Healthy food is three times more expensive than unhealthy

British scientists decided to find out how much it costs purchase food for people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. It turned out that healthy food costs about three times more expensive than «unhealthy».

Experts compared the prices of healthy and unhealthy foods over the last ten years. It turned out that since 2002 the cost of healthy foods has increased in 1.5 times, and unhealthy eating habits is just 0.5 times.

According to experts, the authorities should balance the situation with the cost of healthy eating, otherwise, people following a healthy lifestyle, to do so would be unprofitable. It was found that the high cost of healthy foods due to the agricultural policy course of the country.

Certainly, the involvement of people in the system healthy diet is quite expensive, yet the costs of treating people who may face diseases caused by unhealthy diets, come out even more. Therefore, according to experts, the state is more profitable to feed its citizens healthy.