Diet: to sit or not to sit — that is the question!

I was on a diet for 14 days and lost only two weeks.

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The modern world places strict requirements on what must be a successful woman. A good career, a comfortable home, a happy family. But the hallmark of success is the woman herself, her face, figure, appearance in General. Looking at written beauties with perfect figures on TV screens and magazine covers, the woman also wants to look attractive and seductive. And how to do it? And then come to the aid of numerous magazines, giving them 100% effective recipes for gaining a perfect figure.

Any women’s magazine considers necessary to bring to the pages of the tips on healthy eating and diets. There are even specialized magazines with those names that are entirely devoted to this theme: «Easy weight loss», «Figurine», «Lose weight!», «Dietika», «lose Weight beautiful», «Diets that work», «lose Weight without dieting», «lose Weight correctly»… And Internet resources devoted to diets and weight loss in General can be a very long list.

It would seem, why do so many magazines, websites and columns on the same topic? Maybe they write the same thing? But when I began to study the question directly about diets, it was found that most of these methods diets a huge amount!

The greatest diversity among fruit and vegetable diets: cabbage and «parsley», cucumber and beet, and onion caldereta team and vegetable diet Apple cider vinegar, banana and watermelon, grape and pineapple, grapefruit and lemon, diet with prunes and orange, strawberry and Apple.

Milk and milk diet not so much: kefir, milk and yoghurt. Cereal diet: rice, buckwheat, oats, the diet bran. There are even sweet diet honey and chocolate. Diet by degrees – wine. Widely represented national diet: Greek and Japanese, Chinese and Hollywood, English and Italian, Brazilian and Indian, canadian. Diet authors: Kim Protasov and Tatiana Tarasova Larisa Dolina and Valeria, diet by Karl Lagerfeld and Dukan, from demi Moore and Jennifer aniston. Special diets for brides and for pregnant women. Even cheese diet and diet-Kombucha, the Kremlin and insulin, protein, quick and urgent, three-month, caloric and oxygen… And that’s not all. After this impressive list, remember the anecdote:

— You’re on a diet?-

There are 5 diets sit. –

— Why? –

— And I for one do not give.

Jokes aside, but once on diet write it from someone reads? Or not? Demand creates supply or supply gives rise to demand? How many women are «sitting» on popular diets? Help diet anyone? Interviewing women of different ages and professions, I tried to find out if they adhere to diets, do read magazines and articles about nutrition for weight loss? Here are the answers I got.

Women go on a diet only in three cases: if they threw her husband if they like the man, if today is Monday. Ekaterina Filimonova.

Anna 28 years, accountant:

On all diets I sat: and rice, and buckwheat, and the Kremlin, and fruit, and starvation, and protein, and for blood group and… not even remember. Saw various pills, powders, etc. Dumped 5 kg, and then gained even more! Now stick to only one diet: do not eat before bed, try to refrain from sweet and starchy foods. Observed at the endocrinologist. As for magazines, sometimes I read these sections, but everywhere the same!!!

Tatiana is 31, seller:

About 15 years ago dieted. After 18.00 is not eating, doing exercises, and the result was great! And ate but little. As women now suffer on such a hard diet I couldn’t. So that charge, first and foremost! In the morning and evening.

Aida 32, the Manager:

About diet more read than adhered to. Usually no more than 2-3 days. The result is immediately noticeable, but long. In the end, convinced fitness + cancellations late snack = perfect for me. Diet I don’t really like. And journals and rubrics read, like all girls, more on the level of intuition. Wait, wait… it’s always interesting…

Tatyana of 30 years, the financier

I try to eat less flour (although difficult), the specific diet is not followed. Often exercise, try to eat little but often. Earlier in the diet was not sitting. In the columns of women’s magazines occasionally can read about diets, but do not adhere to — is not interesting for me. I have my own approach. However, while the result from my seat — less flour, more physical activity — not!

