Effective diet TOP 5. Description of the most effective diets and sample menus.

Effective diet — description and General principles

Nowadays there are so many different diets: low-calorie, low-fat, protein, mono-diets and others. But not all diets are effective, and some of them can even cause harm to the body. It is almost impossible to get rid of excess weight without much physical and mental effort. Any diet incorrect use can carry to the body damage. Before you choose a particular diet, you should consult a specialist, undergo a medical examination.

Do not rush to follow a strict diet if the diet to change dramatically and drastically, it can negatively affect health and mood. A woman before the holiday or important event want to lose weight in the short term. Of course, the probability to achieve the result of big, but lost weight quickly back. Adhering to any diet, it is advisable to set the purpose to lose weight. The correct diet not only will help you to get rid of unwanted pounds, and improve health.

Effective diet No. 1: Kefir diet

Strict, but very popular and effective diet. This mono-diet is not recommended for prolonged use. Kefir is very useful product and provides a steady result of weight loss. Regular consumption of this drink will improve the microflora of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, cleanse of toxins, and benefit the whole body.

There are several variants of this diet:

Option 1 kefir diet is a pure mono-diet. You must consume about one and a half liters of fresh yogurt per day. You should drink it for 5-6 receptions. To follow this type diet have only three days. In yogurt, you cannot add sugar.

Option 2 diet — you need to take the same amount of yogurt (1.5 l), and add to it even more than kilograms of sweet vegetables and fruits. Duration of the diet — 5-6 days.

Option 3 diet: every day to drink a half liter of yogurt and products offered.

Here is a sample menu of this diet for 6 days:

Day 1: boil the potatoes (5 PCs).

Day 2: Boil the chicken, and take only 100 grams.

Day 3: boiled meat-100 grams.

Day 4: the meat is replaced by boiled fish (100 grams).

Day 5: upotrebom only fruits, vegetables (high-calorie bananas and grapes are excluded)

Day 6: yogurt.

Day 7: full discharge — all day sit on mineral water.

All products cooking without sugar and salt. This stress to the body can be repeated not earlier than in a month. If you find it hard to carry it — even in two months.

Option 4: Striped kefir diet. Its essence is very simple — you need to alternate the days of kefir (kefir 1%) with conventional. In normal days you can eat any foods without restrictions.

Effective diet №2: the Kremlin diet

This diet gives you the opportunity to get rid of 6 pounds in 8 days. Imagine what will happen if you follow this diet for a month or six weeks — it is likely to lose up to 15 lbs. And the weight disappears in some patterns — the more excess pounds, the faster they disappear. The effectiveness of this diet has been proved by many years applications. Kremlin diet is based on the minimum upotreblenii carbohydrates, so the body uses internal energy stores from fat and even unlimited consumption of protein does not stop the weight loss.

The main rule of the diet — avoid sugar in any form. One sugar cube is equal to the daily diet. You can eat fish, meat, eggs, cheese, low carb vegetables and other foods with «low cost». Special «points» represent measured points, points, conventional units using a special table value. One point is equivalent to one gram of carbohydrates contained in 100 grams of product. The effectiveness of this diet will be higher if, in addition to still count points and calories, try not to eat at least 4 hours before bedtime. For weight loss need to consume 40 points, to support the weight of — 60.

Sample menu

Breakfast: Boil only three sausages, which are equal to 0.e. Add the fried eggplant (100 g -5.e), of suitable drinking tea without sugar is the easiest product of its «value» at 0.e.

Lunch: Chop the cabbage and salad oil. (100 g — 5.e)., cook soup with vegetables and melted cheese (250 g — 6.e) as a main dish — pork chop, oddly enough is also the «zero option» , 100 grams contains 0.e. Coffee, as always, no sugar (0.e).

Snack: low-calorie black olives are only (2 in.e — 10 PCs).

Dinner: fresh ripe tomatoes (6 in.e), as the hot dishes use boiled fish (200 g — 0.e), a glass of kefir (6.e).

The result: 36.e.

Effective diet No. 3: Buckwheat diet

Quite hard mono-diet, but have proven to be highly effective. With its help, you can throw up to 10 pounds. This diet lasts a week. Buckwheat gives a feeling of satiety and at the same time, cleanses the body. It is also beneficial to the skin. After a diet you need to take a break for at least a month.

