Egg diet for 2 weeks: description, list of allowed foods. Diet egg diet for 2 weeks: how to lose weight effectively

A real boon for people leading the eternal struggle with excess weight, can be diet for 2 weeks.

For some it can be a good starting point and impetus for further elimination of excess weight, the other slightly overweight people helps to eliminate excess pounds.

General principles of egg diet for 2 weeks

Varieties egg diet there are several. They may be different duration or by diet products, but they all have the main ingredient – common eggs. This chicken product is chosen for a reason, because its composition has a high content of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. If to speak more precisely, with the eggs in the body receives micro — and macroelements, such as potassium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, folic and nicotinic acid, vitamins of B group (B1, B2), D, E, A.

In addition to these substances, in the composition of eggs can you find a Niacin – element, which is responsible for the nutrition of the brain, and choline that help cleanse the liver of toxins and improve memory functions. Due to included vitamin K provides the normalization of blood clotting.

The caloric content of the product is not too high – 100 calories in 1 piece When eating eggs in the morning, dieters are guaranteed during the day won’t chase the feeling of hunger. The egg diet is considered by nutritionists not only correct, but also highly efficient, as it allows to get rid of for 2 weeks from 5-7 kg without much difficulty and restriction of the diet. The first few days are the most difficult to diet during this time, the body will adapt to the appropriate diet and rebuild. Therefore, those who do not have contraindications to eat eggs, you can safely begin to lose weight with egg diet.

As any other diet, the egg has its own rules of conduct and food restrictions:

• allowed to eat any vegetables except beans, potatoes and fruits except too sweet – bananas, mangoes, grapes, figs;

• all kinds of cereals are allowed to eat only buckwheat;

• bakery products strictly contraindicated, they should completely give up;

• the diet should also forget about sweets, sugar, smoked and canned products, all kinds of oil;

• the main sources of protein should be foods such as fish, chicken and beef that need to cook without various additives;

• in unlimited quantities can drink water, green tea, herbal teas, and even black coffee, the daily rate of the liquid needs to reach 2 liters;

• allowed to consume dairy products, low fat cottage cheese, cheese, milk with 1% fat;

• during Breakfast should be the first thing on an empty stomach to eat a citrus half, and after proceed to the main dish;

• in violation of the diet the efficiency immediately drops, it’s better to start over, to wonder in vain not to waste time, and even better not to break the rules.

Also in the list of banned products includes:

• all types of soups, including vegetable;

• fatty varieties of meat – these are pork and lamb;

• vegetables with a high starch content;

• pasta;

• foods rich in cholesterol;

• chocolate.

The result of the egg diet is a weight loss of 5 to 7 kg. But the effectiveness of the diet will appear only in case of strict compliance with all the requirements and rules. It will be useful to give up bad habits (Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages), including drinking coffee. Each organism has its own special structure and characteristics, depending on them and the effect of diet can manifest itself in different ways- someone weight reduction will be more noticeable, someone less. But inevitably everyone is able to lose at least 5 kg, with adherence to methodology.

Detailed menu egg diet for 2 weeks

When any combination of products in the coming two weeks weight loss Breakfast must always remain the same. Breakfast will be 1-2 eggs and ½ of any citrus, it is best to take oranges or grapefruits. For the other two daily meals, you can use the plan menu:

Day 1:

• lunch will be fruit, you can choose 1 kind of fruit and eat it in any quantity;

• dinner consists of made a cooking method of meat (200 g.).

Day 2:

• lunch – piece of chicken without skins, poultry should only be cooked;

• dinner – vegetable mix salad (fill with oil it should not), toast, cooking has become diet for Breakfast.

Day 3:

• lunch – chopped tomatoes, in a salad, cottage cheese (should be as low fat) and toast;

• dinner – you need to prepare 200 g of meat in any way valid.

Day 4:

• fruit lunch;

• dinner – salad and meat that you can cook without oil or boil.

Day 5:

• dinner consists of pumpkin, which is pre-boiled and 1-2 soft boiled eggs;

• dinner – 1 grapefruit, mixed vegetables, fish.

Day 6:

• again need to repeat fruit lunch;

• dinner will be a standard set of meat and salad.

Day 7:

• lunch – a full meal which includes chicken meat and vegetables all steamed, 1 each of orange and tomato.

• dinner will again steam the fruits.

must continue with the same food morning, but the rest of the menu you want to modify, increasing the dose of egg:

1 and 2 days:

• lunch consists of any meat dishes and fresh vegetables;

• dinner is similar to Breakfast but with the whole fruit, and additionally you need to prepare vegetable salad without salt and oil.

Day 3:

• lunch – 200-250 grams of meat, cooked in any allowed way, and cucumber;

• dinner will be 1-2 eggs – this meal should be repeated in 2 days, only this time, it can be supplemented with vegetable salad and citrus.

Day 4:

• dinner – boiled vegetables to choose from, low fat cheese, egg.

Day 5:

• lunch – choose fish low-fat varieties and cook the dish for a couple.

Day 6:

• lunch meat+citrus+2 tomato;

• fruit dinner.

Day 7:

• lunch – chicken breast with tomatoes 2 pieces;

• dinner – boiled carrots or beets to choose from, 1 orange.

The basic intricacies and rules egg diet for 2 weeks

The main rules of the egg diet:

1. Should strictly observe the regime of three meals a day is the basis of all diets. This should eliminate additional meals and any snacks.

2. It is prohibited to carry out replacement products or to include in the diet an additional new food.

3. The main meal is Breakfast, in any hands, you can not miss this feast.

4. Experienced nutritionists advise to permanently forget about caffeine and also to relinquish any fat, at least dieting.

5. When choosing a drink it is best to give preference to herbal and green teas, fresh juices, purified or filtered water without gas.

6. To cook all foods and products you should use boiling, stewing, baking without oil or fat, a couple. The priority for vegetables – raw or cooked.

7. If unbearable to live without bread, select varieties, wholemeal. The slices should be turned into toast or crackers, and after that to eat.

8. During the diet the body will not need supplementary vitamins, so there is no need to buy a multivitamin complexes. All the necessary for the body elements are already in the albumen and yolk.

9. Eggs should be cooked soft-boiled – it is the condition of the product allows it to be fully absorbed in the body.

The advantages of the diet:

• a strict diet helps to avoid overeating, which cause the accumulation of excess weight, especially at night gluttony;

• allowed to eat the fruit give the body saturation; saturate it with minerals and vitamins, and also serve as a good substitute desserts and pastries;

• any day the meal is hearty reception that will give the body for a long period of saturation and to prevent sudden bouts of hunger;

• diet for great push to change your diet for the better. After graduation, many people easily give up from harmful condiments and sauces, oils, fats, mayonnaise and prefer the healthy and simple food;

• reduced sugar cravings, blood sugar levels normalized, which beneficially affects most of life processes.

Another important point diet is a way out of it, on the correct fulfillment of which depends half of success. After two weeks of abstinence would be too high a temptation to pounce on sweets, chocolate, muffin. But after these steps, the achieved results will quickly disappear and the arrow of scales will return to the previous position. To fortnightly efforts are not wasted, should be tune to proper nutrition for a long period.

Egg diet after two weeks you can gradually add one or more products belonging to the list is correct. Two weeks diet the stomach is significantly reduced in size, so after its completion should not lean on the large portions or eating too often. Allowed often is only in the case that further reduce the size of the portions.

Also, doctors recommend not to forget to continue to drink more fluids, spend significant time outdoors, lead an active and mobile lifestyle, avoid overeating, do not eat at night before bed.

Do not get carried away by diet people with intolerance to the product as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.