Maria, 22, a Manager:

Six years ago, was sitting on a severe diet – just ate nothing. Lost 20 kg, but began to refuse internal organs, and on his head fell almost all the hair. I was scared, and the parents were in shock. Began to walk the physicians actively treated. I have experienced the opposite – an incessant gluttony. Very quickly I returned dropped 20 lbs. Spirits, was simply to slowly drop with moderate power, non-starchy foods and late-night snacking. Well, of course, sports are still important. Now I am totally against any diet! I think that you need to limit yourself moderately, to prevent stomach burst from large amounts of food.

Suhl 39, designer:

I believe that diet changes, but they need to really take seriously. Only under the supervision of a dietitian! Perfect for my girlfriend, for me can be bad. And Vice versa.

Svetlana 27 years, head of the Department:

Diet is definitely needed. Preferably in the form of days 2-3 times a week. Magazines about diets do not read, do not see the need in it.

Anna 23 years, journalist:

The diets have a positive attitude. I have my own diet is not to eat after 6 PM and periodicals non-starchy foods for two weeks. But magazines and articles on diets do not read.

Gulya 33 years old, housewife:

Diets don’t adhere to and never sat on it. Sometimes I read in magazines about diets. Try not to eat after 8 PM.

Olga 37 years, chief accountant:

Do not stick to diets. Instead, they prefer to drink herbal teas.

Katerina, 29 years, head of the credit Department:

I was lucky with the figure, so I no diets not keep eating what you want! In reading about dieting in magazines, respectively, do not need.

Olga is 23 years old, office Manager:

I believe that everything is good in moderation. And best diet for me is eating healthy.

Alena 23, an accountant:

I constantly sit on a diet, as predisposed to be overweight. Arrange fasting days, drink herbal teas, eat only foods low in carbohydrates and fat. Try to eat mostly cereals and yogurt. Do not eat after 18-00. Well sport, of course. What particular diet do not follow, I am my own make up diet. Journals and articles on diets do not read don’t know everything.

Maria 28 years, financial Manager:

No diets do not comply and in what does not deny! I have so that’s all right.

Elena 28 years, the teacher:

Before the wedding I decided to lose weight to be, as they say, in the best shape. Chose buckwheat diet, but to sit on it could one day. And then I thought: before the wedding a lot of emotions, but from them, from the excitement, and lose weight. And so it happened.

Of course, to determine the full picture, we need to interview more women, but even given answers can serve as an indicator. Based on this, it turns out that many women, even those who adhere to diets, do not read articles and magazines in the field. Then who reads them? The question remains open.

As for my personal experience. Earlier I heard something vaguely about some names of some diets, but specifically encountered them only in writing this article. I confess to thoroughly examine what a specific diet, I have not enough patience, I could only briefly browse at least their names.

But I was not spared the desire to improve your figure. Just shortly before this writing, I still have decided to lose 3-4 kg in weight that were sabotaging my life. I didn’t need no papers, no magazines about diets, I acted on my own. Start to gradually reduce the portions of food and stopped eating before bed (ideal not to eat after 18-00, I have, unfortunately, does not work). All of this I started to do on waning moon, saying she is the waning moon helps to decrease excess weight. In one of the women’s magazines caught my eye exercises, with promising regularity of classes perfect figure in a month. I have, however, not very regularly get to do, but I’m trying, even in the evening after all the chores. The result – in 2-3 weeks, I still dropped 4 lbs! Now I think, whether to lose weight further or should I stop and just maintain the achieved shape?

Trying with diets to achieve the perfect figure, we must not forget that the problem areas away the last turn, and lost the first chest and face. It is necessary to look very carefully at this. And if you do not want a person to walk on the skeleton (in appearance and age), it is better to find the strength and will stop at the stage when the appearance even didn’t suffer. Very hard to see, lost her looks the person diets or not, in this case it is better to ask trusted friends or relatives who will not hesitate to tell the whole truth about the person in the face.

Returning to the question about, if anyone is reading the articles about diets. Most appropriate here, perhaps, lead a line of great Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, modifying it accordingly to our theme: «If you write about diets, so it’s someone who needs it!»