Grapes strengthens the heart and normalizes metabolism

Regular consumption of grapes strengthens the heart muscle, increases metabolism and reduces the risk of developing diabetes. American scientists have found that grapes are able to effectively protect the organs from diseases associated with the Genesis of metabolic syndrome. Beneficial effects, the researchers said, ensures that the polyphenol contained in grapes.

Metabolic syndrome is a quite severe disorder of metabolism, characterized by obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and hypertension. This disease can cause stroke, heart disease, type II diabetes. Statistics relentless: from metabolic syndrome affects nearly 35% of Americans and the number of cases is steadily increasing.

Experts comprehensively studied the effect of high-fat «American» diet without grapes and with the inclusion of grapes in the kidneys, adipose tissue, liver, and heart of lab rats prone to obesity. Grapes in the form of a powder of a mixture of black, green and red berries were given to rodents for three months.

It was found that the 90-day grape diet significantly reduced the levels of inflammatory markers in animals. The most significant changes were observed in abdominal adipose tissue and liver. Besides, eating grapes significantly reduced the weight of abdominal fat, kidneys and liver, when compared with the indicators in rodents receiving no grape powder. Finally, the grapes increased antioxidant protection in the kidney and liver.

The results of the study confirmed the fact that the nutrition enriched with grape, can be a reliable protection against the metabolic syndrome and disorders that receive the organs and the body as a result of this disorder.