How to cook buckwheat: a Cup of cereal pour approximately 2 cups of boiling water, leave for night. In the morning just to drain excess water. Buckwheat is not necessary to boil. To use it should be without all the spices and salt, you can add yogurt (low-fat). Buckwheat during the day you can eat in any quantity and in any form — liquid or crisp cereal, and yogurt — to drink not more than 1 liter. Also in unlimited quantities can drink water. You can’t eat 4 hours before bedtime, if hungry, you can drink a glass of diluted in half of yogurt.

Subject to a less strict diet allowed to drink a small amount of low-fat yogurt, eat a couple of fruits. But such a diet is less effective. It is necessary to take a multivitamin. Furthermore, after the diet should continue to eat moderately, so the weight has not returned. It is important not to overeat, not to eat at night and avoid the hungry days.

Effective diet number 4: no carb diet

To achieve weight loss, you can successfully use this diet. Its principle is to limit the intake of sugars and starch. The basic rule of this diet is to eat 250 daily allowed calories in the form of carbohydrates. In this diet is not controlled, the number of used poultry, fish, meat, cheese and cottage cheese, are also recommended to eat vegetables, citrus fruits, root vegetables and berries.

Limit the consumption of sugar, fruits (except citrus), carrots, potatoes, flour, bread, dairy products, cereals, corn and fat as well as sugary drinks and alcohol. For no carb diet you must adhere to the following rules: after a meal should not drink half an hour, cook allowed only olive oil to make for themselves the principles of fractional power, as part of life — eat fractional (at least 5 times a day), and in the evening a few hours before the departure of Clos sleep (after 20.00) is generally prohibited.

Sample menu to choose from:

Option 1: lean boiled meat without salt ( about400 C.). Divide it into 4 portions each time to add a vegetable side dish. (200-300 gr.) throughout the entire day. For drinking should be brewed for example, broth hips and drink morning and evening.

Option 2: boiled lean meat (250 gr.), 2 cups of tea and 2 cups of juice. Offered products are divided into 5 receptions.

Effective diet 5: Apple diet

This diet is ideal for weight loss. Apples — very valuable fruit. Apple diet corrects and normalizes metabolism, help to struggle with excess weight. The best option is to arrange one Apple fasting day. This is especially useful in problems with the intestines. To achieve weight loss it is necessary to hold Apple days 2 times a week. In addition, this diet is beneficial to hypertensive patients and to the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Apple diet is used in several ways:

Option 1 the Apple diet: during the day eat only apples and drink plenty of fluids.

Option 2 is the Apple diet: one and a half kilograms of apples are there all day. This is not anything to drink. Liquid contained in apples is enough.

Option 3, the Apple diet: it’s Apple-kefir diet. Half a Cup of yogurt and an Apple, eat 5-6 times per day.

Option 4 Apple diet is the toughest option. The number of apples changes during the six days: 1st day — 1 kg of apples; 2nd -1,5 kg; 3rd — 2 kg; 4th — 2 kg; 5th — 1.5 kg; 6th — 1 kg of apples. Allowed to drink tea (green), there are toasts from black bread.

Apple diet is very useful for people who quit Smoking. It should be done within three days. Besides apples, you can drink green tea.

Effective diet — useful tips

The main factor of malnutrition in the first place is undue eating. Professional nutritionists say that food should be consumed not cut the 4 times a day but small portions. It is recommended to take a break between meals is 3-4 hours, that’s how much you need for normal digestion. If there is less and to increase the portions, the undigested parts of food turn into fat. The key to the normal health and weight is proper nutrition.

If you regularly observe mode, the body each time at this time is preparing for a new meal, highlighting the gastric juice in the required quantity. It promotes good digestion, and fat in this mode are not stored. Time without eating can cause harm to the body, especially the stomach, the liberated juice eats away at the wall. Many doctors believe that it is absolutely harmless diets do not exist.

Of the unpleasant consequences identify the following shortfall of nutrients, addictive to the diet (after a while the diet can stop support weight loss), the return of weight after the diet. To avoid this, in compliance with any diet it is recommended to take vitamins, and gradually out of the diet, while continuing to limit yourself to food, but not so strictly. These simple tips will help to achieve the desired result.

How to overcome the feeling of hunger

The most common cause of failure with diets becoming the inability to overcome the haunting feeling of hunger, resulting from restriction of caloric intake and changing dietary habits. In order to reduce appetite and to avoid breakdowns, doctors recommend the drug Cefamadar, which acts directly on the hunger center in the brain and reduces appetite. It does not contain sibutramine and works gently, without side effects, discontinuation does not cause increase appetite and return «reset» pounds.

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