English diet — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews of the English diet and sample recipes.

English diet — description and General principles

What you need to do in order to become slim as an English lady? Of course, to adopt the present English diet. After about two weeks you will be pleasantly surprised with their appearance, and if you survive the most extreme recommendations of the three weeks, the result will be just stunning: weight loss can be 8-12 pounds. Women of the world are very happy with the English diet, consisting of several stages.

During the whole time we alternately consume protein and vegetables, alternating them every two days. This is a completely low-calorie menu allows you to maintain a sense of satiety, although the fats from it are completely withdrawn. Making a small gap between meals, you can control your day so that to be always full, but not overeat and do not eat high-calorie foods. But in the evening still have to wait, although the developers of the diet and moved most of the food for the second half of the day. The last meal should be not later than 19 hours, and this should be treated seriously. The English diet is a strict diet, and resort to it once a year.

English diet — what foods can be consumed

Do not use the following products:

Vegetables: almost all, except for the potatoes. It can occasionally bake for lunch not more than one item. Fruit: almost all, only excludes high-calorie figs, grapes and bananas. In English the diet of welcome oats, buckwheat and rice porridge, skimmed milk and lots of herbs (parsley, Basil, lettuce, dill, etc.) of the drinks are better to drink skim milk, tea (usually green than black), and coffee without sugar. Mineral water must be free of gases and simple water at least two liters. To cook better in the crockpot or on the grill. From the bakery we have only small pieces of black bread, stale or dried.

English diet — what foods should not be consumed

All types of meat and fatty dairy products, except skim milk. Will have to give up alcohol and nicotine and very strong coffee and black tea. Sugar, pastries and sweets as well fade into the background. Ummm, we will leave any pastry. Sweet canned fizzy drinks are harmful at any time, and especially during the diet, they need just to forget. Taboo for us from now on fried potatoes and other such food. One of the main enemies of weight loss is salt, but it can be successfully replaced with herbs and spices. Although fruits are not considered a heavy food, but in this case, high-calorie dried fruit, melons and grapes should also be limited. Not welcome marinades, pickles and cured meats.

English diet — sample menus

It is advisable to start a diet with hungry days, in order to reduce the volume of the stomach. That is, it is a preparatory stage designed to adjust the body to start the diet. At this time you can drink 1-2 liters of yogurt or milk allowed tomato juice. If hunger is difficult to endure, add the black bread, it is better to first dry it.

Approximate weekly diet: a «hungry» day and subsequent stages interspersed by two days. Start with protein.

For Breakfast, prepare a Cup of coffee with milk and half a teaspoon of honey, a slice of bread with a small amount of butter. For lunch a plate of fish or meat broth and about 100-150 grams of meat, boiled or stewed. Garnish 2 tablespoons green peas, black bread.

Afternoon tea: tea or milk with honey.

Dinner: boiled meat or fish, a slice of cheese (50) g of, yogurt, brown bread.

Fruit days

Breakfast is very light — 2 orange or Apple.

For lunch we will cook the famous vegetable soup for weight loss and peppers stuffed with a carrot. Eat salad without potatoes.

Afternoon snack: any fruit is allowed.

Dinner: vegetable salad: chopped cabbage, carrots, beets, dressed with oil. A Cup of tea.

English diet 21 days

In order not to confuse the days, you can make yourself a calendar schedule menu on every day.

1, 4, 8, 11 days

Immediately after waking up the specialists-nutritionists recommend to drink 200 grams of boiled water to which you added lemon juice.

Breakfast: rice side dish (preferably brown rice), fruit, grapefruit, green tea. For lunch choose a salad of carrot and Apple, plus a glass of herbal tea. Lunch: vegetable broth with spices and boiled vegetables separately on the second. In the afternoon the floor of a small pineapple, kiwi or orange.

Dinner: vegetable cuts tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Tea or fresh fruit juice.

2, 5, 9, 12 days

In the same way prepare the water with lemon juice and drink it on an empty stomach. Breakfast — porridge oats, grated Apple and herbal tea. Lunch fruit or vegetable juice and 100 grams of nuts (e.g., hazelnuts)

Lunch: vegetables cook vegetarian soup without the meat, add 200 grams of baked potatoes on the second or baked eggplant. A Cup of tea with herbs.

Snack: vegetable salad from cabbage and carrots with greens. For dinner 300 grams of fruit is allowed.

3, 6, 10 and 13 days

Start the day traditionally with a glass of water with lemon. Breakfast – buckwheat on water, banana, tea. Additional Breakfast: vegetable salad (tomatoes, greens, cucumbers), with a glass of fresh vegetable or fruit juice.

Lunch: fish boiled with broth, salad from vegetables, herbal tea.

Afternoon snack – grapes. At dinner eat only fruit, a salad mix of apples, pears and grapes.

During the 7th and 14th days you eat only fruit during the day several times in small portions. Every time you drink a glass of tea.

To exit the English diet use dairy menu: yogurt, milk, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese. Adhering to this diet can not only lose weight, but also improve the whole body.

