Excessive use of land leads to serious diseases

Became so popular in our country, sushi and rolls, as it turns out, not so much delicious much unsafe for health. Scientists have warned lovers of Japanese cuisine: regular consumption of raw fish may lead to various cardiovascular diseases.

The study of thousands of case histories have shown the relationship between diet and diseases associated with the consumption of raw fish in sushi. Despite the fact that moega-3 fatty acids included in the composition of the raw fish good for your blood and help lower cholesterol levels, protecting the individual from early atherosclerosis, another component of sushi metaltrade – very toxic and may cause damage to the heart and blood vessels. Extreme cases have ended in disability and even death. Uncontrolled eating sushi lead to paralysis and paresis.

Scientists recommend to eat no more than two servings of sushi per week. In addition, doctors are warning pregnant women from eating sushi: raw fish can be a potential source of infection and toxins adversely affecting fetus and can even cause miscarriage.