What is fructarians and what it eats? How to eat fruit and whether to do it: a sample diet proceed

It’s beautiful sounding word means a diet of fruit. Fructigena can be called the top and vegetarianism and raw food. The diet of the followers of this healthy diet is 75 percent fruits.

The principles of fruit doves simple, humane and understandable: the harmonization of life in the surrounding living world (causing no harm to the flora and fauna), good health (fresh, easily digestible food), environmental protection and economic factors.

The followers of this food eat only those fruits for the sake of which the plant does not need to be destroyed. Some fructarians admit eating nuts, beans and dried fruit, while others feed only to have fallen (no damage) fruits. To fruit fans of this movement include and juicy vegetables such as bell pepper, cucumber and tomato.

To fructarians can be attributed to adherents of Ahimsa. Is the practice of many Eastern religions do no evil by word or deed or thoughts. To a living here are not only animal but plant life.

History of fructarians

For the first time this movement emerged in America in 80 years of the twentieth century. And in Russia, the first adherents appeared in 2010. The main difference between our fructarians in strict adherence to the separate power supply. If the Americans and the Europeans shamelessly mix various juices, making salads and smoothies from different fruits, the Russian fructarians strictly follow the rule: one meal – one fruit.

General nutrition guidelines fruit

Clean power — so-called fructarians your lifestyle. Moderate supporters of this movement allow the addition of a diet of seeds, nuts and greens, more severe – eat only fruits and don’t make exceptions.

Supporters of a smooth transition believe that the body must first train before switching to a full fructarians. Indeed, in some cases, a sharp transition is fraught with hormonal failure, problems with the digestive and nervous stress. People with high acidity of gastric juice is contraindicated fructarians!

A smooth transition to fructarians

• To familiarize with principles of vegetarianism, raw food diet and fructarians

• Switch from fried foods to boiled

• Eliminating animal protein (including milk and eggs) and to include in the diet of beans and nuts

• Rejection of any processing of fruits and vegetables complete raw food diet

• The transition to an prokhojdenia

Between these stages of transition it is expedient to arrange hungry days to facilitate the process. Apart from the fact that in this transition the body is given enough time to cleanse itself and adapt to a new type of power, during this period you can decide whether to go to this stringent lifestyle, because fructarians is first and foremost a philosophy and not just eating the fruit.

The abrupt transition

Even if you feel healthy and never in my life do not go to the doctor, we would not advise you to so radically change your diet. Even trained raw foodists and vegetarians have difficulties in the first few weeks of eating fruit. What about omnivorous, accustomed to consume thermally processed animal and vegetable protein and the entire digestive tract which is imprisoned under this food?

Although some gurus fructarians and believe that the abrupt transition is better, but you have one and it’s not worth it to risk. The Internet is filled with stories about how people are simultaneously switched to fructarians from scratch, however, there are as many stories of early mortality. Do everything gradually, so you will have more chances to become a real devotee of this movement to prove and confirm their longevity ideas fructarians.


In relation to drinking water there are two completely opposite views. Some think that juicy fruit has enough liquid to fully meet the needs of the body. Others, however, believe that even fructarians should drink at least 2 liters of water daily. And for balance in the diet prefer non-carbonated mineral water.

In any case, the most correct at the beginning of the transition to comply with the usual drinking regime, because the first steps are usually marked by symptoms of poisoning. So the body is freed from toxins and adapts to living food. In this case, enough water will ease the detoxification process.

A sample diet

In the diet strict fructarians includes only fruits and succulent vegetables without any processing. They can only wash and clean. Eat fruit in small portions and be sure to take a break between different fruits at least 2 hours.

• Juicy vegetables: peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant.

• Sweet fruits: watermelon, melon, bananas, grapes, figs

• Acidic fruits: lemons, oranges, kiwi, grapefruits, pineapples, pomegranates.

• Srednekislye: apples, cherries, mangoes, peaches, apricots.

• Oily fruits such as olives, black olives, avocado, coconut, durian.

