Fruit diet — a detailed description and useful tips. Reviews about the fruit diet and sample recipes.

Fruit diet — description and General principles

Fruit diet called delicious slimming and that is absolutely correct, because such healthy way you can lose 5-7 kg of weight and it is fun to smile, sharing a good mood, and not grumble in depression, as the eternally hungry aunt. We all know that fruit is a source of vitamins, in addition to any kind contains a whole bunch of trace elements, including those that contribute to the production of endorphins — the hormones of joy.

It fruit diet, many nutritionists suggest to start, if you want to throw a large number of pounds, as well as just to unload and clean up the body. It is quite easy: for some time to consume large amounts of fruits, replacing them all other products. Fruit removed from the body of toxins, the body consumes fewer calories than even when drinking fruit juices, while deeply cleansed. The metabolism is not slowing down, as during a complete refusal of food, not decreasing metabolism. Fruit diet is not designed for a long period, but every cell has time to be filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. As a result, a significant reduction in the weight of the added ease of the whole body, radiant skin health and high energy.

Fruit diet has lots of advantages over others.

The body does not suffer from lack of vitamins and minerals, so it does not threaten brittle nails and dry skin, high in dietary fiber promotes elimination of cellulite and improve complexion. With this you are able to eat fruit at any time of the day or night. Freeing up time from cooking, you can spend on physical exercise. Among the disadvantages of this diet you can name some side effects: weakness, diarrhea and white tongue coating. Fruit diet it is impossible to observe a long period of time, as start to weaken muscles as a result of insufficient protein and other nutrients that are present in bread, meat and cereal products.

Some fruits able to burn body fat, but on the contrary, force the body to delay the fat even more. Glycogen, which is formed from a huge amount of fructose, can promote the formation of fat. Therefore, there are some rules and recommendations for adherence to this diet, to violate which is not recommended. The basic rule for prohibited products at strong hunger is intolerable, you need to switch to a fruit dessert, such as Jell-o or frozen fruit, fruit salad, light yogurt with pieces of sliced fruit.

Fruit diet — what foods can be consumed

Hunger should not come too close, otherwise you can slip into overeating. Always need to have a bowl of prunes, dried apricots, pear, and then the time of lunch or dinner will not give the stomach the stressful moments. Fruits need to replace the infinite fastfotoscale prepared foods — hot dogs, pizza and chips and lemonade. There are also the development of a mono-diet, the essence of which is that during the day used only one kind of fruit. The most common are pineapple, peach, Apple and banana diet. While mono can be included in the diet of a small amount of low-fat dairy — milk or yogurt.

Than rich in some fruits

Papaya: this exotic fruit is becoming more and more attractive girls in our country, it is rich in fiber and minerals, it is a rich source of antioxidants.

Apples: they contain large amounts of vitamins, they reduce the risk of cancer and inflammation of the prostate.

Mango: contains potassium and antioxidants.

Bananas: Vitamins and potassium, as well as the large amount of carbohydrates among fruits, is a great source of energy.

Oranges: rich in vitamin C, help digestion and cleanse the body of toxins.

Pineapple: Contains vitamins and calcium, cleanses from toxins.

Useful tips: how to properly diet

— Start a diet is very difficult, the first few days to stay hard, so you can eat as many fruits as you require the body to saturate. Limitations in the amount of food for the first three days.

— Start your day with more high-calorie fruits such as mangos or bananas. Also calories is the grapes. Starting the process of metabolism for the whole day, the body will be supplied with energy.

Fruit diet — what foods should not be consumed

The name of the diet suggests that if you follow her we must abandon many products such as fatty meat, bacon, cereals, butter, muffins and other pastries.

Fruit diet menu examples

Green smoothie

All of America and Europe went crazy with the new product green smoothie. With the advent of modern appliances for the kitchen combines, mixers, blenders, juicers, cook has become much easier. It is possible to mix any ingredients, green smoothies can replace Breakfast or dinner if you add a little granola or cereal. A lightweight version can be used for fruit diet:

Ingredients: large green apples, kiwi, grapes (1 bunch, green suitable sultanas seedless), fresh ginger root, green tea, honey(1 tbsp).

Method of preparation: Cut the peeled Apple into small cubes, peeled kiwi from the hairy peel and cut into pieces, ginger RUB on a grater. Whisk all in a blender – get a great vitamin and energy dish.

Orange soup

Ingredients: sweet citrus (orange or tangerine 2), honey (2 tablespoons), white wine (2 tbsp), cream (2 tbsp), a little starch, 250 grams of water.

Method of preparation:

The rind of the orange, finely chop, fill with water and boil for a few minutes, add in the broth, sugar, wine, starch. Orange slices we scald and add to the soup. Serving orange soup decorate with cream.

Pink salad

Lemon, orange, grapefruit (4 piece), zest from lemon and orange ( ¼ ), cinnamon, cloves, honey (2 tbsp), water 150 grams.

Cooking method: stir in the water, add the cinnamon, fruit peel, cloves, cook for 15 minutes, leave for half an hour. Prepare and cut fruit pieces — pineapple, orange, grapefruit. Boil in syrup fruit 3 minutes, remove seasonings, serve warm.

A five day fruit diet

Breakfast: during the first, the second day for Breakfast you want to eat only two large ripe banana, the banana is replaced with mangoes. The fourth day is a bunch of red grapes, the fifth day again mango.

Second Breakfast: on the first day divide in half the Apple, and eat only one half, second day – grapes. Third day – an orange, a pear or guava fruits.

Lunch: Apple, on the first day, orange the second day, next day grapefruit, mango on the fourth day and the banana at the last day.

Afternoon snack: spread by days orange, guava, pear conference, banana, and grapes.

Dinner: the first day you can eat watermelon, in the second the papaya, then carrots, pineapple, papaya.

If one feels extremely hungry before bedtime, you can eat fruit at night, kiwis, strawberries or fruit salad with honey. Sure during the day to drink 1.5-2 liters of water, add some lemon juice.

Fruit diet — tips and reviews

Some people this diet is not suitable. Contraindications may relate to patients with high acidity of the gastrointestinal tract or gastric ulcer, gastritis. These patients may partly use a banana only diet. With overeating fruit can manifest diathesis in Allergy-prone people, so they need to look after themselves after eating strawberries, citrus fruits or grapes. Those who followed the fruit diet, eat meals in the form of heat, as the warm meals, the body becomes saturated much faster. If you continue the diet longer than 5 days into the diet slowly introduce meat or fish.

A little bit about flavor combinations:

Is a beautiful combination of beef and red currant, pork and pineapples, poultry and peaches. You delicious diet and enjoyable weight loss!

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