Fruits and vegetables will help you to become happier, calmer and smarter

Fruits and vegetables due to their nutrient properties, can greatly help us to keep your body healthy and protect from many diseases. But, according to research by new Zealand scientists, their use is not limited to beneficial effects on the immune system – it turns out that the fruit can make us happier, more energetic, calmer and even more intelligent.

A team of specialists from the faculty of psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand conducted a study with the participation of 280 young people, whose task consisted in completing a 21-day online food diary. Participants in the control group throughout the allotted time had daily to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables. The rest of the people were instructed to follow their usual junk food.

At the end of the test period, all participants filled out questionnaires concerning their well-being before and after the study. After analyzing the obtained data, the researchers found significant changes in the psychological status of the participants, whose diet was distinguished by the abundance of vegetables and fruit. In particular, the majority of people in this group noted that compared to the time before the survey, they began to feel much more confident, calmer, relaxed and more optimistic. In addition, some of them are also noticed that the diet has helped them to increase the speed of performing various tasks connected with intellectual activity. As for the participants of the second group who consumed junk food, no change in your health they noted.

The following stage of the research was to identify how much fruit you need to eat every person in order to fully enjoy their beneficial effects on your condition. According to experts, the optimal number of fruits and vegetables that should be consumed during the day is 7-8 servings (one serving equals approximately 100 grams).