Fast food has an irreversible effect on the brain

Australian scientists have found that even the short use of fast food can have a negative impact on certain functions of the human brain, including the ability of perception, learning, understanding and cognition.

The rodents that were fed fatty sweet foods. As a result, the animals in just one week significantly deteriorated memory. In rodents, consuming healthy foods and drinking sweetened water, it was observed the same effect.

Margaret Morris, who oversees the study notes that information about the negative impact of obesity on the activity of the brain, have long been known. However, the fact that this happens in such a short period, was for the scientists a real revelation. It should be noted: the results of the experiment showed that the damage is irreversible even after the rodents went on a healthy food, their brain activity is not fully recovered.

Scientists believe that the experimental data obtained, it is possible to extrapolate to people. The specifics of the diet can affect cognitive ability of the brain at any age, especially when one becomes older.