Honey for weight loss? Yes!

Almost all diets for weight loss provide the complete rejection of sweets. The exception is chocolate diet that are known to be more similar to starvation. But sweet foods is a natural antidepressant. Is it always justified a complete refusal? But there is one amazing product, well known to all, which is not only sweet, but also very useful. It will not harm the figure, but it will help to lose weight. Of course it is honey. According to the study, a group of people who consumed honey for weight loss, much more effectively get rid of the extra pounds than the one in which sweets were excluded.

Honey for weight loss how does it work?

Honey is a real joy of losing weight. The sweet taste is not the only positive. It consists of about 20 amino acids, a huge amount of nutrients – vitamins, minerals. Being a true natural antidepressant, honey increases resistance to stress and just improves your mood, helps to cope with fatigue. I must say that the use of honey in the need for sweets is reduced due to a fast saturation of the body with carbohydrates. And it happens all due to the fact that the digestion of honey contributes to the emission of large quantities of bile, which helps digest fats. Honey for weight loss also acts as a mild laxative. Regular use of sugar in the body is the process of self-healing and immunity.

How to make a drink from honey for weight loss?

1. The recipe is very simple tablespoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice diluted in 100 grams of warm water. The water temperature is about 40 degrees.

If you drink this vitamin drink on an empty stomach in the morning and before dinner (an hour), and do active exercises, for example exercises or some moving chores – med is not immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and pass into the intestine, not obrabatyval gastric juice. Thus, it speeds up the metabolism in the body, and part of the honey will cleanse the body.

2. Drink with cinnamon and honey will give the maximum effect. Method of cooking mix in a glass of warm water and 1 spoon of cinnamon and honey. To drink on an empty stomach in the morning.

3. Another recipe of honey, cinnamon (1 tablespoon) and lemon (30 grams). Drink half an hour before meals. Honey and cinnamon not only helps to lose weight more effectively lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, purify the blood.

Honey diet

With the help of honey diet you can without causing harm to the microflora of the body to cleanse it of toxins, normalize the functions of gastrointestinal tract. This is quite a complicated kind of diet, which gradually brings us almost to starvation. The first three days we just prepare the body. The last days have tight — can only please the fact that the drink will have a delicious sweet drink. During the diet, you can throw about 6-7 pounds of unnecessary weight.

The first, second, third day, instead of Breakfast tea with a spoon of honey and a slice of lemon. You can add a choice of raisins or nuts, dried figs. Lunch can be anything – eat as usual. Afternoon snack — grapefruit or any other citrus fruit. Dinner — yogurt, 2 cups.

The next 4 day only drink honey tea. This day of fasting, is dedicated to only a honey drink. During the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of honey tea.

The fifth day of the same complex — instead of tea all day have to drink only milk. The sixth day resembles the fourth — and only the main product — honey tea.

Out of the diet is to be very careful, in no case do not eat fatty, spicy and other heavy food. Limit yourself to only diet soup, boiled or stewed meat, salad and a small piece of bread.

Honey slimming honey massage

This type of massage is best suited to preserve harmony and to combat cellulite. Honey will saturate the muscles with oxygen and nutrients, eliminate swelling, improve blood circulation, strengthen the lymph flow in the subcutaneous fat. Massage is best done on clean body — you can use the scrub. Honey is applied to problem areas, and clapping his hands until, until they no longer stick to the body. Massage with honey for weight loss — not a very pleasant procedure because of its sticky composition.

Vessels quickly dilate — the skin may be red, hand stick the hairs to the body. But if you really believe that the beauty demands victims — is to be patient. The result far exceeds all of the victims — fans will stick to you like honey! The remains of the honey can be washed off by a special soft washcloth and plain warm water. Then the skin is dried and lubricated moisturizing cream. Suit and moisturizing oil — almond, grapeseed, wheat germ.

Bath with honey for weight loss

Bath — a great alternative to honey wraps. Since ancient times heard the story of how our ancestors used these treatments for health and beauty. Today honey baths offer the beauty, but that may interfere with the conduct of their home? The therapeutic mixture is prepared thus: 2 litres fresh milk, 200 grams of honey, a few drops of essential oil. All mix, add to warm bath water and enjoy for 15-20 minutes.

Honey for weight loss wrap

For this procedure, you can use several different recipes. The most effective:

— Med + alcohol. Tablespoon of alcohol is mixed with 200 grams of honey.

— Honey + butter. The essential oil of citrus (e.g. orange or lemon) mixed in 200 grams of liquid honey.

— Vinegar + honey. 200 grams of honey, take 2 tablespoons of alcohol.

Rules of wraps with honey for weight loss are the same as with other recipes. On a well-cleansed body apply the mixture, wrap with cling film and warm. Keep an hour and a half at this time to try to rest and relax. Then rinse, wipe dry the body, apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Honey for weight loss – contraindications

Treatment with honey is very attractive, but we must not forget about one significant obstacle – allergies. If hypersensitivity is rare, an Allergy to certain varieties of honey are much more common. If you feel an inappropriate response — abort the procedure. It is not recommended to use honey for weight loss, but also for any other purposes and people with diabetes.

When severe obesity this product is best used only externally for massages or body wraps, baths. Definitely you must first determine whether you are sensitive to rewarding, but such controversial product. Choose only natural honey for weight loss, so you do not want to melt when heated, otherwise its beneficial properties are lost. Externally, it should not be covered candied peel as it is not necessary to use the product too liquid consistency.

Honey weight loss — a vivid example of the effectiveness of carbohydrate diet, good for health. The «right» carbs do the trick — if all conditions are met you can expect a weight loss up to 10 pounds. Stay slim and beautiful!

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