Favorite diet (7 days) — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews of Favorite diet and sample recipes.

Favorite diet 7 days — description and General principles

Recently the diet «Favorite» 7 days is becoming more popular. This is primarily due to its efficiency, because it allows for a week to lose up to 10 lbs. But decided to try it for yourself, just prepare for the fact that you will not be easy, and for your body, it will be a serious challenge. Those who has various chronic diseases, it is better not to tempt fate and opt for a less strict diet, together with excess weight not to lose health.

First of all, to abandon this method of weight loss should people with gastritis, colitis, diseases of the kidneys, liver and heart, eating disorders, as well as having a tendency to emotional overeating. Ideally, before you try this diet you should consult with your doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences.

As the name implies diet, it lasts for 7 days. During this time, you can not only «cast out» those extra pounds and cleanse your body of toxins. However, the tendency to constipation before joining the diet should cleanse the intestines. It’s not necessary to put an enema, enough for the night to take a laxative, then on the first day (drinking) everything in it will be washed. This will help prevent the poisoning of the body toxins from the intestines (respectively — will eliminate headaches and poor health), and provide the most complete absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

If you need to lose more than 10 kg, with the help of this diet you will reduce the volume of the stomach and can help to start eating healthy food to lose weight further. Diet «Beloved» 7 days can be repeated after 3 months. To repeat the diet without a break is impossible. If you have a need to extend, then within a couple of days extra to follow a diet of 7th day.

The principle of the diet «Favorite» 7 days very simple. The first, third and sixth days of weight loss — drinking, during these days, you can eat foods in liquid form. Second day — vegetable (you can eat any amount of vegetables and salads). Fourth day — fruit (you can eat any amount of fruit). The fifth day — protein (allowed to eat eggs, boiled chicken, yogurt is not prohibited). And finally, the seventh day out of the diet. Replace products provided in the power menu, or swap days is prohibited. But restrictions on the size of servings and number of meals in this diet is not.

Diet «Favorite» 7 days — what products can be used

In the drinking days of the diet «Favorite» the 7 days of the diet can consist of water, broth, yogurt, drinkable yogurts, and cleansing smoothies from fruits and vegetables, jellies, compotes, milk and homemade milk shakes. If you firmly focused on the maximum result, then this day should give preference to yogurt and milk with low percentage of fat.

Vegetable days, you can use any vegetables, but most welcome visitor on your Desk should be cabbage, thanks to its «fat-burning» properties. In salads, you can add a small amount of vegetable oil. Vegetables are best consumed raw, boiled or baked. Vegetable days are not prohibited from also water and tea without sugar.

Fruit days, you can eat any fruit except bananas.

Diet protein days should consist of egg whites, boiled chicken (better to take a fillet), low fat cottage cheese, cheese, fish, soybeans, peas, beans, nuts.

Diet «Favorite» 7 days — what foods not to eat

In the days of sweet drinking water and juices better to exclude. When you make a salad vegetable of the day, it is impossible to fill them with mayonnaise or sour cream, it is best to limit vegetable oil. During the diet should also exclude salt, sugar, alcohol.

Diet «Favorite» the 7 — day sample menus

The first day of the diet:

Breakfast — 200 gr. of yogurt and a Cup of unsweetened tea, lunch — 200 gr. chicken broth without salt; snack 150 gr. of yogurt; dinner — 200 gr. milk. In between, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

The second day of the diet:

Breakfast — 2 tomatoes; dinner — fresh cabbage salad, greens and cucumbers seasoned with a little vegetable oil; snack — 2 cucumbers; dinner — salad with peppers, herbs and cucumbers.

The third day of the diet:

Breakfast — 200 gr. milkshake and a Cup of unsweetened tea, lunch — 200 gr. milk; dinner — 150 gr. chicken broth without salt; afternoon tea — 200 gr. of yogurt; dinner — 200 gr. milk. In between, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

The fourth day of the diet:

Breakfast — 2 oranges; lunch — grapefruit lunch — fruit platter of kiwi, apples and oranges; snack — pear and Apple; dinner — grapefruit.

The fifth day of the diet:

Breakfast — 2 eggs; lunch — 200 gr. boiled fish; dinner — 150 gr. boiled chicken meat and 100 gr. boiled peas; snack — 100 grams. cottage cheese; dinner — 100 gr. cheese.

The sixth day of the diet:

Breakfast — 200 gr. of yogurt and a Cup of unsweetened tea, lunch — 200 gr. grapefruit juice; lunch — 200 gr. chicken broth without salt; afternoon tea — 200 gr. milk shake; dinner — 200 gr. milk. In between, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

The seventh day (diet):

Breakfast — 2 eggs and a Cup of green tea; lunch — fruit by your Providence; lunch — a light soup with rice or buckwheat; afternoon snack — fruit by your Providence; dinner — vegetable salad, seasoned with salt and dressed with vegetable oil.

The Favorite diet for 7 days (7 days 10 kg) — useful tips and reviews

Judging by the reviews of people who tried it on this diet, it is quite effective and in most cases really helps to get rid of excess weight. As any other diet, the most difficult it is the first day. Therefore, there are no great restrictions on caloric intake. However, some will still be difficult to sustain refusal of solid food. So the reviews about the diet «Favorite» for 7 days you can often find advice to limit motor activity and to abandon training, if they are present in your life routine, as for the first for diets characterized by dizziness, nausea, fatigue, etc. is Also recommended in drinking days sure to drink the broth, so as not to break and not to break the diet. Another tip for drinking days — avoid artificial juices and sweetened drinks.

Food fruit day should be frequent, every 2-3 hours to avoid painful feelings of hunger.

Protein days are better diet consisting of chicken, fish, shrimp, egg whites, as the use of curds or yogurt can reduce the effectiveness of the diet ( this happens due to the ability of lactose to hold the liquid). Throughout the diet recommended to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.

And finally, it is important to get out of the diet. After the diet «Favorite» 7 days in any case not gang up on food. Breakfast the first day after the diet can consist of a couple of boiled eggs, lunch should be a light soup vegetable or chicken broth, and for dinner a light salad. During the day you can eat fruit.

As a result of diet «Beloved» 7 days loss of fat tissue is up to 2%, but in order to fix the result and to develop it, should be within the next month a bit limit calorie your usual diet.

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