Egg diet for 4 weeks: advantages and disadvantages of methods. Egg diet: a detailed menu for a month, the results

Egg diet for 4 weeks ensures a significant reduction of weight, if you follow its menu.

Methods satisfied the strict have to have patience to withstand. The main product on which to build a diet is the usual chicken egg. They saturate the body with protein, «forced» to normalize metabolic processes. The following two weeks the diet will be aimed at consolidating the result. The main thing not to break, otherwise the lost weight will return.

This diet is ideal for those who have will power and strong desire to achieve a beautiful figure. The method promises amazing results – for the entire term of the sequence menu can be reset to 25 kg.

Positive side weight loss methods

1. Diet techniques weight loss helps to normalize blood sugar levels. Besides, eggs «kill» the craving for sweets. If you strictly follow the menu, you can get rid of the «dependency» from chocolate and other confectionery products.

2. The dishes are simple, tasty and satisfying. People will not need to add spices and sauces that are «empty calories».

3. It is known that Breakfast is very important meal, it starts with the day. Eating in the morning 1 whole grapefruit and 2 eggs, a man will long to feel full. The total caloric content of the Breakfast is negligible.

4. Diet menu includes vegetables, fruits, fiber-rich and other useful substances. Such a diet will supply the body with important vitamins and minerals.

5. The diet does not require costly and complex dishes, everything as simple as possible. Will not need to spend much time at the stove.

What are the disadvantages of diet chicken eggs

Despite the numerous benefits of egg diet for 4 weeks, we should not forget about its shortcomings. A lot of them, it is important to consider all the nuances in order not to harm your body.

1. Egg protein contains in its composition of albumin. In combination with grapefruit it can cause skin rashes, itching and allergies. If after a few days of following the menu, was seen such ailments, you should immediately stop this diet, otherwise there is a serious risk of deterioration of the digestive organs.

2. Diet no carb. Some can be seen such ailments as General fatigue, dry skin, constant headaches.

Egg diet: a detailed menu for each week

Diet, detailed menus which will be presented next, monthly. If a person is suffering from a large amount of excess weight, it is necessary to prepare in advance for difficulties, because any diet triggers stress to the body.

Egg diet: a detailed menu for the first week

Breakfast same every day – 2 eggs, boiled (without salt) and 1 citrus. Best grapefruit, but you can take and orange. I have to eat 3 times a day. Snacking will not be necessary, since the diet is fairly nutritious.

The first day

1. Lunch. You can eat 2-3 of any fruit, except bananas. It can be oranges, apples or pears, for example.

2. Dinner. In the evening it is advisable to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime so that the digestive system has time to process food. For dinner perfect piece of boiled meat (chicken) or fish.

The second day

1. Lunch. Chicken meat without skin – boiled or cooked in the oven. The main thing is not to add spices and sauces.

2. Dinner. Salad made from carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce. Fill the dish recommended low-fat sour cream. The optimal dose is 150 grams.

The third day

1. Lunch. Salted cheese – 100-150 grams.

2. Dinner. Salad of cucumbers and dill, dressed with low-fat sour cream.

The fourth day

1. Lunch. 2-3 green apples, you can eat raw or bake.

2. Dinner. 50 grams lettuce (it speeds up the metabolism) and 100 grams of boiled lean fish fillets.

The fifth day

1. Lunch. Vegetables boiled. You can take any except potatoes.

2. Dinner. 1 whole grapefruit, 50 grams of lettuce.

The sixth day

1. Lunch. Green apples (2-3 pieces), a Cup of organic coffee.

2. Dinner. 50 grams of lettuce, a piece (100 grams) grilled chicken breast.

The seventh day

1. Lunch. Boiled fish and green canned peas, common serving of 200 grams.

2. Dinner. 1 Cup of low-fat yogurt, half of orange.

Egg diet: a detailed menu for the second week

Breakfast was repeated the same as was in the previous week.

Day 1

1. Lunch. Chicken breast boiled (peel removed), 50 grams salad leaves.

2. Evening. 2 eggs to boil and eat half a medium grapefruit.

Day 2

1. Lunch. Any meat belonging to low-fat varieties, or fish – 150 grams.

2. Dinner is the same as the previous day.

Day 3

1. Lunch. Salad vegetables (you can take everything except for the potatoes), seasoned with vegetable oil – a serving of 150 grams.

