Breasts), beef, boiled root vegetables, nuts, cheese (white cheese, «health», feta), olives, boiled cereals (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley), dairy products up to 4% fat, vegetable oil;

• «3»– boiled potatoes, wheat and millet porridge, cheeses, bitter chocolate, fruit juices, corn, natural yogurt, granola;

• «4» – all fatty and sweet foods in the form of duck, goose and pork, sausages, canned fish and meat, honey, ice cream, milk chocolate and semolina, fatty dairy products, sauces based on mayonnaise and other high calorie products.

About specific diet and optimum products are best to talk to a dietician, as the number of points can vary in each individual case.

As for the estimated time of the meal, they should be not too late:

1. Breakfast 10:00;

2. second Breakfast 12:00;

3. lunch 15:00;

4. afternoon tea 18:00;

5. dinner 20:00 (not later than three hours before bedtime).

Maximum single volume of food regardless of time of day or 300 grams, or slightly more than 1 Cup in liquid form.

It is impossible to prevent between meals longer than 3 hours, and in between you need to drink lots of water (two liters).

Developed three stages of hormonal diet

The first, preparatory stage

Designed for the fastest possible fat. Lasts only 1-2 weeks, but the first step is the most difficult. At this time you need to eat only foods with a minimum energy value, which on a scale of hormonal diet is equal to zero. The exception is vegetable oil (no more than 1 tablespoon per day, preferably in the morning before Breakfast).

The main diet of the first stage – light proteins and the low-calorie vegetables. For example, for Breakfast you can prepare an omelet from two eggs and add to it a vegetable salad. The second Breakfast is a good idea to eat cheese and drink tea. Lunch – soup of lean fish and vegetable salad. In the afternoon perfect fish stew with green peas on the side, and dinner is protein in the form of baked Turkey fillet or chicken breast with fresh vegetables.

In the first phase very quickly take pounds, hormonal changes that is fraught with side effects – weakness, tinnitus, dizziness. Try to immediately drink strong very sweet tea and half an hour to rest. After these measures, the symptoms should go away. If this did not happen during the day and the condition is not improving, you should consult a doctor.

If the symptoms are gone, it is certainly a sign to move to the second stage of hormonal diet.

When the health problems, which can withstand such dietary restrictions is not possible, then you can skip the preparatory stage and to adhere to the recommendations of the second. However, the effect will be much slower.

The second (main) stage

The course of indefinite duration aimed at stable, gradual fat burning. The second stage can last two days or several months, until weight normalization. While you will lose weight relatively slowly, but constantly. At this stage, you need to eat five times a day with the most nutritious and minimal calories Breakfast dinner.

The scheme of scores is as follows:

• 4 points Breakfast;

• 2 – second Breakfast;

• 2 – lunch;

• 1 – afternoon snack

• 0 – dinner.

If you skip one meal, move his scores on subsequent impossible.

Sample menu main stages:

• Breakfast – 100 grams of rice 100 grams of chicken fillet, a Cup of low-fat milk;

• lunch – nuts, yogurt or kefir;

• lunch – 100 grams of mushroom soup with 100 grams of roasted Turkey breast and vegetable salad;

• snack – oatmeal low-fat milk;

• dinner – steamed fish.

The third (stabilizing) stage

After reaching normal weight hormonal diet goes into the last stage, the main task of which is maintaining a stable normal weight. To do this, one of the meals established during the second phase, adding one score on the day and control weight. If after three days the weight continues to decline, then add another score, but to another meal, and so on until the weight ceases to decrease. On the scheme are fed constantly.

Add points for dinner is not worth it.

Food should remain five and varied. Essential to restore the body and maintain ideal weight remains the consumption of large amounts of fluid. It gives a great metabolic effect with the normalization of metabolic processes.

An example of a products selection 4 points

Not forgetting the one-time limit the amount of food 300 grams, the products can be chosen according to the summation of the scores:

• one 4-point ingredient and a few 0-points;

• two 2-point;

• one 3-point 1-point and 0 multi-point products.

Points Breakfast if desired, can be slightly reduced if the result is not achieved as quickly as we would like.

The medical opinion about the hormonal diet

Doctors, in principle, I do not advise to experiment with food without a good reason, but if you stick to the diet, it is only prescribed by a doctor. Hormone diet no exception. No reputable doctor would not prescribe such a diet with points, even if the technique proved effective for many women.

Every body is different, and a sharp decrease of the energy value in food can cause stress, which is manifested as mental and somatic side. Sometimes such changes, for example, dystrophy, kidney and heart, as well as metabolism, it is difficult to eliminate. In addition, a sharp change in eating behavior certainly affects the skin, often in a psychological state, causing a depressive mood.

Adhering to the hormonal diet, it is desirable to monitor the level of hormones and the condition of the body, especially in the first stage. At the first unpleasant symptoms experiments should stop.

Questionable option hormone diet HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

Despite massive advertising, this method of weight loss can lead to irreversible consequences. The essence of this technique is that the woman starts to eat a low calorie diet while getting regular injections of the hormone HCG (normal intensively produced in pregnant women at early pregnancy). Supposedly this hormone is able to burn fats and to completely remove the appetite, resulting in «pounds away on the eyes.»

In fact, the effectiveness of this diet has long been refuted, but the side effects from HCG injections quite dangerous:

• allergic reactions;

• swelling;

• irritability;

• depression;

• fatigue;

• severe pain at the injection site;

• ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, up to the formation of cysts.

HCG is contraindicated in women with:

• thrombophlebitis;

• adrenal insufficiency;

• any cancer;

• androgen-dependent tumors;

• early menopause;

• lactation.

Migraines, hypertension, chronic renal failure, ischemia and asthma hormone administered only in case of emergency.

In the United States and Europe all medications and dietary Supplements based on HCG have been banned for sale since 2012. Potential hormonal failure and other side effects after using needs to consider every woman, daring to such a rash action.