Diets that really help get rid of excess weight. The basic rules and principles of diets that really help

The Internet and other media are full of various techniques of weight loss that promise a stunning result in a short time.

Women torment themselves debilitating unloading days and Express diets, and the result is not. This happens for the reason that most methods are just words, which have been effective was not.

However, do not despair, there are diets that really help everyone. You only need to deal with their peculiarities and basic rules.

Diet «-60» principles of power system

This diet is considered to be one of the easiest. A diet balanced in such a way that the person does not have to be deleted from the diet of fatty foods and your favorite pastries. The basic principle of the method lies in the fact that all the products are divided into certain groups, each of which are allowed to eat during a strict period of time.

«-60» is a diet that really helps. Duration is not constrained. Excess weight will go away gradually, which reduces the risk of return extra pounds.

The main thing – to follow the basic rules of the technique.

1. People often used to eat snacks – they need to forget. A day should be 3 main meals, skipping them is impossible.

2. For Breakfast you are allowed to eat whatever you want. You only need to do this before 12:00.

3. For lunch also allowed any dishes, but cooked or stewed, as such food is better absorbed by the body.

4. Dinner no later than 18:00. After this time reduces the rate of metabolism, so in the same way as in lunch, preference for boiled and stewed dishes.

How not to overeat? It’s very simple. There is a little trick. Folded together two hands palms up, you can see the approximate size of his stomach. Accordingly, the portion should fit in the palm of your hand. With overeating in the stomach will be the weight, which is not very good.

Power system Kim Protasov diet, which really helps

A very effective method. It allows you to not only lose weight but also to normalize the metabolism. The main secret lies in the diet. To eat mainly dairy products low-fat and unprocessed fruits, vegetables. The diet that really helps, from Kim Protasov is designed for 2 phases.

1. The first phase lasts 2 weeks. The daily menu is divided into 5-6 meals, you need to eat small portions. The basis of the diet – dairy products the maximum fat content of 5%. Allowed to eat fruits, it is better a green Apple or grapefruit.

2. The second stage is 3 weeks. Menu is the same as the first 14 days, but you can add to the daily ration of 200-300 grams of boiled fish or meat low-fat varieties.

Power system allows you to get rid of 5 weeks from 6-7 kg, if you follow the presented rules. To the right of it «to go», cereals and other foods are introduced gradually, not at once. For example, boiled meat for lunch added 100 grams of buckwheat, or this meal is replaced by 200 ml of soup.

Food combining diet: the effective way to get rid of excess weight

Years it has been proven that there is nothing that helps get the figure of your dreams, as separate meals. Sometimes people combination of products that don’t fit together, slows metabolism, with the result that fat accumulates under the skin. Separate meals – a diet that really helps.

The basic rules of the technique

1. To combine in one meal proteins and carbohydrates is strictly prohibited – the stomach is difficult to digest such high-calorie «bomb», it works slower.

2. One day to eat meat and fish too, as it products from different groups.

3. It is prohibited to combine sugary foods with starchy vegetables. A simple example is salad vinaigrette. Some believe that it is not high in calories – it really is. However, there is one «But». The salad has potatoes and beets – a combination difficult for the digestive tract. Despite the low calorie salad very slow to digest and hard to stomach.

Before you resort to a separate feed, it would be good to consult with an endocrinologist. It will determine the causes of slowing metabolism and give specific recommendations on how to effectively lose weight in the individual case.

The diet that really helps, is based on minoritarii

Some mistakenly believe that a mono-diet involves several days of fasting. It is not so. You can find a huge number of «Express» methods based on this principle, however, even if a person can lose weight in a short time the extra weight comes back.

If you want to get rid of excess weight on the system monetaria, we need to give the method at least 1 a week and follow basic rules.

1. Every day is a new product. Better to paint all week. In one day to eat vegetables, other fruits (unlimited), then buckwheat, rice, etc.

