Dinner in a luxury restaurant tends to make people thinking about sex

It has been found that when describing an expensive dinner at a restaurant people often used sexual words. These results were obtained during the study of online user reviews on various restaurants.

Experts said that to describe the expensive cost of the dishes people are using sexual words. For example, expensive pastries called «orgasmic», and foie Gras – «seductively seared».

Interestingly, food from cheap restaurants, was described using the «drug slang»: with respect to pizza and French fries used the word «craving» and «addiction.» Scholars identify such expressions with a sense of guilt experienced by visitors «eateries», not able to exert yourself at a fast food place.

As for the sexual connotation, which is used in the description of the costly dishes, here the scientists are confused. Perhaps podobne feature gourmet dishes is that often came out to the restaurant, people think about sex.