Grapefruit diet — a detailed description and tips. Reviews of the grapefruit diet, and sample menus.

Grapefruit contains a lot of nutrients in it and vitamins B, D, C, P, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, and essential oils, and fruit acids, which in General has a beneficial effect on the body and strengthens the immune system. These fruits are recommended to use for prevention of diabetes, especially people with a predisposition to this disease, because the grapefruit contains substances that reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood.

Grapefruit is useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system, it can reduce the body’s level of cholesterol, due to the higher content of magnesium and potassium. And that’s not all the useful properties of this Sunny fruit. Its flesh contains a special ingredient – naringin, which accelerates the process of digestion. It naringin imparts a bitter taste to this fruit, and most of it is contained in the films and partitions. Nutritionists on the basis of the grapefruit was created by a special diet, the observance of which allows you to speed up the metabolism. This diet called the grapefruit diet.

Grapefruit diet — description and General principles

Grapefruit diet is gaining popularity and an army of fans. This is due to its impressive results. After the diet, which lasts an average of seven days, manage to get rid of four kilos of excess weight effortlessly. The only strict limitation is the rejection of salt, fatty fish and meat, sauces and seasonings. Diet three meals a day without snacking. If you are unable to drown out the feeling of hunger, allowed to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or eat an orange or an Apple. Dinner – no later than seven o’clock in the evening. Prerequisite – daily consumption of not less than one and a half liters of fluid no sugar green tea, carbonated water. Allowed the use of natural (non-instant) coffee. But due to the fact that coffee slows down the fat-burning process should always be limited – no more than cups a day, and, of course, without sugar.

It is recommended to start a diet in the winter or spring – this will not only reduce weight, but also to enrich the body with vitamins, especially C, which will allow you to protect yourself from colds and vitamin deficiency. And contained in the fruit fiber helps to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. There are many options grapefruit diet, but the basic principle comes down to one thing: you must eat half a grapefruit before each meal. The relatively balanced diet provides the body with many necessary for the sustenance of the elements, but at the expense of molecularity, it has its disadvantages. Namely, adhering to this diet, you may not leave the feeling of tiredness and irritability. Therefore, to exclude this period of exercise, visit the gym, other sports activities, it’s better to let yourself go a week, no agrogas household chores.

There are several options grapefruit diet, but each of them is based on the use of half of grapefruit before every meal, to take effect enzymes that burn fat. Also subject to the grapefruit diet you need to reduce your daily calorie intake to 800 calories.

Diet has contraindications: it is strictly not allowed to adhere to the grapefruit diet people who are allergic to citrus, suffering from gastric ulcer and gastritis with high acidity. With chronic gastrointestinal diseases, before starting a diet should consult the doctor. And another small drawback is the price of this citrus fruit. Not to say that this diet is too expensive, but additional costs for food you will have to incur.

Grapefruit diet — what foods can be consumed

— black bread;

— honey (limited) – no more than 1 tsp. lies .a day;

natural coffee;

green, herbal teas;

— vegetable and natural fruit juices;

— fried foods — vegetables, meat, etc.;

— baked potatoes;

— skinny fish species;

— canned fish, natural (in its own juice);

— orange;

— apples;



— cereal;

— any vegetables (except starchy);

— lean poultry (chicken fillet, Breasts), lean beef, pork, lamb;

— lean ham;

— low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, low-fat milk, cheese (20-30%), low fat natural yogurt;

red hot pepper;

— olive, vegetable oil.

Grapefruit diet — what foods should not be consumed

— wheat bread, any flour and sweet bakery products;

— sweet potato (sweet potato);

— sugar, sweets, desserts;

— condiments, spices (except red pepper);

— corn, beans and other legumes;


— fatty meats, fish, lard, animal fats;

— peanuts;


— any alcoholic drinks.

Grapefruit diet — sample menus

Breakfast: one fruit of grapefruit or freshly squeezed juice, two slices of lean ham (50g), unsweetened tea or natural coffee.

Lunch: half a grapefruit, a portion (250g) vegetable salad with greenery ( salad and drizzle with olive oil or lemon juice), unsweetened tea.

Dinner: half a grapefruit, 150 g of lean meat in any form – grilled, pan roasted or boiled, salad(200g) of green vegetables with herbs, seasoned with lemon juice or olive oil, tea with honey.

Breakfast: one fruit of grapefruit or freshly squeezed juice, two hard boiled eggs, unsweetened natural coffee or green tea.

Lunch: half a grapefruit, 150 g of cottage cheese or 50g cheese.

Dinner: half a grapefruit, 200 g of fish — boiled, baked or grilled 250g vegetable salad with green peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, filled with a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil, a slice (20g) of brown bread, green tea.

Breakfast: one fruit of grapefruit or freshly squeezed juice, a serving of muesli or oatmeal with raisins (a tablespoon), nuts (two-three pieces), seasoned with milk or low-fat yogurt, unsweetened tea or natural coffee.

Dinner: half grapefruit, vegetable soup or chicken broth with crackers.

Dinner: half grapefruit, 200g chicken breast, two fresh or grilled tomato, green tea.

Breakfast: one grapefruit and a glass of tomato juice, one hard-boiled egg, unsweetened tea or coffee.

Dinner: half grapefruit, a salad of raw grated carrots & green vegetables (250g) seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil, a slice (20g) of brown bread.

Dinner: half grapefruit, stews, steamed vegetables (carrots, celery, cabbage, zucchini), green unsweetened tea.

Breakfast: fruit salad of grapefruit, Apple and orange, seasoned with a spoon of natural yoghurt, green tea or organic coffee.

Lunch: half of a grapefruit, salad (200g) of green vegetables or cabbage, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil, a large baked potato.

Dinner: half grapefruit, 250g fish, beef or chicken breast, a glass of tomato juice.

Permitted at its discretion to choose any of the menus above five.

Grapefruit diet — tips and reviews

It is recommended to buy grapefruit pulp with pink color because they contain more beta-carotene. Once in the body, beta-carotene is converted to vitamin a, which is very important, without causing overdose. The fact is that if the body of this vitamin in abundance, beta-carotene, and not turn into vitamin A, will work as an antioxidant.

If the acidity irritates the stomach wall, or you have heartburn, before you eat a portion of grapefruit is recommended to drink a tablespoon of olive oil. This will prevent the stomach from discomfort and possible discomfort. Despite the fact that the low-calorie diet, a it is transferred easily without experiencing excessive feelings of hunger. To use the grapefruit diet should be no more than once in two months. To consolidate the results after return to normal diet, you must eat dessert after lunch, one grapefruit and do not forget about physical activity.

According to available statistics, the grapefruit diet brings very good results – usually lost more pounds than originally expected. Although there are exceptions when this mode delivers the power and disappointment of expectations held by the diet are not justified. For example, the weight goes too slow or have to finish the diet prematurely because of intolerance to the same type of menu. It all depends on the individual person and his body.

The disadvantages of the grapefruit diet can be attributed to its contraindications. So, it is not recommended for people with gastritis or peptic ulcer and women in menopause, as some researches allow to draw a parallel between the fascination with the grapefruit and breast cancer. However, absolute findings have not yet done. In addition, the use of grapefruit is not recommended to combine with taking certain medications.

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