Excess weight among modern women to blame technological progress

Employees of one of the American universities have discovered why the beautiful half of mankind have so steadily getting fatter lately. It turns out that women’s obesity is to blame technological progress. The amount of housework decreased significantly to date. For example, in comparison with 1965, the year women spend almost twice less time cleaning, washing and other household chores. As a result, the number of us burn calories is also significantly reduced. In particular, researchers have estimated that the modern housewife, on average 360 calories burn less.

Time savings due to dishwasher or washing cars and other «smart» technology, women spend at the computer or TV. Become more frequent snacking. If a woman works, the situation may look different. But working women spent less energy ‒ an average of 132 calories. According to forecasts of scientists, the time spent on housework, will continue to decline and obesity to increase.

Reduction of gender differences did not affect the fate of the women. The weaker sex still performs almost all the work around the house. If the current trend will not undergo any changes, women will not wait for that happy day when men will take on half the work in maintaining the household. The researchers say that if this happens, it is not until 2050.