Exercise for weight loss: belly, legs, thighs, hips, arms and buttocks

Overweight — a common and painful problem. Some diets not do here, be sure to perform specific exercises for weight loss. Every body is different. To adjust the shape, you need to make a certain program in which to focus on the most problematic region.

Please read carefully some rules, and if you are willing to fulfill them — can plan training.

1. Pay attention to your daily menu. Athletic performance will be higher if you approach the problem comprehensively. We burn calories through exercise, and splitting the fat, but if calories comes more and more, weight loss will remain a pipe dream. The diet should be well balanced, but no frills.

2. The number of training sessions per week – 2-4 times in 30 minutes.

3. Follow the breath. Training needs to have a load to increased breathing and increased heartbeat is a necessary condition for fat-burning.

4. Weigh before workout and measure weight 2-3 times a week.

5. Do not force the event that the weight decreased uniformly and the obtained result was able to gain a foothold. Remember — not fanaticism, but the regularity!

6. Not to spoil posture, alternate exercises for the abdomen, arms, legs, hips and so on.

Preferably before workouts and after them 1-2 hours to eat. Not worth to train before going to sleep, it is best to choose time in the morning or in the middle of the day.

Exercises for belly slimming

Start complex, lying on the floor. Focused? Go!

1. Bend your knees, press feet to the floor. Hands up behind your head and slowly lift the body up. Watch for the elbows — they should be directed to the side, lower back pressed to the floor. Perform 20-40 climbs, starting small. Each subsequent time try to increase the amount of exercise.

2. Return to the starting position. Pull up to the shoulders knees bent, lower back remains pressed to the floor. Tightened at least 20 times.

3. Twisting. Same initial position, but the left foot rests on the bent right knee. Body reaching for the left knee, the hips remain in place. To accomplish 20 times.

4. Go back to the previous starting position, and «twisted» bent leg to shoulder 20 times.

5. Replaceable feet — right foot is placed on the left and the left elbow goes to right knee (20 times).

6. Starting position from the last exercise. The shoulders and bent legs trying to connect as close as possible, tightening them (20 times).

7. Hands behind head, raise feet. Drop and lift your legs until your fingers touch the floor.

8. In this case, raising the shoulders 20 times.

9. Legs held at an angle of 45 degrees, raise the shoulders. After a few seconds, drop the shoulders, flexing the feet. (6-7 times)

10. To bend feet in knees, hands leaving his head. The circular movements of the body are performed, tearing the shoulders off the floor. Three sets sweat three times in each direction.

11. Straighten your legs, lying on the floor. Pulling your hands up behind your head. To lift body up to a sitting position. Reach hands towards your toes. To return to the starting position. 10 lifts.

12. Straighten your legs and pull my hands back. Lift the body up to a sitting position, stretch to the socks, back to the original position. 10 times.

13. Just raise your straightened legs up, holding his hands behind his head. «0 time to touch heels to the floor and raise them up.

Lie down on the floor for a few minutes, relax, don’t go up dramatically. It is advisable to drink water not earlier than 10-15 minutes, at first only rinse mouth.

Exercises for leg slimming

To make feet attractive under force to any woman, but it is necessary to include will power and some effort. The best exercise for all muscle groups on the legs – jumps. To do this, purchase the rope and adjust its length to your height. This is a simple exerciser perfect housewife, the young mother and even the retired. Just a few minutes and your legs will always be in good shape.


— ;

on one leg, alternating from every 10 jumps, and so on alternately;

— in two passes and bounce.

Beginners enough to jump 1-2 minute. If the weight is very big, do not peretrudites — fight other systems. And go back to jumping rope after a relative normalization of weight.

Jogging strengthens the muscles, gives the toe sports a harmonious look. Daily jog to train endurance, help burn fat in other areas. Training on simulators is almost no different from running on the Playground, but healthier to breathe in this fresh air. Feel free to go to the Park or to the stadium.


