Don’t eat it! TOP 10 most harmful food products and how to replace them.

About the dangers and the usefulness of various foodstuffs it is possible to speak infinitely. We are what we eat. This truth has long been known, but not all, unfortunately, remember about her.

We present to Your attention an awesome rating of the 10 most harmful food products. Speech here goes not about the disputed products (soft white bread is bad for the figure), and about those products, consumption of which causes the body of the undeniable harm, not bringing in this no benefit. I.e., about the products that you can’t eat at all EVER, no matter how hungry you may be.

The paradoxical is only one truth: each of these products are dangerous for our health and love us equally.

Enemy No. 1: Snacks, chips, crackers

Chips originally was 100 percent natural product: they were thin slices of potatoes fried in oil with salt. Yes, high in fat, Yes, high salt content, but inside the package was at least what is reported — potatoes, oil, salt! However, the chips, invented in new York in 1853 and a modern crisp slices in batches – it’s completely different dishes. A wide Gulf between them, as in our days, the chips prepared from a corn flour, starch, soy, food flavors, synthetic flavors and flavor enhancers. In their composition often includes genetically modified substances are not just harmful for the stomach and other organs, they do need to flee.

Regular consumption of snacks, which are produced with the addition of TRANS fats and most popular flavor enhancer E-621 (monosodium glutamate), it can put You in the hospital because of problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system You provided. And besides, You may get along with the «Goodies»:

  • Atherosclerosis,
  • Heart attacks,
  • Strokes,
  • Hormonal dysfunction,
  • Problems with potency in men
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • The development of cancerous tumors
  • Obesity and other «charms».

The worst thing is that these products like crazy children. This means that since childhood, eating chips or crackers, they can get constant blows to the body, acquiring a chronic disease at an early age. And then we wonder why it is so «younger» heart attacks and strokes?

If You don’t want to poison your body with such dishes, as children require Goodies, try making them yourself. For example, chips can be easily cooked in the microwave. For this you need to wash a few potatoes and slice them with a sharp knife into thin slices. Lay them on a dish covered with a napkin to dry, then put in the microwave for maximum power. For making chips will need only a few minutes. They will be ready when the slices become a little «pokrasovatsya» and covered with a Golden crust. Just sprinkle the top with salt and enjoy.

Enemy # 2: Mayonnaise, ketchup and various sauces

Do you think that ketchup is made from newly collected fresh tomatoes, with white fertile fields in the surrounding area? I hasten to disappoint You: ketchup & mayonnaise in your squad is able to fit a huge amount of sugar, TRANS fats, flavors and preservatives.

If You say that the mayonnaise used only free-range eggs is likely to mean dry yolk or a special substance called «egg blend.» Neither one nor the other has nothing to do with real chicken eggs. Yes, and the aforementioned olive oil on the label of store-bought mayonnaise may be only some 5% of the total weight of the product, if not less.

In most of the sauces added the vinegar and sugar. Store-bought mayonnaise, ketchup and dips like «tar-tar» or «Satsebeli», can provoke the appearance of diabetes, cancer, food allergies, and growing kill the enzymes in our digestive tract.

To replace store-bought mayonnaise, you can use plain sour cream or yogurt. Mayonnaise is very simple to do with their hands. To do this, take an egg, a little mustard, sunflower oil, lemon juice, salt and sugar. Everything needs to blend to the consistency of thick cream. That’s all — natural and absolutely harmless the mayonnaise is ready and is not inferior in taste to any store.

Enemy No. 3: Sweets with dyes and sweeteners

Jelly candies, chocolates, lollipops – killers of the immune system of Your children. Why, You ask? Yes, because they are produced with the addition of a huge number of synthetic dyes, thickeners, animal and vegetable oils, sweeteners and antioxidants. All of this «explosive mixture» can result in Your son or daughter to gastritis, gastric ulcer, serious allergies, tooth decay, obesity, growth of tumors and diabetes. And all this at an early age.

Many people know that a healthy gut is a strong immune system. Therefore, it would be better if Your kids from an early age will learn there instead of a chocolate, natural honey, instead of jelly sweets – dried apricots, prunes and other dried fruits. Believe me, if the child will not see the house in-store bars, he would never ask them.

But if You really want to please the child caramels, cook them yourself. 4-5 tablespoons of sugar, add 2-3 tablespoons of water and put on fire. As soon as the mixture boils and the sugar has dissolved, add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Cooking the caramel takes about 8-10 minutes, until slightly Golden hue. Then you can pour it in teaspoons, pre-greased with sunflower oil. As soon as the caramel hardens, it can be eaten.

Enemy No. 4: sausages

So often, advertising shows the viewer extremely beneficial for active sales facts about sausages: «100% natural product!», «no soy and GMO.» And also mention their own farms, where, in fact, and meat comes from or about the maximum compliance with European standards. Alas, most of these slogans the truth is not consistent. The composition of sausages, as a rule, is only 10% meat products, and that to call them «meat» even do not dare:

  • Skin pork,
  • Skin chicken,
  • Crushed bones,
  • Tendon
  • By-products (offal!).

Otherwise, the ingredients inside is water, flour, starch, soy protein, flavorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives and flavorings. Young children and pregnant women this food is absolutely contraindicated, because it leads to thyroid diseases, problems with the nervous system of the fetus, and pathological changes in the liver and gallbladder.

