Anyone on a diet Dr. Bormental to live well? How safe and effective diet Dr. Bormental: ask the nutritionist

The phenomenon called «diet Dr. Bormental» comes from the nineties.


Gum, Herbalife, hypnotists, collecting stadiums…It was then V. Ramacci, a therapist by education and a businessman by vocation, decided that the citizens need help to lose weight.

For the money.

The result was several books about why we are wrong to live and eat, and 120 working centers for those who want to get rid of extra pounds.

Like any successful business project, the brainchild of Romankovo — not so much a diet as a product of effective marketing services.

Why you haven’t lost weight, or who needs a diet Bormenthal

Head over to the most popular video hosting. There is about diet Dr. Bormental weight of the rollers. Basically, they shot at the money of the standard scheme. Here a young mother, a pensioner, or a successful business lady. It is all good, and family obligations, and house — a full bowl, but the exterior…Permanents and shiny oversized jackets, lots of pearlescent lipsticks of all shades, excess weight and eyes unblinking. This is our «before». But the «after». The same permanent, transfigured by the hand of a skilled hairdresser. Professional makeup, fine tailored sheath dresses. And minus 10, 20, 30 or even 60 kg. How is this possible?

Medical scientific dietetics knows only one way to lose weight. It is called a «hypocaloric diet».

So you start eating less than the body spends in the process of life, and gradually get rid of excess weight.

As a psychotherapist, the author of the method knew three things:

• not everyone is psychologically can withstand the limit in the spirit of «clean power» and completely give up your favorite foods;

• in our country don’t really like sports unless it’s football on TV. Running around the stadium the people, the visitors of the gym for most people over 35 kids with nothing to do. No one is going to sacrifice a whole hour of time to successfully spend on watching TV series or search for a cooking recipe, in order to dust off the dumbbells;

• man throws and diet and Jogging, if one is not fully understanding why it is necessary. Here the poor woman gets up every morning at 5: 30 to do cardio, and her husband — as he was emotionally dull, and left. Not he nor his wife, nor her sport, nothing, except for beer, dinner and tanks. Friend of our heroine is also not in a hurry to support it. Competition, you know. Everyone at work laughing at the containers. That ends the healthy way of life, failing to properly begin

How to overcome this? Need to create an environment, where dieters will be to interact with them. This environment and became the clinic Bormenthal and the diet. Who knows, all people is built in psychotherapeutic groups. Just like the «12 steps…», you probably have seen in American TV shows. Comrades sit a circle and discuss why a sandwich is more important to them husband and child. Or even more expensive workplace in a prestigious company.

And, of course, I must say poor losing weight is that it does not expect the failure of the chocolates, and the need to perform some strength exercises. Need something simple. Even the scientific medicine recommends calorie counting, and simple walking as exercise. So here it is and we will advise.

Then it turns out that the conditions of «Bormental» much better than available in most books about weight loss. Read the same Margaret the Queen. Some rice days, some kefir in the evening with a teaspoon. Yes, why all this?

The essence of the diet Dr. Bormental

Know what calories? It is a small dirty dog that sutured your clothes at night. And is a unit of heat, a General term for physicists and nutritionists.

How much we spend? It is important to know to not only reduce, but also maintain weight. Inquiring minds can find in the Internet the formula Mifflin-Saint Geore and calculator on it, and calculate how much you should eat for weight loss.

The essence of the diet Dr. Bormental — «chose the food, counted calories, wrote, ate, missed the daily «corridor calorie».

Scientifically justified? Yes, but the practice of application leaves much to be desired. Calculate first calorie formula Mifflin-Saint Geor. For example, a hypothetical accountant, age 30, weight 80 kg and height 164 cm recognized by the scientific medical community must formula there are 2713 calories to maintain weight, 2171 for slow weight loss (400 grams in a week), and about 1628 kcal to lose weight quickly, but with health risks. If it is of physical activity our specialist is a 30 — minute walk to the supermarket with a cart a day.

And now for Bormental. There is also I think, but somehow assuming that you almost don’t move, or «spend in training 300-400 kcal». Because the corridor of calories for weight loss of these specialists 900-1500 calories. Moreover, the upper figure can recommend to men, women also have to survive on 900-1200 calories for the most part.

As explained by this gentleman Romocki? No way. In interviews, he engages in psychological «jungle» that tells us how miserable we are, and how important it is to understand their emotional problems, to have less «jam».