A great way to move, simulating the walk for steps. Stepper gives feet the same load as when lifting to higher floors without a lift (which, incidentally, can also be used). It spent a lot of calories, the climber is designed exactly for that.


The pool will not only lose weight, but also has beneficial effects on all muscle groups, and without much effort. Classes in Aqua-aerobics require a higher return, but simply swimming will bring a lot of benefits. Just swim for fun! Water takes a lot of calories, and it is no secret that after bathing, an appetite. Should not gang up on food reserves in the form of rolls and meat, and replace them with herbal or green tea.

Exercise for weight loss lyashek

The problem areas are almost every women. We are constantly tormented by cellulite or sagging skin. It is only a little better, and on the inner side of the thigh appears treasonous pile of fat. This is understandable from the point of view of physiology — because the inner thigh is almost not used while walking. Exercise for weight loss lyashek often call exercise the share’s inner thigh. Before class, need a warm-up to prepare undeveloped muscles. You can perform a few twists of the torso and head tilts, lunges on each leg. Knead the edges of the foot for about 3 minutes.

Exercises for inner thigh

1. Exercise for weight loss lyashek will soon make slimmer inner thigh. Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders, hands placed on the waist. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Weight is transferred to left leg. To deploy the right foot toe to yourself, and to make movements in the direction of the left leg 15-20 times. After the change legs to repeat the exercise.

2. Standing straight, fix the hands on the waist, spread your legs wider, slowly squat as many times as you is not difficult. Be careful that it didn’t hurt. 10-15 times.

3. In the same position to put the feet parallel, squat deep, waddle on the right foot and straighten the knee the left leg. 15 times with both feet at a time.

4. Sitting on the floor, lean back on his hands, stretching his legs forward. Both legs at once raised to a height of 10 cm. the Exercise is meant to dissolve and reduce legs as many times as you can.

5. Lying on your left side to lean on his right hand. The right is in front. Put the right foot on the floor in front of the left knee and raise and lower the left leg (to the floor not to touch).

6. Crossed x-shaped motion raised legs (90 degrees) while lying on the floor with support on the elbows.

7. Exercises in a sitting position on the edge of a chair. Hold between your knees slim book and straining the muscles of the thighs, squeezing it for 30 seconds and relax the hips. To perform 15 times.

Exercises for slimming thighs

Extra hip bothers mostly women. As thigh is the visible part of the body a disproportionate appearance can spoil the overall impression and deliver a lot of trouble. Simple exercises do not have to perform in the gym, it’s easy to do at home.

Squat near the wall

Stand by a wall and cling to it throughout the wall surface. Follow the posture. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, slowly inhale and slide on the wall, as long as the knees are bent to 90 degrees. Position hold, and a few seconds slowly return to the starting position. 2 sets of 10 times.

Multilevel squats

A great toning exercise. Place foot on a step platform a step above the other foot. Knees expand in different directions. Squat until your knees are parallel to the floor. Repeat 10-12 times, change legs.


With this exercise gets the load of the front part of the thigh. To the slimming effect was more intensive, hands should take dumbbells. To take a step forward with your right foot and lower down the trunk until the knee touches the floor. 10-12 times and change leg.

In addition, you can use to exercise common access stairs. Climb up, stepping over the step to enhance the effect, and your hips will always be in good shape.

Exercise for weight loss laterally

Excess fat on the sides makes our waist is far from ideal.

1. The best way to lose weight sides to raise and lower the torso in the supine position . This is the most popular method, which is called «rock press». If you add to this proper breathing (raising the torso to breathe, returning to exhale), then the effect will be even greater. You can raise and shoulders, and entire torso.

2. Another method for inflating the abdominal muscles. To strengthen them sit on the floor, bring the hands behind the back and palms resting on the floor. Raise legs to 45 degree angle, slowly return to starting position.

3. The slopes with weights. Feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells in hands – slowly lean to the side. So stretch the side muscles.

