What useful properties it is famous for herring? What is the benefit or the harm of herring to the health of adults and children

Many nutritionists currently talking about the need to use and the benefits for the body variety of seafood.

The most common and affordable for most people was and still is a herring.

Not even knowing about its huge health benefits, we often perceive it as a Supplement to the normal ration.

Herring: composition, how to apply

Most favorite fish, which is always present on the everyday and the festive table is herring. And its composition makes the fish one of the most useful.

Herring is considered a fatty fish is not accidental.

In 100g of fish are present:

• protein – 17.8 g;

• fats – 19,5 gr.

The amount of protein in fish is of small size capable of covering the daily needs of the organism in this matter. They restore the spent strength and energy, improve the process of regeneration in all organs. The rate of fat varies. It is dependent on habitat, time of catch of herring and appearance.

All useful properties of fish lie in its composition. Stand out:

trace minerals: iodine (40mcg), iron (1mg), zinc (0.9 mg), manganese (0.12 µg), copper (170мкг), fluorine (380мкг), chromium (55мкг), cobalt (40mcg), molybdenum (4мкг), Nickel (8мкг);

macro elements: magnesium (30mg), calcium (60mg), potassium (310мг), sodium (100mg), fluorine (165мг), sulfur (190мг);

vitamins: A (0.03 mg), PP (3.9 mg), B1 (0.08 mg), B2 (0.3 mg), B5 (0.9 mg), B6 (0,4 mg), B9 (18мг), B12 (10mg), C (0.7 mg), E (1.2 mg), D (30mg).

Present vitamins and minerals can prevent eye disease, skin, calm the nervous system, improve immunity.

Prized herring is mainly due to the fact that substances such as vitamin D, iron, fatty acids and selenium are essential for the human body and their deficiency has a negative impact on its coordinated activities.

The caloric value of the prepared fish is directly related to the method of preparation:

• fried in 100g contains 261ккал;

• marinated in 100g of fish contains 155ккал;

• salt – 270Ккал to 100g;

• smoked – 218ккал;

• cooked contains 130Ккал;

• fish oil – 300Ккал.

The caloric value of fresh fish ranges from 90Ккал to 230ккал and depends on its habitat, appearance, fat.

The presence in the composition of valuable and useful substances gives the opportunity to use the fish in medicine, cooking, cosmetology.

Use in medicine. Eating fish in combination with medicamentous treatment helps to improve the condition of the patient, to speed up recovery:

— heart and blood vessels;

— eye diseases;

— removes existing inflammation;

— in malignant tumors in some organs;

— hypertension (in addition to salted and smoked fish).

An extract from fish oil are essential to treat colds, rickets in kids, promotes well-being.

Use in cooking. Herring more often than other fish used in cooking. It is boiled, stewed, fried, smoked, marinated, salted. In many salads and snacks is an indispensable ingredient for its exquisite taste and aroma.

Use in cosmetics. Useful properties of herring are beneficial for hair, nails and skin. For exterior care products for them use eggs and fat. Masks of them suspend the aging process, fight with many skin problems, tone and nourish it. Recently developed new technologies as raw materials for many types of cosmetics to use fish scales. The presence of pearlescent luster lipstick, nail Polish – merit scales.

Use when losing weight. Herring useful for those people who dream to lose weight. Her fat helps to reduce your own fat cells – adipocytes. It does not apply to prohibited products and for those who are trying to keep weight in norm. According to the total amount of fat, herring inferior to many meat products.

Salted, smoked, pickled herring is often present on our tables. Even in these types of fish saved all useful properties and its nutritional value.

Herring: what is good for the body

The use of herring for health has repeatedly been confirmed by physicians:

• Salt in the composition of the fish prevents the development of many types of bacteria, inhibits the activity of some enzymes.

• Polyunsaturated fatty omega – 3 acids are able to accelerate the body’s regeneration process, thus preventing the formation of cholesterol, destroy existing blood vessels atherosclerotic plaques, reduce the risk of thrombosis, improve blood flow, help to cope with seasonal depression, inhibit the overgrowth in the body of malignant tumors.

