Fasting — a detailed description, tips, pros and cons. Methods fasting.

Fasting is a description and General principles

Fasting refers to methods of stimulation of protective forces of an organism. As scientists have come to believe about the benefits of fasting? When the animal starts to hurt, it immediately stops eating. During severe stress the person may also lose appetite, can automatically occur even aversion to food. So appear natural regenerative processes. It is not a panacea for all diseases, but only one of the ways powerful effects on the body. And quite stressful, but allows you to achieve amazing results.

Before you start fasting, you should weigh all «for» and «against», to prepare the digestive system, the ability to apply complex therapy in achieving the goal.

Thus it is possible to cure a large number of diseases of internal organs. However, it is not necessary to consider this method as too simple, must take into account a lot of nuances. Supporters of fasting are many. The famous Paul Bragg believes that it is not desirable to use the most extreme forms – a prolonged dry fasting without water or without movement. Be sure to carry out a complex of cleansing procedures.

The main stages of starvation

Fasting-diet therapy consists of the preparation and of the two main stages. To prepare for the fasting is carried out the complex of cleansing procedures. In the first stage, fasting is performed during three to five weeks. The food used no, not used drugs. In abundance should only be drinking water. Binding mode of the day, taking a bath and cleaning procedures.

In the second stage the main aim is to restore in a special way. Initially used vegetable and fruit juices, then vegetables RUB on a small grater. Next, prepare the boiled vegetables and served in a special salad with greens, nuts, cereal, yogurt or dairy products. The recovery is set to continue the same as last very fast, or even more.

Psychological safety when fasting – supportive factor

Complete and incomplete starvation have a fundamental difference. If the food is still consumed, even the tiny volume, the body switches to internal power. Due to the distortion of normal metabolism in the body can provoke the phenomenon of degeneration. Fasting is fundamentally different. Most people have the feeling of hunger completely disappears, and starvation is easily tolerated.

Man is not threatened with depletion, in contrast to the forced starvation in extreme conditions, in which people fall. The reason is that with the elimination of toxins helps to cope additional treatments — baths, massages, walks in the fresh air. Large supporting the importance of psychologically safe attitude control of doctors who will rule out complications. If a man knows when he will return to full power, virtually eliminates the fear of starvation.

Who is fasting?

In practice, it has been proven that this method is productive in cases when patients have the risk of complications of treatment with medicines, as well as with overweight.

Therapeutic fasting can be indications in patients who are overweight and the following diseases:

— allergies (food and medication);

— skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, urticaria);

— bronchial asthma;

— the initial stage of atherosclerosis;

— obesity, and concomitant endocrine infertility;

— metabolic abnormalities (osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis);

— cirrhosis of the liver and chronic hepatitis;

— pancreatitis, acalculous cholecystitis;

— hypertension I – II degree;

— coronary heart disease and the early stages of atherosclerosis;

— chronic enteritis, colitis, diseases of the digestive system;

— nervousness and depression.

The impact of fasting on the body

The first procedure — cleansing. You can make this a scheme by which the body is purified. Under understand waste substances that accumulate in the body, but absolutely not necessary. For example, the waste of cellular processes, toxins. First they get into the blood, which is the main channel to migrate in the body. The increase of toxins causes weakness, health is deteriorating. The blood is cleansed with the excretory system, which includes kidneys, intestines, skin. The blood is purified, feel better.

The mode of the day and additional procedures

You can use the fresh air, exercise, sea procedure. The more oxygen the blood carries, the better the health of the person. Contribute to the improvement of health and massage, a steam room and a sauna. In this case aktiviziruyutsya excretory process through the skin. Massage and bath should be used with caution, observing the General condition. Preparing for starvation, you can use the enema. You need to be careful not to move the contents of the intestine inside. Among other methods of bowel cleansing using laxatives — magnesia, special infusions of herbs.