4. A popular remedy is the massage Hoop. The hula Hoop needs to spin 20 minutes a day. When you get used to it — utilite it with different fillers.

5. Quite a lot of benefit can make an enormous bouncy ball — fitball. Sit on the ball and roll it left and right, keeping the body stationary. Lower the shoulders, after a while you will feel the tension of the oblique muscles. Lying on ball, raise and lower right leg, do 10 times. Then change the leg.

Exercise for weight loss hands

If the muscles of the arms flabby and lacking tone, it looks very ugly. Exercises should be performed three times a week, with the need to ensure that excessive load is not strained spine. Tense your abdominal muscles, slightly bent legs, avoiding stretching of the ligaments under the knee. At the beginning of the exercise your hands should be to prepare a short warm-up so that muscles become more pliable to the load.

Hands put on the belt, separate them in different directions. The old position and the same movement to the left, then the right. Near the couch or chair to lie on the floor and lift your legs, putting them on the dais. To do push-UPS, lingering briefly at the lowermost position. (20-30 times).

— Feet shoulder width apart or wider, hands to the side. The circular movements of hands to make the forward and back 8 times.

Exercises with dumbbells

Dumbbells — one of the most effective tools for weight loss hands. The weight of dumbbells gradually to increase, but the safe limit — not more than 4 kg.

1. Stand up straight and lower your hands with dumbbells down. The elbows bend and breed them different directions, to lower (10 times).

2. Hands with dumbbells to start for the head, raise up, lower down (30 times).

3. To take exercise lying dumbbell weighing more than 2 kg. to Lie down, raise the hand with the dumbbell, to connect at chest level, return to starting position. 30. Now just lift your hands to the sides and back. (30 times). The next stage — hands forward, then to the starting position.

6. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. The right hand with the dumbbell stretch upwards, positioning it so that the elbow remains near the ear. Brush wrenched from him, the hand slowly put in the back of the head and goes down. The dumbbell should be at the level of the left shoulder. Support the elbow and the arm gently straighten. Exercise to perform 20 times, then change hands.

7. Squeeze the hands with dumbbells to your chest. Simultaneously pull forward the arm and leg, alternating such attacks. For each hand, repeat 10 times.


Feet against the barrier, pressed against each other. Elbows are compressed, the emphasis on hands. Compressible hands and down to lightly touch the breast sex. Exercise 10 times. Also to be wrung out from a wall, then squat down and lean on the chair with his hands. To make push UPS 10 times.

Exercise for weight loss buttocks

The body and structure of women very different from men’s, and therefore training should be planned in a certain way. In General, the formation of a type of female body is influenced by the female hormone estrogen. Pear shape implies fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks, while fat simply necessary in order to participate in the reproduction of the organism. Correct form is quite difficult. If you run regularly for 1 hour 3-4 workouts per week, the muscles will be tightened next month.

1. Sitting on the floor stretch the legs forward, Back straight. Using the muscles start to move back and forth for 2-4 minutes.

2. Rest your knees on the floor, arms parallel to the floor. Lower the buttocks on the floor, right and left from the feet alternately. 20 times to the left and the same right.

3. Draw the hips eight for 3-4 minutes while in a standing position.

4. Drop the arms down, standing straight. Raise the knee up, fix 5-7 seconds, returns to the basic position. The same with the left foot (12-15 times).

5. In the same initial position squat, pulling your arms forward (20 times).

6. On his knees, with a focus on hands on perform another effective exercise. Bent knee leg pressed to his chest, then straightens back. The body weight is distributed evenly. Rhythmically perform this exercise for 10-12 times for each leg.

In addition to these exercises a wonderful effect provides aerobic exercise, running, walking, Cycling. The lower muscles work better if you exercise a little leaning forward. Tilted up bottom muscles work better, burning more calories. Remember that the main driving force behind the success of the training is self-control. This you must control the body, and it is not you. Pay for 1 hour several times a week, and your body will become obedient and beautiful.

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