Most of the fruit doves, as we have already mentioned, allow in your diet fruit salads, smoothies, juices, greens, beans and nuts, but strict followers of the living food believe that cooking is disrupted correct structure of the fiber of the fruit, contrary to the principles of a healthy diet and not beneficial to the body. They also have a negative attitude to the mixing of different fruits in salads. Here is a sample menu for the moderate fructarians.

Menu fructarians

From the presented fruit and vegetables in one meal you can only choose one kind of fruit. And anytime you can eat olives, olives, bananas and drink water with lemon. Be careful with eating nuts and dried fruits – they can ruin your teeth.

Breakfast 6-9 a.m.

• Grape

• Melon

• Lemon

• Banana

Lunch 9-12 hours

• Apples

• Figs

• Kiwi

• Seeds

• Nuts

Lunch 12-15 hours

• Peaches

• Apricots

• Papaya

• Tangerines

Snack 15-18 hours

• Watermelon

• Cherry

• Cherry

• Drain

• Grenades

• Mango

Dinner 18-21 hours

• Tomatoes

• Raspberry

• Black currant

• Grape

Important points of nutrition on fruits

Start the transition with fruits and vegetables grown in your area. Don’t tell me about his exploits in the field of eating fruits friends, why would you want to endure the ridicule from people who didn’t understand your choice? Donít be aggressive to not support your nutritional guidelines. Do not buy unsuitable products even for guests, meals some fruit sometimes causes a condition called «wolf’s hunger».

Pros fructarians

However, despite the complexity of fructarians it has many supporters and they are becoming more and more. Festivals, where celebrities and athletes talk about their fructarians life. What are the bonuses given to the adherents of this movement:

• Easy slimming;

• the body gets rid of toxic substances;

• lightness in the body, increasing vitality;

• clarity of thought and spiritual growth;

• reduce the risk of some cancers;

• reduction in the number of food poisoning and colds.

Don’t have to become a full fructarians to experience improved health and lose a few pounds. Enough to sit on one fruit diet for a few weeks. Such diets, there are many, for example, Apple, watermelon etc.

Side effects

Widespread full fructarians not received due to the inability to make a balanced diet based only on fruits. Scientific studies have shown that long-term fruit diet leads to anemia, damage the tooth enamel, the lack of calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins B12, A and D. Despite the large amount of beta-carotene (vitamin A) it is poorly absorbed without fat. Lack of omega-3 affects the hair, skin and nails. Almost all fructarians have a reduced weight.

• Anorexia

• Anemia

• Gastrointestinal disorders

• Osteoporosis

• Weakness of the heart muscle

The disadvantages of fructarians can be attributed to economic factors. It’s hard to find organic fruits or they are insanely expensive. It is doubtful that a diet of apples from supermarkets can improve someone’s health. To get a more balanced diet need to buy more variety of fruits.

Known fructarians

To known fructed include Michael Arnstein and Steve jobs, and Mike Vlasty, and Chris Kendall, Maya and Fremont. The latter is already 91 and he still sets world records in running for 21 km.

Michael Arnstein

The founder of the Woodstock fruit festival and well-known businessman. Fructarians since 2008. Participates in marathons and ultra marathons, as proof of the advantage of pure power.

Steve Jobs

The most famous fructarians is Steve jobs. Even his company he called the name of his favorite fruit. Whether the illness and subsequent death of Steve with fructigena, it’s hard to say, but Astor Kitchen, who played the role of Steve jobs in the biographical film, was in the hospital with terrible pain in the pancreas. The doctors had to put a lot of effort to recover her work. But the thing is that the actor to get used to the image of a prominent businessman decided not only to copy the image, but closer to the inner world of a genius. A month before the shooting, he completely switched to fructarians diet. Steve jobs claimed that this strict diet has given him so much inspiration and energy. However, the similarity of the disease, recall the Creator of Apple died of pancreatic cancer, suggests a negative impact of such strict fructarians.

Steve jobs kept a very strange and strict fruit diet. He would spend weeks there is the same fruit or salad and after liver transplantation have switched to fruit smoothies. And neither the family nor the doctors could not persuade him to move to another, more nutritious food. Just before his death, jobs began to eat protein foods. About whether fructarians the cause of his death, or on the contrary prolong his life, and now I bet vegetarians and doctors.