Fast food causes asthma and eczema

Among teenagers who three or more times a week eat food the fast food industry, there were 39% more patients with severe asthma, or eczema, and among children of younger age of these patients was 27% more.

The study, involving 319 thousand teenagers from over 50 countries and 181 thousand children aged 6-7 years from more than 30 countries, was conducted by scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

The study did not prove that the fast-food meals led to the development of conditions associated with excessive reaction of the immune system. But as in the study of fast food was the only factor that leads to such violations, the researchers concluded the following: this food may trigger an asthma attack or an outbreak of eczema. In the «fast food» contains high levels of TRANS-fatty acids, which are known to affect the immune response.

Conversely, the inclusion in the diet three or more servings of fruit per week had shown a protective effect, reducing cases of sudden exacerbation of the two conditions. This information came from developed countries, including Canada, as well as from developing countries such as Nigeria and Brazil.

Almost fourfold increase in the prevalence of childhood obesity over the past three decades, a twofold increase of cases of asthma starting in 1980-ies, and a sharp increase in the number of children with this disorder as attention deficit disorder are all causes of the growing number of chronic diseases, in accordance with the 2007 study scientists at Harvard University.