The results of the British diet

Most dieters vehemently believes in miracles and sincerely hopes that after a few days of starting the diet, dozens of kilos will simply melt at the sight. But the more pounds start to go, the lower the probability of securing such a result. English diet consists of balanced meals, lasts three weeks, after which you need to continue to eat right in the same spirit, gradually relieving the stored fats and not causing injury.

After 21 days of the diet you can get rid of 5 to 17 kg of excess weightthat is to accept, a lot. The figure will depend on the initial state of the organism, the presence and number of extra pounds, but also of willpower and strict observance of all rules of the diet. If you are constantly or periodically relax and allow yourself to eat foods from the banned list, then it’s not worth complaining about minimum or no results at all. There have been cases when women with plenty of excess weight and conscientious attitude to the diet was able to lose three weeks of 20 kg.

The individual characteristics of the organism play an important role in losing weight. For example, people with a slow metabolism lose weight as quickly or in smaller quantities. But they noted positive changes in the health and condition of the body.

If after a week the power of the English principle, changes in weight no, so, dieting is just not suitable body in its purest form. It must be supplemented with regular exercise or at least long walks before bedtime.

Main rules of power in English

Poor diet will bring effective results not only in the case of a properly selected diet, but also subject to certain rules:

• be sure to take vitamin complexes during the diet;

• need to give up fried and fatty foods;

• to cook ways: boiled, broiled, steamed;

• it is necessary to exclude salt from your diet, but to dilute the taste of the food you can add spices;

• you need to eat no more than 3-4 times a day;

• bread can only be consumed in dried form;

• right to establish a daily routine and try to eat every time at the same time;

• 15 minutes before Breakfast, it is desirable to drink 1 glass of warm water;

• in addition to broths and various soups, every day you should drink at least 1.5-2 cups of water;

• the last meal should be no later than 19 o’clock in the evening.

• before starting the diet it is advisable to be checked by a doctor for problems with your digestive tract.

How to carry out of English diet

To keep the achieved results, out of the British diet it is necessary gradually. You should try to reduce the servings of food in order to eat small amounts of food presented in most vegetables and fruits. The first 10 days after the diet for gains you need to eat every day for 200-250 g of cottage cheese, which will supply the body with useful substances.

The second option is completion of English diet – create a diet on the day of 200 g of soups and mucous cereals, crackers, fruit teas and compotes from dried fruits. After three days in the diet for lunch can add up to 300 g beef or fish, prepared by the method of stewing or boiling, and for dinner about 200 g low-fat cottage cheese. You need to eat small portions at least 6 times a day. After two weeks of the diet need to upgrade to full Board meal.

The pros and cons of English diet

Like any other weight loss method, the English diet has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of the diet is:

1. The cheapness and availability of recommended foods that can be easily found on the shelves at reasonable prices.

2. The lack of chasing hunger. Thanks to proteins that restore the body, in the process of dieting hunger is a rare visitor. People with this way of eating is not experiencing dizziness and weakness.

3. The long term effect or the English diet in the future. If all rules of a balanced diet, a positive effect will continue to persist.

4. Cleansing the body from harmful substances, removing toxins, improving the appearance and color of skin.

5. Getting rid of excess weight gradually. As a result, the body is not experiencing stress and is not damaged.

6. Subject to a proper diet after the diet the body will continue to drop those extra pounds.

7. Water is not stagnant in the body and the result is a lack of swelling in the morning and swelling.

8. The improvement in the flow of all metabolic processes in the body.

A significant drawback of the diet is lack of vitamins, it is therefore necessary to fuel the body medical complexes. A small drawback may be considered unusual sense of bloating during periods vegetable days.

Interesting and useful book full ofwow for the English diet

1. Stewed chicken meat in a cream sauce. 400 g of chicken meat can be silent sprinkle black pepper, add 1 ring of onion and parsley, pour 50 g of sour cream with a minimum fat content and put them to infuse in the fridge for 2 hours. Bake the dish you need in foil, by placing it in the oven.

2. Chicken delights. Chicken 1 kg to pre-boil without adding salt and mince. Then whip 4 eggs, add 10 g of gelatin dissolved in water, pepper, and nutmeg. All you need to carefully knead and put in a bowl covered in plastic wrap. After 5 hours in the fridge the mixture will harden.

3. Beetroot – cold dish of young beets, bell peppers, celery and onions. Need to boil in 2 l of water without salt. You can add spices.

4. Baked vegetables. Large parts should be crushed eggplant, zucchini, peppers and onions (rings), on top of all sprinkle with ground pepper and place on foil. Bake in the oven dish you need at 200 °C for half an hour.

English diet — tips and reviews

This diet because of its relative balance is useful for almost everyone. However, pregnant women and nursing mothers should postpone it until then, until you stop to feed your baby, here to restore shape after childbirth with the help of this diet quite easily.

The bread is best dry in the oven or toaster. If some days dinner seems too thick, you can eat as much as is required by the body. Green peas can be eliminated. To make it easier to enter and exit power schedule, it is better to make an individual plan, it disciplinarum even when the planned result is not achieved completely.

For reviews of women following this diet, a few pounds extra you can throw and at the end, if you follow, you are already familiar, schedule power on hours.

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