Ginger diet — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews of ginger diet and sample recipes.

Ginger diet – description and General principles

Ginger came to us from the distant tropical Africa. Welcome «guest» since ancient times, healers used around the world for the treatment of many pathologies, including obesity. And today ginger diet remains the most flexible, not requiring any significant changes in the diet. So what is the point of this simple diet?

Many people mistakenly believe that ginger diet is a technique developed specifically for the lazy, but it is not so. Easy way to the ideal figure does not happen, and if you want to lose body weight without changing anything in your diet, and only consuming the ginger root, then this diet is definitely not for you.

Ginger root is known, has the unique ability to disperse the blood pumping and speed up metabolism. It is on these properties and is based this method of weight loss. But in order for this to work, you need to revise your diet in the direction of a slight decrease in its caloric content. It is not necessary to give up your favorite foods, it is enough to limit their intake of and, most importantly, morning, evening or between meals to drink ginger tea (at least 1.5-2 liters per day), prepared in the following manner: 25 grams. crushed root placed in a thermos, pour two liters of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. Ready miracle drink is optional add the honey and lemon juice.

Ginger diet – what foods can be consumed

In the period of complying with ginger diet is recommended to use any kind of vegetables, fruits, seafood, lean meats, fish, grains, cereals, bread from wheat flour, eggs, milk and milk products, mushrooms, honey, vegetable oil and butter (in limited quantities), cheese. In addition, the diet should include lemon and seafood. These ingredients contain substances that contribute to the adjustment of metabolism and breakdown of entering the body fat.

Ginger diet – what foods should not be consumed

So, in order to achieve stunning results, should abandon smoked, no preservatives, no useless white bread, lots of sweets, spicy, fried foods and salt (allowed up to 5-7 grams. a day). And also to cut the intake of animal fats and digestible carbohydrates. About alcohol and even speech can not be.

Ginger diet example menu

In principle, ginger diet does not offer us menus. Everyone can make it their own, focusing on their own tastes. But we should not forget that during the observance of such a diet, you must eat balanced to eliminate the deficit in necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins. So we decided to help you and be an example of a finished menu, which you can rely on in the future.


— Breakfast: a jar of yogurt from whole milk, slice of bread of coarse flour. grind 5 grams. butter, tea with ginger ? teaspoon sugar

— lunch: chicken breast with lemon juice 180 gr. (simmer over medium heat, add a spoon of olive oil, parsley leaves and salt at the end); mashed potatoes in low-fat milk with the addition of 5 gr. butter; fruit and berry mix 150 gr.

— afternoon snack: a glass of vegetable and fruit juice

— dinner: salad with tomatoes and herbs, seasoned with 1 table. lies. olive oil – 150 gr.; half boiled eggs, one pear, ginger tea


Breakfast: egg, cooked boiled 1 piece; slice bread flour. grinding, spread a thin layer of butter; one piece of fruit to choose from and ginger tea

— lunch: 200 gr. boiled rice with mushrooms and cheese (30 gr. any overcook minced mushrooms in butter, mix with rice and add 10 gr. grated cheese, sprinkle with herbs and salt); and boiled carrots 150 gr., grated on a grater with lemon juice, garlic and 1 l of olive oil

— lunch: 200 ml of grapefruit juice

— dinner: stewed liver 180 gr.; salad of oranges (sliced 60 gr. oranges, 40 gr. peppers, 70 grams. cucumbers, 50 grams. grapefruit and dressed with oil); a slice of bran bread, ginger tea


— Breakfast: scrambled eggs with milk (1 egg 100 gr. milk); any fruit 150 gr.; ginger tea with 1 h lodges. honey

— lunch: fried trout in flour 150 gr.; mashed potatoes and carrots 150 gr., 100 gr. berries (fruit)

— snack: orange juice 250 ml

— dinner: salad of tomatoes and cheese (120 gr. tomatoes 40 gr. cheese) with a spoon of vegetable oil, Basil and salt; 180 gr. stewed vegetables, a slice of bread upon request, ginger tea


— Breakfast: one soft-boiled egg; ginger tea with a spoon of sugar, 1 slice of bread with plums. oil

— lunch: stuffed squash (medium zucchini peel and seeds, 1 a «boat» to fill with the minced chicken 80 oz., mixed with egg yolk, herbs and a spoon of grated cheese, spread on a baking sheet and bake until tender); 500 gr. salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers with raises. oil

— snack: low-fat milk 150 gr.

— dinner: rice salad with tuna and tomatoes 150 gr., dressed with oil and lemon juice; green Apple, ginger tea


— Breakfast: any porridge on the water with butter (10 g), a slice of bran bread, ginger tea with a spoon of honey

— lunch: fish boiled 180 gr.; braised carrots with herbs, garlic with the addition of the spoon to rise. oil 200 gr.; 180 gr. fruit

— afternoon snack: glass of skim milk

— dinner: salad of mushrooms with celery and finely chopped cheese, seasoned with butter 130 gr.; an omelette with 1 egg 30 gr. of ham, slice of cheese and 50 grams. milk, ginger tea


— Breakfast: boiled egg, slice of bread with butter, ginger tea with honey

— lunch: spaghetti in tomato sauce (60 Gy. boiled spaghetti mixed with 50 gr. fried tomatoes with onions); 170 gr. cabbage, 120 grams. fruit

— afternoon snack: a glass of fruit and vegetable juice

— dinner: two eggs poached, boiled in 200 ml meat broth with spices and greens (to eat with the broth), 100 gr. vegetables, slice of bread, ginger tea


— Breakfast: yogurt 120 g, 1 bun, ginger tea unsweetened

— lunch: 200 g boiled cod., baked fennel (boil fennel 220 gr. in the broth, pour into pan, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 15 minutes); fruit, 120 gr.

— afternoon snack: a glass of pear-carrot juice

dinner: boiled veal fillet 200 gr. vegetable stew with olive oil, 300 gr., ginger tea

This menu is designed for 1200-1400 calories a day. Compliance by itself leads to a gradual weight loss. However, the combination of it with the ginger drink (don’t forget to drink between meals instead of snacking), enhance the effect by half. That is, instead of the usual 3-5 kg per month can be completely part with 8 and even 10 kg (it all depends on subjective features of metabolism).

Ginger diet – tips and reviews

Despite the fact that ginger diet has undeniable advantages, it has a number of contraindications. These include:

— cholelithiasis (use leads to the aggravation);

— stomach ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer;

— pregnancy and lactation.

Reworking the numerous reviews, we came to the conclusion that ginger diet bears fruit only in conjunction with a calorie-reduced, but balanced diet. In addition, many women noted the positive effects of ginger root on the nervous system. It helps to cope with the irritability, which is an integral part of any dietary restrictions.

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