Therapeutic diet in diseases of the liver. How should you arrange your daily diet diet for liver diseases

Every year a growing number of people who suffer from diseases associated with the liver. Causes of illness can be caused by various factors. Among them, bad heredity, infection, effects of antibiotics, violations of diet, and others. It is important to follow a special diet for liver diseases, to promote the rapid recovery of the body.

Diet in diseases of the liver: principles of clinical nutrition

To observe the therapeutic nutrition in liver problems it is very important to restore the state of the body, to normalize metabolism and the process of choleresis. You must understand that none of the pharmaceutical preparation will not give the same effect as diet. By improving your diet, people will feel the improvement in General condition, forget about pulling and aching pain in the abdomen.

The principles of diet in diseases of the liver

1. The diet must contain proteins. Importantly, they are easily digested.

2. As for fats, the daily rate is determined on the basis of the patient’s condition the attending physician. Often their consumption is minimized.

3. Carbohydrates people should eat no more prescribed daily allowance, the excess quantity will lead to malfunction of the liver.

4. It is very important to approach the cooking. It should be well cooked, finely chopped, to the stomach is easy to recycle it. Allowed to eat boiled, steamed and baked dishes, fried completely eliminates.

5. Patients often recommend a diet for liver №5. Its main principle is to eat 6-7 times a day but in small portions.

6. To make the most effective conclusion from an organism of cholesterol, it is recommended to enter into the diet products, which contain fiber.

Following these guidelines will help a person to organize your daily routine so that not to overload the liver and prevent complications. If you have any additional questions definitely need to consult with your doctor to design a personalized meal plan.

Allowed foods for the diet in diseases of the liver

Modern medicine has expanded the number of products that are allowed to consume human liver disease. The main thing is to avoid complications is not to overload your body and dieting to try to eliminate from the diet proteins.

Diet in diseases of liver includes items such as:

• proteins (easily digestible);

• carbohydrates;

• minerals;

• vitamins.

The list of allowed foods for patients

1. Bread, but not fresh. It is better that it was slightly stale or dried in the oven.

2. Healthy milk and dairy products. this can be milk, yogurt, cheese low fat, yogurt and ryazhenka.

3. Recommended low-fat meat varieties – chicken, rabbit, Indochina or beef.

4. Eggs are resolved in the form of an omelette. You can eat not only chicken, but quail.

5. Marine and freshwater fish.

6. Greens, seasonal vegetables and fruits (except pears).

Sugar consumption is undesirable, it can be replaced with honey, but do not overdo with the amount.

Prepared meals for the diet in diseases of the liver will be useful to fill the pumpkin, corn, olive or flax oil.

Despite the limitations of the diet, nutritionists sometimes allow patients to eat such sweets as:

• oatmeal cookies;

• candy;

• souffle;

• jelly;

• marshmallows.

From beverage preference, we recommend the following:

• cooked from fresh berries homemade jelly;

• weak black tea;

• compote of seasonal berries or dried fruits;

• clean drinking water;

• freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

We must not forget about drinking plenty of fluids is important for everyone who wants to improve your body and removing toxins and wastes. Daily rate is 1.5 liters of clean water. In the morning you are allowed black tea with honey before bed – yogurt.

Forbidden foods for diet for liver diseases

If you have problems with the liver the patient should carefully monitor their diet. Excluded are all meals that can provoke exacerbation of the disease. It is for this reason to the list of taboos included too spicy, fried and smoked products.

Health food also excludes the following foods:

• fatty meats – lamb or pork;

• mushrooms in any form;

• meat of a goose or duck;

• fat;

• meat and mushroom broth;

• fatty cheese;

• eggs boiled and fried;

• food fat, margarine and butter;

• any canned meat and fish;

• condiments (mustard, vinegar);

• garlic, onion, green onions, radishes, sorrel;

• rye bread and fresh pastries;

• chocolate and chocolates;

• pastry covered with fat cream;

• any drinks, which include coffee;

• carbonated drinks, cocoa and juices are too acidic;

• nuts (any).

In any case, you can not eat too cold or hot dishes. They can trigger pain in region of liver, colic or spasm.

We also should not forget about dairy soups and occasionally for them to prepare themselves. This dish is very light, gives a person the long feeling of satiety and does not overload the liver.

Diet in diseases of the liver exclude these foods on the grounds that they were too heavy for the body and are poorly absorbed.

Exemplary therapeutic menus for patients

Duration of diet therapy is assigned by the attending physician based on the individual characteristics of the disease of the patient. Some have to monitor their diet for 2-3 years, others forever refuse to fried foods.

Recommended daily menu

1. Morning. You are allowed 150 grams of cottage cheese with sour cream (low fat), you can make pudding. From drinks – tea with a little milk.

2. The first snack. Oatmeal or boiled piece of chicken. If you do not want to eat, you can eat just one baked Apple with honey.

3. Lunch. Soup with vegetable broth (vegetarian), steamed zucchini and 150 grams of rice. Drinks – a glass of stewed fruit.

4. A second snack. Better not to overload the stomach and limit the broth hips (not too strong and without sweeteners).

5. Dinner. Mashed potatoes and a piece of boiled fish fillet. Drinks – weak black tea with a slice of lemon.

6. Bedtime hunger can not be tolerated. To satisfy, allowed to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

The maximum daily norm of bread is no more than 200 grams. It is important to remember that the fresh product can not be consumed, it must be dried a little. Also during the day shall be allowed not more than 70 grams of sugar or honey.

Interesting recipes for diet in diseases of the liver

1. Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin (150 grams) is cleaned from the peel, cut into small cubes. It must boil until soft. Thereafter, the product is shifted into the pan, there is added 1 teaspoon butter. The dish is stewing under the lid for 15 minutes, then there sapaudia 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. The broth left over from the pumpkin, too, poured into the pan to form a liquid consistency. The dish is stewed for about 10 minutes, then crushed in a blender and discharged into the pan.

2. Beef patties for a couple

You must soak in milk 30 grams of stale white bread. When he softened, and added to fresh ground beef. Everything is stirred until a homogeneous consistency, the taste adds some pepper and salt. Now it is small – form patties and cook them for a couple.

3. Steam the beet salad and carrots

Carrots and beets are steamed for 25 minutes. After that, the ingredients are rubbed on a coarse grater, are shifted in a convenient container. To taste add spices (salt and pepper). Salad dressed with fresh chopped herbs and olive oil.

Diet in diseases of the liver gives a person a lot of room for imagination cooking. Using the basic instructions and lists of permitted and prohibited foods can every day to please yourself with tasty, and most importantly, healthy and light meal. This food will eventually become a habit. People will be able to heal your body and get rid of excess weight (if it was).