For some people fast food is deadly

The fast-food meals may turn into colorectal cancer for people with a genetic predisposition to certain types of cancer, according to a new study.

The study included 486 people with Lynch syndrome. This is a hereditary disease caused by mutations in genes which normally help to repair DNA in cells. People with this condition have a high risk of developing not only colorectal cancer but also endometrial cancer and other cancers at an early age.

Earlier studies have shown that alcohol consumption, red and processed meat can increase the likelihood of developing cancer in patients with Lynch syndrome. Other possible risk factors can be Smoking and obesity.

The participants in this study provided information about their eating habits and were followed for approximately 20 months. During this time, polyps (precancerous growths) were detected in 58 patients.

«We saw that patients with Lynch syndrome who eat more fast food, chips or fried dishes, risked two times more compared with patients with the same genetic disease, but not interested in snacks,» says the study’s author Akka Botma of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the diet with low consumption of snack products will help to prevent the development of any polyps, but it may mean that those patients with Lynch syndrome who eat them in large quantities, perhaps, would not have as many polyps, if they adhered to the healthier diet.

And most importantly… about such predisposition, many people may simply not know. And because it is better a healthy diet to protect themselves from all sorts of trouble, which you do not even suspect.