• The presence of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids single use herring for the immune, cardiovascular systems, eyes, brain. These substances rid the body of toxins, remove toxins, reduce inflammation.

• In psoriasis, the fish takes the manifestation of its symptoms.

• Fish oil lowers cholesterol level, reduces the size of fat cells.

• Vitamins help the body’s absorption of proteins.

• Antioxidants are lower in the plasma of a number of oxidation products.

• The combined effect of magnesium and fatty acids reduces the likelihood of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis.

• Complex influence of nicotinic acid and vitamin D beneficial effect on bone and nervous system.

• Minerals affect the efficiency, form the skeletal system and affect its strength, effect on memory, attention.

All these facts only confirm the use of herring for the body. To the influence of fish body was only positive, it is recommended to eat only two pieces of fish no more than three times a week.

Herring: what’s the harm

The issue of harm to fish health is not idle, and should be approached very seriously. Most gourmet this fish prefer to eat salty, fried, smoked. In this «love» to it, consider the following:

• not recommended to use salt and smoked fish to people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease, liver, gall bladder;

• if there are problems with the urinary system;

• there is a predisposition to peripheral swelling;

• revealed gastritis and gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer;

• fatty fish are completely contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus;

• atherosclerosis is also a contraindication;

• may cause a migraine attack;

• lowers the level of serotonin.

The main harm of herring is present in the salt. Salt is used for canning fish. But ingestion of even small amounts of salted fish is completely contraindicated for hypertensive patients. Salt can hold water in the body and cause a rise in blood pressure. Just 1G of salt are able to bind 100ml of liquid. To reduce the negative effects of salt on the body is possible if the fish fillets for a few minutes to soak in milk or strong tea. The taste will not change, and damage from the salt will be less.

Fried herring has fewer contraindications, but reduce the amount it is advisable if you have liver disease, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys.

The damage from the herring will be in the case if the fish was not stored correctly or was broken technology Smoking and salting.

When buying fish it is important to pay attention to:

• the gills. They should be firm, not falling apart, have red (not gray) color.

• Fish when clicked it should retain its shape.

• Must not be present smell of decay.

• The scales should not be present mucus.

• Eyes must be transparent, not muddy.

The salt herring must not contain yellow spots or stripes. Their presence speaks of the «rust» is the oxidation of fats.

Nutritionists and doctors do not advise to get involved in the consumption of herring in any form. Smoking, salt or frying in oil fish, even a healthy body can cause harm. Its presence in the diet should be in moderation.

Herring for kids: helpful or harmful

Many parents with great care to include the presence in the diet of their children herring. Their fears were groundless. The fish is easily and quickly assimilated by the child’s body. Being a source of a considerable number of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fats, makes it necessary for a growing and developing organism.

The whole vitamin – mineral complex helps:

• full development of the brain;

• maintain immune system;

• proper formation and strengthening of bone tissue and teeth;

• mental development.

Established by physicians minor limitations in its use:

• herring is considered a fatty product, so babies up to 1.6 years to give it does not recommended;

• some children have been documented cases of allergies after eating herring;

• diseases of the kidneys, the liver, the gallbladder is a contraindication.

Young children, doctors recommend to give fish stewed or steamed. In this form it retains all the useful properties. To 2 years kids can I give baked and fried herring. Herring has a lot of small bones. Parents before feeding it is necessary to examine carefully cooked fish and remove all small bones.

The first acquaintance with fish should begin with a small piece. Its presence in the diet of children under 2 years should not exceed once per week. In the period from 2 to 3 years serving fish can reach up to 100 g and allowed to give up to 2 times a week.

Despite the fact that fish is considered beneficial for the child’s body, and the number of contraindications to its use are minimal, to enter into the child’s diet only after consulting a pediatrician.

Hard among the variety of fish to find one that could «boast» such a number of useful properties. In Switzerland there is even a saying that proves how useful herring: «When the herring on the table, the doctor is in.»