Hematogen: calorie, the benefits and harms of the bar, with a taste of chocolate. What is the extract what it is useful for children and adults

In the late 19th century a widespread following opinion: iron is an important component of blood.

Pharmacies of Europe began to appear the drugs responsible for the level of hemoglobin.

In Russia, the drug became popularized in 1917.

Initially the extract was in form of a liquid and poured into glasses.

A classic composition of Hematogen converted to date, the following:

• defibrinated blood of cattle

• sugar

• condensed milk

• drill

• vanilla

• albumin.

Hematogen has nothing to do with cocoa or chocolate. The drug is divided into gummies are brown color, consistency is reminiscent of toffee with a vanilla smell. It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription and solves many health problems. Now on the market manufacturers presents gametogeny with different additives and thickeners. Most often it is the nuts (hazelnuts, pine nuts), honey, coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds, jam. Increasingly, on the shelves you can see the extract with vitamin C. is it justified the use of Hematogen, known to us from childhood? What harm it could do?

Hematogen: what is good for the body?

To whom is it useful?

• Iron-deficiency anemia

• For vitamin deficiency

• During pregnancy

• Children in growth period

• Gastric ulcer and duodenum ulcer

• When depleted

• After infectious diseases

• When the backlog of children in weight and height

• People in recovery period after surgical operations

• People eating inferior.

The extract is marketed as a drug. The bar is a great benefit to our body, because it has a high content of vitamin C. As a rule, in order to protect your body from viruses and bacteria, we buy citrus fruits and childhood friend of ascorbic acid. A great alternative to sour products is the extract, which is so sweet and pleasant to the taste. It is the optimum vitamin content, contributing to sustainable immunity to disease. It is proved that vitamin C helps to fight not only with the physical stress of the body, but with constant emotional overload.

Hematogen – source of essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats. Such a small bar, but this is a huge benefit.

Its composition includes the following components:

• Carbohydrates

• Proteins

• Amino acids

• Fat-soluble vitamins

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin C

• Potassium

• Sodium

• Chlorine

• Calcium, etc.

Hematogen is useful for the skin. Because it contains vitamin B1, positively affecting the sebaceous glands. Making the diet of this snack, the blood starts to better carry oxygen and to saturate their cells. Visibly improves condition of hair and nails, on the face a healthy glow.

There is a common symptoms when there is insufficient content of iron in the body, which you can see, not even referring to the doctor.

What are the signs of anemia?

• Headaches and dizziness

• Drowsiness

• Weakness

• Cold hands and feet

• Low pressure

• Shortness of breath

• Pale skin

• Noise in the ears

If you notice some symptoms of these, you should think about your health and to check the level of hemoglobin.

Hematogen — source of iron! It stimulates the formation of red blood cells responsible for the condition of the hemoglobin in the blood. Erythrocytes – red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the heart. Low hemoglobin levels – the reason of frequent illnesses, headaches, fast fatigue, brittle nails and hair loss.

Hematogen stimulates blood circulation in the body, as it is based on the iron-containing protein.

Hematogen, being a product rich in a range of vitamins, providing benefits to health of older persons, promoting a partial restoration of their vision.

Hematogen – a set of important macro and micronutrients that have a positive impact on human health. Hematogen improves the digestive system and has a strengthening effect on the shell of the respiratory system. Recommended vitamins for children and people suffering from diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

Another useful property of the extract: it energizes! It improves tone and overall health improving activity, working capacity and intellectual activity of man.

Many people mistakenly believe that the extract with weight loss is to not eat it. This opinion is false, 40-50 g a day is not exactly hurt the slimness of your figure. But being on a diet, should limit its use to 2-3 weeks.

Hematogen fit and healthy people as a delicious additive to tea, however, the caloric content is a little inferior to a chocolate bar. What is its energy value?

Calorie extract

Bar similar to chocolate, has a high caloric content. It varies from 300 to 400 kcal per 100 grams. This is easily explained by the high content in extract of carbohydrates, their number percentage is almost 75%! On proteins and fats, respectively, accounted for 8 % and 6 %.

355 kcal has Hematogen, not having in its composition additional additives.

Additives like sugar, raisins, honey and nuts markedly increase the caloric value of Hematogen.

Hematogen: what’s the harm?

It is not advisable to consume the extract people watching their weight.

Contraindications to the use of Hematogen:

• Individual intolerance

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Varicose veins

• Metabolic disorders

• Allergy

• Thrombophlebitis

Real Hematogen now pharmacies do not meet often, and he is unlikely to be useful to ordinary chocolates.

Use extract should not be abused. Otherwise, it can lead to a number of negative health effects.

Cholesterol is deposited in the walls of blood vessels, which can lead to the development of dangerous diseases of the 21st century — atherosclerosis. Medics proved that atherosclerosis causes serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including ischemic heart disease. And it is recognized as one of the main reasons for the high mortality.

Excessive consumption of Hematogen violate the intestinal microflora, causing the processes of fermentation. And this, in turn, provokes nausea, dizziness, diarrhea.

For anemia not related to iron deficiency, vitamins for children to consume is strictly prohibited.

During pregnancy the extract is prescribed by a doctor for special indications, as young mothers often have low levels of hemoglobin. Anemia can cause different kinds of pathologies of fetal development. But not all pregnant women can take the extract, therefore, strictly observe recommendations of the doctor.

The product is sold today in pharmacies and supermarkets, has little in common with the classical natural extract. Now manufacturers use artificial iron supplements. This is often the by-products of blood are not certified. Therefore, the choice of Hematogen be sure to read its composition and instruction. And make sure that no allergies to any component of the product, otherwise the extract will cause your body harm.

Hematogen for children: helpful or harmful

Hematogen is equally useful for both children and adults. In the product note the high content of vitamin A, so the extract is perfect growing child’s organism. Favor will be given to children with lack of appetite.

But the extract complex and difficult to digest food. It is best to give Hematogen children from 5-7 years. Before to enter into the diet baby Hematogen is not recommended. It can cause excessive excitability of the child and is unlikely to soak in. But if you think it necessary, get the advice of a pediatrician.

It is important that there is a certain dosage taking this product.

In what quantities it is possible to eat?

Everything is good in moderation: the extract should be dosed.

• Children up to 15 years – 25 g

• People weakened – 35 g

• Pregnant women and physically hard workers people to 50 g per day.

To get the maximum effect from adoption of Hematogen, it should be consumed regularly, but the duration of intake should not exceed two months.

It is advisable to eat the product before eating or in between meals for better absorption, drinking plenty of boiled water. Not recommended the use of extract along with other vitamins, antibiotics, diuretics and medications containing calcium.

To combine the extract with apples, pomegranate, spinach and milk also undesirable.

Store drugs in a dry place at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius), where the sun’s rays will not be available.

What should you look for when choosing Hematogen?

It is sufficient to focus on two simple rules:

1) In the composition must necessarily be an indication that it contains powdered hemoglobin or «albumin black food». That, in fact, one and the same.

2) Buy Hematogen pure with no additives.

And yet from taking Hematogen more good than harm. The product is inexpensive, tasty, besides having a medicinal effect. If you love a sweet treat, eat it for health. Being quite a nutritious product, it is great struggling with hunger. But remember that large quantities of the extract can harm and take uncontrollably! Choose quality products from trusted manufacturers, and pre-consultation with a specialist.