Herbs for slimming — perfect figure with the help of nature

You can lose weight in full harmony with nature. The easiest and most popular way — the use of medicinal herbs. Before applying you should consult with your physician to rule out contraindications, as some plants can affect the body very much. Herbs for weight loss are easy way of recovery because they can be quite cheap to buy in any drugstore, the local herbalist or prepare yourself. Best of all they act in the complex therapy as an adjuvant. Healers and herbalists believe that the best means are those plants that are grown in the area where you reside. Genetic information about the food, embedded in the body, extends to plants used for food.

Once in the stomach, different tools and work differently. For weight loss it is best to use those that suppress hunger. One envelop stomach, causing current saturation, others only cheat on time. For example, spirulina, flax seeds, medicinal Angelica can cause a «false» saturation. On the walls of the stomach forms a thin slimy layer that can block the feeling of hunger.

A group of plants removes from the body excess fluid that accumulates in fat cells. They typically take the form of a powder, which is getting into the stomach swells and absorbs moisture, greatly increasing the stomach. This effect is peculiar, for example, leaves, cranberries, bear lugs, burdock, horsetail. Good ordinary anise, dill, caraway cause not only weight loss, but slight improvement. Accelerate the digestion corn silk and duckweed. It should be noted that such decoctions can not be used people with renal pathologies.

The third group of herbs for weight loss stimulates the excretion of bile. This barberry, thoroughwax, corn bars, dandelion, immortelle and many others. As a result, their reception is restored, the gall bladder, clears the liver, the food begins to digest more fully and will result in the weight gradually returning to normal.

Last, the fourth group of herbs — laxatives plants, cleansing it of the intestines, normalizes and stimulates digestion.

If you choose the right herbs for the fees, the effect can be much more. Pharmacies sell finished pharmaceutical fees, but you can leave them and yourself. Correct way to brew the grass in a water bath. Mix the ingredients in equal quantities and take two spoons of the mixture. Pour boiling water in a water bath to hold for about 10-15 minutes. Then, to insist 40 minutes, strain, add a little water and make warm. Therapy herbs for weight loss has its own peculiarity — herbal teas and infusions to help only in the case if you use them for a long time. For two to three months is necessary to drink a medicine, then take a break.

In pharmacies you can purchase slimming teas based on medicinal herbs. The composition of herbal teas is balanced and reconciled, and although such drugs are sold without prescription, you need to carefully study the manual. The simplest and most affordable teas are easy to drink not only at home but also at work or on the road, just do not eat scones and cakes, otherwise the sacrifices will be meaningless.

Senna for weight loss

Some women, hoping to get a quick effect, begin to increase the dosage, especially of purgative herbs, for example Senna. You need to be very careful with laxatives herbs — due to leaching from the body of necessary substances laxative effect can lead to diseases of the kidneys or intestines. Senna can be taken for up to one week. By the way, in the instructions to the pharmacy drugs on the basis of this herb (senadin, senadeksin etc .) States that these drugs cause addiction. With prolonged use, the body ceases to operate itself in full force, hoping to help.

Hellebore slimming

Another slimming grass — hellebore, also has a laxative effect. By its action it is very soft and delicate, and in addition to the weakening of the intestine acts as a preventive and therapeutic agent against atherosclerosis, hypertension. As a result of hellebore displays the salts of heavy metals. He has to take it only during the day, then move or feasible to perform physical exercise. Hellebore has a beneficial effect on the skin, rejuvenates the body, but as in the case of hay, overdose and prolonged use are prohibited.

Sage for weight loss

Fresh sage can be used as a green additive in soup, meat or salad, but you can cook and slimming tea to between meals to dampen the feeling of hunger. Its pleasant aroma is liked by many and sweeten a tea made from sage can be a small amount of honey or sugar substitute. Sugar itself is not recommended. Rinse the grass under cold water, brew only the leaves. Dry leaves need to take less than fresh, and overdose may be too much load on the heart that causes an accelerated heartbeat, or dizziness. Drinking before or after meals, in hot weather you can add ice.

Angelica (Angelica, herb of the angels) for weight loss

A true healer, Angelica is used as a mucolytic agent, relieves insomnia, eliminates bad cholesterol and for weight loss important is its ability to normalize the gastrointestinal tract. It should be applied holistically, with exercise and diet. This is a great remedy for «nerves», and as you know, we seize problems when nervous. The most effective tincture of Angelica alcohol. To prepare the dry rhizomes of Angelica to be mixed with vodka or wine and take 10-15 grams (1 tablespoon) before meals. The course of treatment with this herb for weight loss — 1 month, three times a day. Can apply no more than 3 courses during the year.

Marshmallow root for weight loss

The nutrients of this plant is concentrated in the roots. For weight loss it’s important a large amount of polysaccharide slime, which, when ingested into the stomach coats the walls and forms a protective layer in a thin film. Appetite decreases, with the regular use of this herb for weight loss weight is reduced. Use the marshmallow root for weight loss in the form of decoction. 2 tablespoons of need to take 200T grams of hot water, boil for 30 minutes on low heat. Broth to cool and strain. Drink several times a day, 100 grams before meals (20-25 minutes).

Fennel for weight loss

This herbs for weight loss use the seeds. Fennel stimulates metabolic processes in the body, delicately and very gently starting the process of purification. Appetite is reduced and body gets lots of energy, vitality. Its seeds are sweet in taste, they can just chew to curb your appetite, while its use is properly absorbed sugars and fats, and, consequently, weight is reduced.

To summarize. It is not necessary to exhaust your body with hunger strikes, just go to the pharmacy and select the appropriate herbs for weight loss. Your weight will gradually come to order, if you prefer to not delay it indefinitely. Be beautiful and healthy!

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