Fruit and vegetable diet: salvation or just another myth? Rules and features of the fruit and vegetable diet sample menu

Fruit and vegetable diet for many women is a real salvation. During the diet you can stay full while consuming few calories.

Fruits and vegetables contribute to a much faster weight reduction due to the fact that establish the digestion.

In addition, fruits and vegetables consist of a large number of fiber, which is not degradable in the body as quickly as thermally processed foods.

General principles of mono-diet

The diet include in your diet any vegetables and fruits in almost any form. Foods you can cook, boil, or bake, with the proviso that the cooking will not be used in oil and spices (except for the salads that use olive oil in small quantity).

In winter season the fruit permissible to eat in dried form, within reasonable limits, as the calorie content in them is much higher.

Try how to focus more on buying different vegetables and fruit available. Should not be too potatoes, bananas and grapes, for the same reason.

Before you start dieting, it is recommended to prepare a stomach – begin to gradually replace conventional snacks is more useful and light products. Also, it is recommended to clean the intestines.

The main and indisputable advantages of the fruit and vegetable diet are:

• the excretion of accumulated toxins without fasting;

• normalization of metabolism, which helps lose weight fast and easy to maintain after the diet;

• a strengthened immune system thanks to the content of useful vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables;

• improve the condition of hair and nails, clearer skin and a fresh complexion;

• improve sleep and General well-being.

Many people believe that because of the large deficit of calories this diet contributes to a significant decline in performance. This is partly true, as in fruits and vegetables, no protein, sitting on this diet, you are unlikely to engage in physical activity and exercise. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to live their ordinary lives, go to work, meet friends and so on (if you do not keep to a diet too long a period). Therefore, weight loss by this method can be called emergency and in any case not recommended for long. In addition, it is not recommended to go on a diet abruptly.

Sample menu fruit and vegetable diet for a day in the summer

If you are going to stick to a fruit and vegetable diet in the summer, it will be easier to find the necessary amount of foods and cooking various dishes. It is useful and that you will be less tempted to return to the old diet, the daily menu is varied and tasty.

Option 1:

Breakfast: start the day fit fruit salad, dressed with two tablespoons of fat-free yogurt. As a Supplement it is preferable to choose green tea or coffee.

Second Breakfast second Breakfast is fit some fresh cucumbers.

Lunch: in the summer for lunch would suit green vegetables, such as cucumber and green bell pepper and some baked potatoes.

Afternoon snack: as an afternoon snack, select a bell pepper.

Dinner: a good option would be a salad of fresh vegetables with one to ten grams of olive oil or fresh lemon juice.

Option 2:

Breakfast: smoothie of fresh fruit, preferably banana in conjunction with any other fruit. As a suitable drink unsweetened tea or juice, but not a shop, as they have high sugar content.

Second Breakfast: 40-50 grams of almonds or walnuts.

Lunch: vegetable salad dressed with the juice of half a medium lemon.

Dinner: boiled any vegetables (except potatoes) and 100-150 grams of tofu.

Sample menu fruit-ovoshey diet for the day in the winter

In the winter, in addition to the existing store of vegetables is acceptable to use frozen products that do not lose their useful properties and does not alter the taste.

Option 1:

Breakfast: vegetable salad, with two or three teaspoons olive oil. It is recommended to drink green tea.

Second Breakfast: a small amount of grated carrots.

Lunch: a small amount of boiled rice without salt and boiled or steamed vegetables. As the drink is good with tomato or any other vegetable juice.

Afternoon snack: a small amount of the available vegetables in their raw or roasted form.

Dinner: stuffed eggplant and tomato and pepper compote of dried berries or unsweetened black tea.

Option 2:

Breakfast: a salad of radish, black unsweetened tea.

Lunch: cabbage soup.

Lunch: a few baked or boiled potatoes with vegetable salad, with five grams of olive oil.

Dinner: stew of vegetables and a small amount of rice without salt, compote of dried fruits.

Sample menu fruktovo-vegetable diet for a week


Breakfast: one medium banana, fat-free yogurt and unsweetened tea or coffee.

Lunch: vegetable stew without potatoes, oil and spices, unsweetened tea.

Snack: two to three medium apples.

Dinner: soup of fresh or frozen vegetables, a glass of sour milk.


Breakfast: one yogurt with low-fat, unsweetened black coffee or tea.