2. From fruits and vegetables it is not recommended to include in the diet of bananas and potatoes. These products are very «heavy» for the stomach, digest slowly and are characterized by a high energy value.

3. In order not to experience hunger, must eat often, but small portions and observe the interval between meals 2-3 hours.

The Japanese diet, which really helps

The Japanese diet is considered one of the most effective and safe. Her diet is designed for 14 days, during this period goes from 7 kg Method of weight loss is allowed not more often than 1 time in 2 months.

The system menu plan itself is not hard. You just need to know which foods you can include in your daily diet.

The components of the daily menu of the Japanese diet:

• 300 grams of boiled rice;

• 100 grams of fresh fruit (preferably green apples);

• 120 grams of boiled fish;

• 200 grams of fresh vegetables.

Definitely in food each day should be included green tea, without additives. Its beneficial properties have long been known. Daily consumption of the drink can slow the aging process, prevent heart disease and to saturate the body with vitamins E and C.

The Japanese system of weight loss is diet that really helps. Despite it is strictly forbidden to stick with it for longer than 14 days. After that, the body begins to get used to and the metabolism slows down, which again will lead to the formation of fat.

Tibetan diet: guaranteed results in a week

Tibetan diet allows for a week to get rid of at least 5 kg of excess weight. The basic principle is to eliminate the meat and make the emphasis on food of plant origin and dairy products.

Sample menu of the Tibetan diet, which really helps for 7 days


1. Morning. A glass of milk and one dried toast.

2. Lunch. 150 grams of cooked beans and 1 large orange.

3. Dinner. The white cabbage salad, seasoned with lemon juice, 150 grams.


1. Morning. A glass of water without gas and 1 green Apple.

2. Lunch. 200 grams of fresh cheese low fat, 50 grams of prunes.

3. Dinner. Salad of tomatoes and onions, dressed with olive oil.


1. Morning. A glass of curdled milk and 2 dried toast.

2. Lunch. Boiled green beans – 150 grams and 2-3 large cucumber.

3. Dinner. A glass of tomato juice and 1 large grapefruit.


1. Morning. A glass of water without gas and 1 green Apple.

2. Lunch. 250 grams of boiled lean fish, and 200 ml of Apple juice (freshly squeezed).

3. Dinner. Salad of raw carrots and green beans, dressed with olive oil – 150 grams.


1. Morning. 250 ml of kefir 1% fat, it add a teaspoon of cinnamon.

2. Lunch. Natural drinking yoghurt without additives – 200 ml, 100 grams of broccoli, boiled.

3. Dinner. 150 grams of stewed carrots with eggplant.


1. Morning. A glass of fresh juice of green apples, 1 big orange.

2. Lunch. Salad of tomatoes, celery and dill – 200 gr. Instead of salt there is added some sheep’s cheese.

3. Dinner. Drinking natural yogurt – 300 ml, a slice of hard cheese varieties.


1. Morning. 250 ml of green tea with milk.

2. Lunch. Boiled lean fish, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkled with herbs – 200 grams.

3. Dinner. 150 ml yogurt and 2-3 of fruit (apples or pears). Apples are also permitted in baked form, but without honey.

Important aspects of the organization of human nutrition on a diet that really helps

There are some basic rules and guidelines that you must follow the person who wants to lose weight. And no matter what method he chose.

1. Sport is useful. Even if a daily routine does not allow to find time for the gym, you need to train yourself daily in the morning to do exercises and 30 minutes before bedtime to be outdoors.

2. Even the most effective diet, which really helps, gives a person some food restrictions, which deprives the body of certain minerals. To replenish nutrients is to use a multivitamin pharmaceutical preparations.

3. You should always maintain the water balance. Lack of fluid the creature slows down the digestive process. Per day requires 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water – it is divided into 7-8 techniques (each time one glass).

Diets that really help is a sure way to lose a few pounds and not worry that weight will come back. You can’t make slimming «ritual» is a temporary necessity. Always have to follow the rules of the chosen method and not continue to follow the menu longer period of time.