If the procedures do not give a tangible result, for a better cleansing of the body can be introduced into the diet of Borjomi mineral water, which will slow the flow of toxins into the blood. But even one bottle (500 ml) can stretch the time of fasting. Slow effect and in those cases where the spring water contains many minerals, for example, in the mountains. Part water for enema remains in the body, therefore it is necessary to approach to its choice carefully. But if you use rainwater or distilled water, the cleaning effect is manifested much faster.

But in this case you need to help the body physical exercises and procedures that contribute to secretory processes (massage, sauna, Hiking, sports charge).

Methods of fasting

In our article mainly describes the methods of A. Nikolaev. Classic and creative methods of fasting do not differ among themselves in the early stages. They all require pre-cleansing and additional treatments — massage, self-massage, Smoking cessation and alcohol consumption, adequate physical activity.

The method of fasting by P. Bragg

The famous method developed by Paul Bragg practiced a day of fasting for more days. One of the differences between his method — the denial of the use of enemas. An enema he considers undue waste of the forces of the intestine. He used his technique on this principle: during the year, he fasted three times a day, every three months a week and three weeks once a year. In addition, he was a vegetarian.

The method of fasting A. Brusnev

A. Brusaw believes that fasting can be carried out only in conjunction with the laws of Breath is the main difference between his method. Breath, water, food — the Foundation, the Foundation of human life. Methods of cleansing should go hand in hand with these laws. The first stage is two days. After two nights with an empty stomach Brusnev recommends regular lunch (300 ml).

Fast method for G. Voitovich (cascade)

G. A. Voitovich believes that the treatment of critically ill patients by the method fasting must be carried out in several steps (cascades), in total you get quite a long period. Cascade starvation punctuated by cycles of regenerative power.

Contraindications of fasting

Patients who are fasting should be under close medical supervision. Contraindications to fasting can be detected during the preliminary medical examination. To conduct fasting there are relative and absolute contraindications.

Among the absolute are the following:

— tuberculosis (active disease), pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis in an active stage;

— rheumatism;

— insulin-dependent diabetes (and diabetes insipidus);

— adrenal insufficiency;

— gallstone disease II-III stages;

— gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;

— chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver;

inflammatory processes associated with purulent formations, infections;

— heart failure, heart rhythm disorders;

— thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

Relative contraindications are determined during the inspection of the physician based on the patient’s current condition. Particular caution should be exercised if in the past, was undergoing surgery for the implantation of tissue or other surgical intervention. You should not start fasting in a state of depression and agitation, and other mental disorders, as well as the expressed dystrophic manifestations.

The pros and cons of fasting

Luminaries the developers of this method indicate that all processes were carried out only under strict supervision of doctors. Drawback fasting can be called the complexity of its implementation, especially at first when hungry. May appear irritability, sleep disturbances, worsen chronic diseases. Acidosis develops — the language is a white coating, a person exhales air with acetone.

Body weight ceases to decrease too much the day only 200-300 grams. Prolonged fasting is fraught with aggravation of the kidneys and swelling to form, worsening the condition of the hair. After 7-10 days these phenomena are. Pros — classic and proprietary methods treat a variety of diseases. Fasting cleanses the body and is the prevention for the emergence of new diseases.

Fasting tips and reviews

Paradoxically, fasting is useful and to stimulate appetite in people with low body weight. This can be a condition after an illness with the eating disorders. The reason is that during the fasting normalized food centers, and after starvation begins to assimilate the food much better than before the starvation. During fasting, body weight can be a bit reduced, but it is not considered a negative factor. You need to spend 2-3 fasting-diet of course, about 10 days. The intervals should not be

at least 3-4 weeks.

Here are some tips gives the starving and surrounded by another author techniques fasting G. Shelton:

Use water treatments during fasting in a limited number, to observe cleanliness and hygiene. Bathing should not require a lot of energy, so must be brief. The water should be warm or cool but not hot and not cold. If hungry feel weak, you can just help him wipe with a damp sponge. Do not neglect and sunbathing, but you cannot be in the sun. It’s not a cure, but an integral part of treatment.