All this is fine, but even a basic textbook for nutrition ISSA tells us that:

• lowering the calorie intake for quick weight loss creates risks for the patient;

• too strict a diet contributes to a drop in the level of thyroid hormones and increased prolactin. This people is called the «slowing of metabolism»;

• risk of failure with diets and overeating is much higher for the significant, more than 500-600 kcal/day deficits of calories;

• with this diet impossible to get all necessary for work of the CNS carbs and they need at least 2 g per 1 kg of body weight per day;

• the patient on a low calorie diet is a choice — to cut fats, to meet the «corridor», but the risk is secretion of sex hormones or to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and «beat themselves» in the nervous system. Recommended scientific medicine 1 gram of fat per day to lay in such a diet will not work in any way

Why diet Dr. Bormental so strict, and how it is kept

The answer to the first question is simple and ugly. If a person is to give an adequate corridor of caloric, at first it may not to lose weight. We all learn to count calories,and make «beginner» mistakes — the sauce will forget to write down, eat in the cafeteria, vegetables, margarine, and we write — how to clean and roast the meat on the error will take over the grill. Lay initially too low corridor, and the patient will get into the normal.

But over time, we learn! And taste buds are rebuilt. A «corridor» recommended by the diet doctor Bormental remains. It turns out that risks are higher than with a normal diet.

Now — why it is kept. Indeed, the absence of restrictions on the food groups helps. Do not believe can find a thousand blogs counting calories system If It Fits Your Macros. There and eating ice cream, and potatoes at night, and mentally not suffer, and in the competition in the fitness bikini win. And there are requirements stricter than «just lose weight to leave.»

Centers «Bormental» still proud to be allowed to eat after six patients, and require only one — the presence in the diet of low-fat sources of protein type chicken and white fish. That’s fine, but what about the other important rules of healthy eating:

• get 25 g of fiber daily for regular bowel cleansing and the normal state of the microflora. Not recommended, because «convenience» is more important. Eat your carbohydrate with the candy, if you want;

• drink plenty of fluids;

• eat complex carbohydrates for energy and proper functioning of the nervous and hormonal systems;

not to forget the fats are omega three for heart health, and to control the consumption of saturated fats

All this is indirectly given in the diet Dr. Bormental, but the rule for patients is not. So to lose weight with the diet, but for health, there is also a more advanced system.

Bormenthal and fitness: dirty little secret

Why «bimetalic» put an equal sign between fitness and increased appetite?

Because of illiterate diet. If the patient does not consider the amount of macronutrients in the diet, and not working to create the most nourishing diet, he will want to eat even after a simple session of stretching. And if he thinks and works, he can cope with any educational training from the power to vynoslivost.

The centers recommend walking. But let’s be honest. We can control the heartbeat, he walked down the sidewalk in the rain, pushing passers-by and office bag? No. And we do want to walk in the rain? Unlikely. It’s easier to spend the same half hour on the elliptical trainer, and even to watch the news. But no…

The second ugly fact is that thin without weight training are faced with sagging skin, and overall «disharmony» in the figure. The body looks like someone slender dressed in a leather suit. About the round buttocks, toned thighs and graceful hands, you can not imagine. And yet, these sufferers have to eat 1200 kcal on average, «support», as he has lost too much muscle and spend too little rest.

Diet menu Bormenthal on the day and week

The authors of the system in their books does not hold that people should make a menu for the week and day. First you have to want a certain food, then counting, and then to eat. What do the followers according to the Internet?

Sample menu losing weight with Bormental

breast with buckwheat for a couple

half ladle of soup

baked potato, piece of fish, marmalade

rice, beef, cube chocolate, pickles

a Cup of yogurt and a banana

The question is, do you really need the constant bites of chocolate? Or still more useful to eat the normal portion of the same buckwheat, not 60 Or? In General, to criticize this menu even awkward somehow. They serve one purpose — to make a diet Dr. Bormental portable for man, not seeking to work on your diet. Who love to cook ten dishes for the day? Only zatsikleno on food. Others want to release time for other important things too.

Many patients faced with the fact that can’t hold weight without support groups, regular weighings and calculations. And the conclusion suggests itself here? To lose weight with diet Dr. Bormental you can. But to get the hang of «automatic» control of the diet, and a beautiful trim figure — is unlikely.

So that everyone has the right to choose the services that he is useful.

Or group psychological support of undernourished for the price of a subscription to elite fitness-club for the year, or good old trainer, and nutritionist from the medical center, which will be more healthy diet and learn to work with diet alone.