Replace artificial sausage shop natural home. To cook them is very easy: Take a chicken fillet or pork loin, loop to ground beef, add chopped onion, salt and pepper to taste. Form a sausage, wrap them in plastic wrap and cook in boiling water about 15-20 minutes. You can then pull out the sausages, cool and fry in a pan. Believe me, the dish of the house will bring much more benefit for You and Your children.

Enemy No. 5: fast food

This food is usually used by those who want a simple and quick snack. Pour enough boiling water over noodles or mashed potatoes, wait 5 minutes and you can begin the meal. But how this power is useful and balanced? Exactly zero percent. You absorb rather dry powders, monosodium glutamate and other additives, which cause intestinal disorders, impaired blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and even brain damage. Naturally, any all-natural supplements (mushrooms, meat or vegetables) this product is not out of the question.

Want a quick bite on a business trip or journey? Take some simple oatmeal and dried fruit, yogurt, or pour boiling water and leave for a few hours. Very easy to do this dish in the evening to the morning to take a full Breakfast on the road. Believe me, You will saturate them, causing no harm to his stomach.

Enemy # 6: Margarine and spread

What is the oil and margarine they know everything. The spread is a mixture of vegetable and animal fats, therefore, the range of fat content in it is much larger than in oil. Typically, the oil has a fat content of 50% or 80%, and the spread can be fat 35% or 95%. In the composition of the spread except the butterfat, you can also find buttermilk, palm oil, TRANS, and, according to tradition, preservatives and thickeners. Cholesterol plaques in blood vessels is formed due to frequent use of butter, spread and margarine.

The moderate use of these products will not lead to terrible consequences, especially if You lead an active way of life, young and full of energy. But the elderly are not encouraged to eat these additives every day.

Better to replace them with vegetable or olive oil of decent quality.

Enemy No. 7: Smoked

Quite a deceptive impression of smoked food: ham, fish, cheese. On the one hand, hot or cold Smoking will kill many of the germs contained in the products and causing the processes of decay. Moreover, due to Smoking, the person eats no TRANS fats, and unmodified fats in the form in which they should be ingested.

But there is another side of the coin: often smoked, laid out on the shelves, smoked with liquid smoke. The product is simply dipped into a special liquid, after which it acquires a certain color and flavor. Liquid smoke is just POISON! The most dangerous carcinogen, banned in all civilized countries of the world. On the territory of European States it is often imported illegally, which only confirms its danger to humans. On top of that liquid smoke does not kill the worms found in meat or fish, and You populate these «guests» to your body.

Smoked in any way food products are harmful to health. Even in a homemade smokehouse. Even supernaturalnoy chips. The product is in any case extremely strongly saturated with the products of combustion. The proper way of cooking all kinds of products: boiled, broiled, or (in a pinch!) fry.

The enemy No. 8: Fast food from a stall

About chains of restaurants and fast food type, McDonald’s or Burger king, to them from any dietitian claims the roof. But now it is about the street stalls — which claims even more. Remember: You never know what ingredients You have prepared this dish, which hands and what they were quality. Unsanitary eateries fast food leaves much to be desired in the vast majority of cases, so You are greatly risking their health. Just imagine how long any ingredient or finished product may be left in a warm place waiting for a buyer. It is terrible to imagine what will happen to Your stomach after You eat.

Cook a nice Burger at home. It’s simple: take the bun, lettuce, meat, a little rice, egg, and cheese. Meat needs something to ground beef mixed with boiled rice and egg to form a flat Patty and fry in a pan. A loaf of bread cut in half and assemble our Burger in any order, which like. Optionally, you can add cucumber or tomato.

Yes, and a great quality Shawarma to cook at home easy. For this roasted pieces of meat or chicken need to mix with any sliced vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage) and wrap them in pita bread. It’s really delicious and healthy!

Enemy No. 9: Sweet drinks

Have you noticed that after drinking «Cola» thirst does not retreat, just amplified? It is, after all, composed of many sweet sodas present aspartame – dangerous for the body ingredient, sweetener synthetic origin that provokes cancer of the brain and of the liver, irreversible changes in the nervous system, insomnia, even children, headaches and allergies. Combined with caffeine and phosphoric acid, which mercilessly washes away calcium from our body, sweet carbonated drink is just a storehouse of chemicals that kill Your body.

What to replace

Replace sugary drinks it is possible compotes, cooked with their own hands, fresh or dried fruit or an ordinary mineral water, from which to pre-produce gases.

Enemy # 10: Products labeled «low-calorie»

Thinness is a fashion trend, which are being chased by many girls in the world. Unfortunately, very often they go on about the unscrupulous manufacturers of food products, attributed to its products, the terms «low fat» or «low calorie». In most cases they contain sweeteners, starch and other impurities, which are absolutely not conducive to weight loss, but also interfere with the normal functioning of the body. In addition, our brain can deceive very easily. Seeing the words «low calorie», for some reason he thinks that the use of such product, without any harm.

To lose weight will be much easier if you eat only healthy foods: vegetables, steamed bread made of wheat flour, lean meat and fish. Dairy products are also useful only to cook them better at home, buy a liter of milk and the leaven by mixing all the instructions and placing in a yogurt maker or a thermos.

Making a conclusion from all the above we want to add only one thing: most people learn, to our great regret, not the mistakes of others, and their. Remember that, to get to the hospital bed after the meal with these products simple. But to restore health then it is much harder. In order not to blame themselves for some reckless things, try to learn from others ‘ mistakes, listening to our advice.