Food for women with voluminous priests: the secret diet j-Lo

Judging by the meteoric career of Jennifer Lopez (full name Jennifer Lynn Lopez), to look good is not only the one actress, producer, fashion designer, and dancer, singer and successful business lady. Jay never ceases to amaze all, forcing the less fortunate envious to let the bitter venom on his pretentious and not very toilets.

And some spiteful critics refuse to keep it to yourself and spread the discontent where necessary. Their feed out Wikipedia, which tells that Jennifer is a drug addict, and a singer of her bad and mediocre actress, and generally an ass she’s fat.

Lopez is proud of her thighs

Jennifer Lopez just smiles, seeing another yellow journalistic scribble. Of course, at first upset, but then remembers that the life of a famous person without gossip is like the existence of dogs without fleas: no one bites, but somehow a little boring. While J. Lo advises people not to believe in gossip. Information about large hips, the singer does not deny and does them proud of (and once was a bit shy).

Jennifer does not aspire to be thin like a sliver, but I try to keep myself in shape does not eat fried and greasy. While Jay claims to not allow anyone to decide how much it should be weight and to lose weight at someone else’s whim is not going to, because he knows what to look for and eat the woman with the perfect settings.

The protein diet is the star ladies

Today you ladies will have the opportunity to learn about the secret diet Lopez. Let’s call it «Diet for beautiful priests or mother is not bad advice». Despite ambitious, Jay grew good girl. The only time mom didn’t listen when she tried to dissuade a daughter from his career as a singer. But counsel mothers about what should a woman do to stay beautiful, not flying past the ears of the young talent.

So, menu Jennifer Lopez:

— Breakfast – scrambled eggs or cereal, a Cup of green tea;

— second Breakfast – a milkshake;

dinner – boiled lean meat, side dish (rice), fresh vegetable salad, juice;

— snack – fruit, natural yogurt;

dinner – baked fish with potatoes, salad, tea.

Healthy sleep and healthy food

To be in shape, Jennifer not only eats right, leaning on vegetables, fish, meat – she still sleeps a lot (at least 8 hours/day), do not take alcoholic drinks, not Smoking, and doing exercises – as taught by the mother. Although Lopez and admits that she is not always meekly followed the diet, and generally hit star loves openly be a box of candy. To drive away the excess with the fifth point help violent novels and fitness through the day. However, after some time, j-Lo changed his diet, eliminating from the diet favorite meat, fish, eggs. But the fascination with veganism did not spoil the body of the singer, no wonder her ex-Boyfriends were Casper Smart (see photo below), who was good singer in the sons.

Lopez has repeatedly said that no matter what kind of food to eat – most importantly, the food was delicious and healthy. Jennifer noted that the short use only of plant foods a beneficial effect on their health. However, in such moments I have to miss the chicken cutlets, homemade. J. Lo is confident that any woman can purchase a beautiful figure, if you will eat often, but little by little, to eat properly and balanced, and not to sit on a strict diet or to starve.

Aerobics, dancing, and hot novels

Jennifer advises women to be more active, because movement is life. «Us girls don’t need big loads, says Jennifer. – Let men pump their bodies, and the girl should be feminine, sexy and taut, go for aerobics, perform cardio activity to dance.» The Lopez visited a dance Studio since the age of five. With a career as a dancer began her becoming a successful singer and highest paid Hollywood actress, one of the wealthiest lady of the world of show business.

Jennifer always told me that leading a healthy lifestyle that it advocated even on photo shoots for Self magazine, where a celebrity unexpectedly announced the presence of her addiction. It turned out that babe just can not imagine myself without love passions. «I’m addicted to love, I just can’t be lonely,» admitted Jennifer. It turns out that gorgeous figure of the singer – it is the result of proper nutrition, the basics of which are known to all, an active lifestyle and exciting body and soul love upheaval.

Value yourself, because you are priceless

«Learn to love yourself for who you are, and if you want to change, don’t do it for others» – this is another secret from Jennifer. «If you value yourself, you will admire all the surrounding,» – that’s such banal phrases lópez explains its popularity. Perhaps this is the key to success, in fact, everything of genius is often simple to madness. Or diva that even foxy doesn’t want to share these secrets, getting away from the reporters and hackneyed phrases.

And Lynn tirelessly repeats that the man the main thing is its internal attractiveness. It also does not recognize artificial beauty, so the actress is angry when people spread false information about the presence of implants in her buttocks and holding a singer other plastic surgery that Jennifer does not accept. The gossip is afraid of Lopez to prove the opposite, because at the time, J. Lo has studied the fighting technique of the Israeli special forces.

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