Lunch: salad from fresh vegetables with the addition of cheese dressed with 10 grams of olive oil, compote of dried fruits.

Snack: Apple with honey baked in the oven, a glass of low-fat drinking yoghurt.

Dinner: baked bell pepper stuffed with tomatoes and eggplant, stewed berries or unsweetened black tea.


Breakfast: vegetable broth, a glass compote of fresh berries with no added sugar.

Lunch: vegetable soup, cabbage cooked in the broth, one or two slices of rye bread, a Cup of unsweetened green tea.

Afternoon snack: salad with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with the juice of half a small lemon.

Dinner: a small pumpkin, oven baked, black unsweetened tea or jelly.


Breakfast: fresh cabbage salad with green apples, compote of fresh berries without sugar.

Lunch: vegetable soup without potatoes, unsweetened green tea.

Snack: two medium grated carrots with half the tablespoon of olive oil.

Dinner: a few medium sized baked potatoes, a salad of fresh red and green vegetables and a Cup of low-fat yogurt.


Breakfast: cabbage soup, unsweetened green tea.

Lunch: vegetable soup with small amount of salt, compote of fresh or dried fruits.

Dinner: a salad of shredded boiled beets and prunes with twenty grams of olive oil.

Dinner: salad of any fresh or frozen vegetables with lemon juice, glass of 1% kefir or yogurt.


Breakfast: fruit salad with low-fat yogurt, a Cup of unsweetened coffee.

Lunch: pea porridge without salt, unsweetened black tea.

Snack: grated carrots with ten grams of olive oil.

Dinner: steamed zucchini and eggplant without adding oil and spices, a Cup of yogurt with 1% fat.


Breakfast: salad with fresh radishes and greens with twenty grams of olive oil, unsweetened tea.

Lunch: baked potatoes with salad of fresh or pickled cabbage, a Cup of green or black tea.

Afternoon snack: pumpkin seeds, roasted without oil and salt.

Dinner: stew with any vegetables at your discretion (except potatoes), stewed fruit or black tea without sugar.

The presence of diseases associated with the stomach, weakness and a sharp deterioration of health it is not recommended to follow a diet for more than three or four days. If you are going to throw more weight periodically arrange days of normal supply.

Important points when compliance with fruit and vegetable diet

For maximum body benefits you get from consuming it raw, without heat treatment.

If the need exists, it is preferable to cook foods without adding salt or steamed.

A great benefit is retained in soups and freshly squeezed juices, so you will be more easier to diversify the daily menu, if you have a home blender or food processor.

While keeping fruit and vegetable diet allowed the consumption of rye or grain bread, but if your initial weight is large enough, it is recommended to limit consumption to a minimum.

Food techniques, should not be less than five, one food intake should not exceed 200-300 grams, so before beginning of the diet it is worth to get a small kitchen scale. As the meals it is advisable to do low-fat yogurt.

If you are drinking fresh juices, it is recommended to dilute them with water, as during this diet stomach more subdued than usual. Fruits that do not require cleaning, eat with the peel, it contains a large amount of nutrients and minerals. Daily is recommended to eat seeds from apples – they contain the daily norm of iodine for the body.

As subject to different diets, greater attention must be paid to adequate intake of clean drinking water – at least two liters during the day (without taking into account drinking tea, coffee and so on). Will help lose weight, remove accumulated toxins from the body and maintain good health throughout the day.

The pros and cons of fruit and vegetable diet

The main advantage of this diet is that it allows you to quickly get rid of extra pounds without exhausting himself with the hunger. If you wish your daily menu will not worse and even more varied menu than people adhering to an ordinary food. Fiber in foods will let you feel full throughout the day, and a huge number of vitamins and minerals after only a couple of days will allow you to see changes for the better in feel and appearance.

The main disadvantage of this diet — lack of protein. People whose work involves physical labor or those who are regularly engaged in the gym, have to take breaks in the diet, or even to abandon it.

Exercises in the gym have no meaning without the use of protein as it is a critical building block of muscle, without its use, you only will lose weight without a set of muscle mass. Also it is not recommended to make such a diet its a way of life. It is suitable to start losing weight with great weight or as an emergency method when you want to get rid of two or three extra pounds for a few days.

After the diet you have to gradually start eating healthy food so that lost weight did not return after a couple of days, and it will be much easier once you have prepared physically and mentally to the fruit and vegetable nutrition.