2. Evening. Half of a medium orange or grapefruit, 1 boiled egg chicken.

Day 4

1. Lunch. Granular low-fat cottage cheese (enough 100 grams), 1 boiled egg.

2. Evening. 250 ml yogurt (the important thing is not to buy too fat), 1 boiled egg.

Day 5

1. Lunch. Salad with tomato and dill, dressed with low-fat sour cream – 200 grams.

2. Evening. 250 ml of yogurt, fat which is not more than 1% and 1 boiled egg.

Day 6

1. Lunch. 1 orange and a tomato salad as the previous day.

2. Evening. Fruit salad (apples, pears, tangerines). Fill the dish does not have the optimal serving size of 150 grams.

Day 7

1. Lunch. Fillet fish (better to take the hake, this fish is low-calorie and low-fat) – 150 grams, half orange.

2. Evening. Any vegetables in boiled form or can make them up (potatoes excluded).

The diet of the third week: consolidation of results

The third week methods of weight loss like separate meals. The point is, every day to eat 1 specific product (the number is not limited). At this stage the person already lose most of your excess weight now, you need to fix.

1. First day – day of fruit. Allowed apples, pears, oranges. Choose one fruit and eat during the day at any time.

2. The second day is a vegetable day. You can prepare the zucchini, carrots for a couple. Potatoes are prohibited.

3. Third day – fruits and vegetables. Any, except bananas and potatoes.

4. The fourth day – fish day. You need to buy low-fat fish fillet, boil it and eat until the evening at all hours.

5. Fifth day – meat day. It is best suitable for diet chicken – it is affordable, and has a low calorie, nutritious.

6. The sixth day – a repeat of cold days.

7. The seventh day – Apple day.

The right diet menu last week

Last week methods of weight loss is very important, it will help to properly «exit» from the diet to keep the result and normalize metabolism. The main thing not to break, there are still quite a bit in order to enjoy your slim figure.

1. Day 1. During the day is allowed to eat 150 grams of salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, 200 grams of boiled beef.

2. Day 2. On the day – salad with cabbage and greens, dressed with sour cream (300 grams), 2 grapefruit, 3 boiled eggs.

3. Day 3. Boiled vegetables (except potatoes) – 200 g 2 boiled eggs, 2 medium oranges.

4. Day 4. Boiled chicken (250-300 grams), 1 large grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs.

5. Day 5. 150 grams lettuce, 1 large grapefruit, tomato salad with sour cream.

6. Day 6. 200 grams cheese, 100 grams of cooked chicken.

7. Day 7. Low-fat yogurt (drink at least 1 liter), boiled fish (portion not more than 200 grams), salad with cabbage (200 grams).

Every day presented a list of foods that should be consumed during the day. Between meals it is recommended to observe the interval to 2 hours to digestive system to work properly.

One should strictly follow the egg diet, detailed menus which were presented to get the desired result.

Important nuances of a technique of weight reduction

1. As with any diet, it is very important to keep drinking regime. Egg diet allows the consumption of coffee, it is recommended to drink green tea. In addition to these drinks a day should be consumed 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water. It is very important for proper functioning of all body systems. Alcoholic and carbonated beverages are banned.

2. In order for the technique of weight reduction gave the best result, you need to exercise every day. You can start with a simple charging for 20-30 minutes. When after 3-4 days people will get used to the loads, you can make morning and evening runs (15 minutes).

3. Since the presented method diet weight loss restricts some foods, the body will not receive all the necessary material for it. To improve health it is recommended to take multivitamins. They make up for in the body the balance of nutrients.

4. At the end of the diet you need to be very careful, it is desirable to construct your diet so that day went out not more than 2000 Kcal, otherwise the lost weight will return.

5. During the diet it is very important to have a good rest, do not overwork. The body is under stress from weight loss, and lack of sleep will affect his work.

Are there any contraindications have egg diet

Method of weight loss doesn’t have many contraindications, but they should pay attention.

Follow the method of weight reduction is prohibited in the following cases:

• when the presence of Allergy to chicken eggs;

• if you are allergic to citrus fruits.

• during pregnancy and during lactation;

• in diseases of the kidneys and liver.

Egg diet for 4 weeks gives amazing results. However, in order to avoid unpleasant reactions, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.