Half of women easily tolerate the diet, others consider them to be torture

«Beauty requires sacrifice» — joke and the Russians are paying enough time to visit hair salons, beauty salons and gyms. And since external beauty is also a question of a good figure, the portal «Women’s opinion» is interested in the relationship of women to all sorts of diets and have been on this topic a survey.

47.2% of women consider dietary restrictions another «victim» and hate to «sit» on a diet, believing them to be torture. Undoubtedly, every woman wants to be slim, but not everyone can endure constant hunger and temptation temptation not to try something very tasty, but high in calories. Especially hard for those who live in the family and serves two kinds: diet high-calorie for themselves and for others. Isn’t that the real torture? «I hate diets, tired to sit on them, you want lots of fried meat and potatoes!», — I complained to the Russians. In addition, the diet involves eating certain foods and vyschityvanii calories, which is also inconvenient, and sometimes and hit the pocket. «I don’t like diets, because annoying me is vyschityvanii or buy only special products with special content something there,» the woman said.

24,1% of Russian women for diets is easy, although not thrilled with them. These women think that a diet can be compared with therapeutic food and treatment is not always a pleasure, but brings only benefits. But after the course of treatments in the form of another diet, we can proudly look in the mirror and catch admiring glances of others. For many beauties diet has become a way of life. «Stand quietly, because diet for me is a way of life. I am constantly watching what I eat, limit yourself to something, then frantically not to lose weight «8th March», «new year,» «beach season». In General, to always be in great shape,» ladies shared their secrets.

16.6% of women like the diet and they are constantly at them to «sit», provided that they are not too tight. The word «diet», this category of Russians involves proper nutrition, which they followed all his life. «I’m just good enough and intelligently feed» — saying ladies and added: «I Try to eat right and just».

12.1% of respondents believe that since without diet slim you don’t, and dietary restrictions should be taken as a blessing. «It’s nice to see how dropping the extra weight, and the figure becomes slender, light, elegant,» — said the woman.

Whatever the attitude of the female half of Russia to the diets, and look attractive and charming want to all without exception. Even those who believe that diet torture and hates them with every fiber of his soul, still from time to time try to limit yourself to the consumption of excess calories.

In the survey participated 3745. Age from 20 to 45 years. Of the 192 cities of Russia.