How to use dandelion flowers? What are the medicinal properties are the flowers of the dandelion and are there any contraindications

The little yellow heads of dandelions – the best greetings from raging spring. They are not only pleasing to the eye: in the flowers, stems, leaves, roots of this plant a lot of useful substances.

In folk medicine, medicinal properties of dandelion flowers are used for a very long time in the form of infusions, decoctions, ointments. And the famous jam from dandelions not only delicious, but also remarkably useful.

The composition of the dandelion

The juice of the flowers of the dandelion contains biologically active substances that are beneficial to the body. They stimulate bile production and digestion, restores the work of the pancreas and liver, improve the blood, reduce cholesterol, normalize metabolism.

The use of flowers dandelion is a simple and effective way of recovery and healing. The composition of the juice includes the following ingredients:

• ascorbic acid (Vit. C), a powerful antioxidant and vitamin beauty;

• rutin (Vit. R), which increases the strength of capillaries, reducing blood pressure, relieving arrhythmias;

• retinol (Vit. A) possessing a powerful and complex effect on the body, including improves vision, strengthens teeth, preserving skin elasticity, protect against cancer;

• thiamine (Vit. B1) to prevent strokes and heart attacks, protecting the body from infections and viruses.

• Riboflavin (vitamin B2), a positive effect on the liver, mucous membranes, restoring the nervous system to ensure normal fetal development;

• choline, which protects the liver and reduces the cholesterol;

• trace minerals iron, phosphorus, manganese, calcium;

• carotenoids, preserving the vigilance and support eye health;

• volatile – antioxidants, has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect;

• saponins, reducing bad cholesterol, preventing growth of tumor cells, reducing fat metabolism in cells.

• triterpene alcohols that kill bacteria and relieving inflammation.

In addition, the juice of dandelion flowers pharmacy is tannin, fatty oil, organic resin. The use of flowers of a dandelion allows you to cope with General fatigue, faster recovery from colds and to cure some diseases. If there are no contraindications for dandelion flowers to make in may, far from roads and industrial enterprises, and feel free to use.

Medicinal properties of dandelion flowers

The yellow heads of the dandelion – an effective tool for combating many human ailments. Prepared on their basis medicines have on the body beneficial effects:

• anti-inflammatory;

• antioxidant;

• calming;

• antimicrobial;

• antioxidant;

• tonic;

• restorative;

• painkillers;

• laxative;

• cholagogue;

• diuretic;

• anti-sclerotic;

• antitumor.

The healing properties of flowers of a dandelion are used to relieve symptoms of joint inflammation and poisoning, the treatment of gastritis, colds, osteoarthritis, gallstones, rickets, slow aging, improve blood composition, promote appetite, prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and multiple sclerosis.

The use of flowers of a dandelion

Medicinal properties of dandelion flowers, people learned to use a very long time. Today we use the recipes of tinctures and decoctions, add the plant food in the form of salads and dessert dishes.

Tincture of dandelion flowers on alcohol

50 g fresh or dried heads of the plant put into a glass jar or bottle, pour 500 ml of good vodka, tighten lid and place over 2-3 weeks in a dark cupboard. Every 3-4 days remove and shake the composition. When the flowers give into alcohol its entire use, strain the infusion and store in the refrigerator.

Tincture is used to treat pain and inflammation in the joints, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, spasms. The fabric is impregnated with an alcoholic liquid, apply on the affected area, apply plastic wrap and wrap with a cloth. Get an anti-inflammatory analgesic poultice.

Tincture can be rubbed the chest and back for colds. After rubbing need to wrap yourself up and lie down under a warm blanket.

A decoction of the flowers of dandelion

A tablespoon of dried material, pour a glass of boiling water, place over boiling water and heat over the steam for about five minutes. Cool under the hood, additionally wrapped in a towel. Strain and take inside.

2 tablespoons of broth to drink for 20 minutes before eating. Helps to improve digestion, soothe the stomach gastritis with low acidity, is used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and gallbladder, including cholelithiasis. It is useful to take a decoction of constipation and lack of appetite.

In addition, it is useful in gynecological inflammations, hormonal races and disorders.

Jam of dandelion flowers

400 copies of the may heads of the dandelion wash, pour two cups of cold water and put on fire. Cook after boiling for two minutes, then infuse for half an hour, drain through a colander and squeeze well. The broth does not pour, and add 7 stack. of sugar and boil the syrup. After boiling, the liquid sugar boil for seven minutes, pour jam in sterilized jars and sealed.

In jam from dandelions lots of beta-carotene, minerals. It is eaten to supply the body with nutrients and used for therapeutic purposes to combat the common cold, stagnation of bile, inflammatory diseases. Drink good green tea. To enhance the choleretic properties take at the same time with a decoction of milk Thistle.

Salad of the flowers and stems of dandelion

The flowers and leaves of dandelions salt on the eye and cover with cold water for thirty minutes. Lemon scald with boiling water and grate with the peel. Grate a small carrot. Smaller chop a handful of walnuts. A bunch of leaves of sorrel thinly slice. Drain the dandelions with water, squeeze. Combine all the ingredients, season with vegetable oil, one or two cloves of crushed garlic.

You can set to your taste the composition of vegetables, herbs, nuts. For example, instead of sorrel to take the nettle, instead of walnuts – pine nuts or hazelnuts instead of carrots – beets.

Syrup from the flowers and leaves of dandelion

Gather fresh flowers and leaves of the young dandelion, wring out the juice. One part of the resulting juice take two parts sugar, stir. Let the mixture stand, without closing the dish, until then, until all the sugar grains to dissolve. Typically, the sugar grains will disband in 2-3 days. Add the syrup, one part fresh carrot juice, pour into a jar and store in the refrigerator. Give the children fifteen minutes before eating one tea spoon 3 times a day.

The syrup will help to cope with the scourge of rickets. But before to apply the remedy, consult a doctor. Maybe the child has contraindications to the dandelion flowers. In this case, you cannot apply for the treatment of rickets.

Contraindications to the flowers of dandelion

Not all suitable treatment with the herbal decoctions and infusions. If you are allergic to the flowering of a dandelion, to use traditional medicines, of course, impossible.

From dandelion flowers contraindications can be more serious:

• gastritis with high acidity as the juice of the plant increases the production of hydrochloric acid;

• gastric ulcer and duodenum – for the same reason;

• acute diseases of the biliary tract;

• intestinal disorders;

• hypotonic dyskinesia.

Contraindications not so much. So use dandelion flowers for healing, use herbal gifts of nature.