Diet slimming thighs: diet. How to lose weight with a diet for slimming hips and not to harm health

Fat deposits on the hips and feet – a sore point for a huge number of women throughout the world.

The peculiarity of this problem lies in the fact that in the thigh area fat is deposited faster everything, and cleaned lowest rates.

For this reason, the problem of getting rid of the extra pounds on the hips is necessary to approach very responsibly and carefully.

In addition to physical activity, and cosmetics need to choose the right and diet.

You should start with, what type include a figure.

Problems with excess weight on the hips characteristic «pear» and «hourglass».

Women’s «apples» and «rectangles» is not concerned, as they have a completely different problem area – the stomach.

The main rules for the right diet for weight loss thighs

Components of the diet can vary depending on the characteristics of the shape, but there are a few rules that never change:

1. The first rule is that you must be completely ready for the start of the diet: both physically and mentally. Do not start any change in diet, if you feel unhealthy, harmful diet in late winter-early spring, as there will be a deficiency. As a result of improper the beginning of the diet you can only aggravate the situation and spoil the health.

2. Water is the source of life. The day she needs to drink at least two liters. It is necessary to choose spring water or mineral. A taboo for everyone – sparkling kind. In the morning after waking up, drink a couple of glasses of water (you can add some honey, lemon – this will strengthen the immune system), which will launch the work of all organs and systems in the body. After fifteen to twenty minutes, you are ready for Breakfast. During the day required the constant use of water: tea, coffee, juice doesn’t count.

3. What effective diet for weight loss thighs, and her constant companion should be physical activity. Choose quality exercises and not be lazy: diet plus exercise is a fast and high quality results.

4. Night eating shouldn’t exist. Three hours before sleep should be the last meal. Between dinner and the first Breakfast should be at least twelve hours. During this time the body will have time to relax and rejuvenate. If hunger is so strong that you just can’t sleep, drink tea with honey or eat a piece of orange (grapefruit).

5. In no case does not wash down the food. After a meal should go for about an hour and only then you can enjoy a Cup of tea (green or herbal). With food liquid, you dilute the gastric juice, and got the food in the stomach is not digested properly.

6. Perfect time to diet – summer’s end: by this time ripe broad fruit, vegetables from the beds, and not from greenhouses with a mass of unprofitable fertilizer.

Diet for weight loss hip: for women-«pears»

The owners of this shape you keep yourself in health and to prevent weight fluctuations. Rapid weight loss can cause a lot of problems with the heart and blood vessels, the appearance of diabetes, arthritis.

The problem is in the fact that the active weight loss on the thighs and buttocks blood circulation. Due to the fact that the blood does not flow to the fat cells, their number starts to grow exponentially, and this already entails the following problem – cellulite.

The basis of the diet pears must be:

• peas, cereals, lentils (complex carbohydrates);

• seafood, white meat poultry (proteins);

• vegetables, fruits;

• pasta;

• eggs;

• tomatoes – the most valuable product for getting rid of thigh fat: it increases metabolism, therefore increases the elasticity of skin in problem areas.

To minimize the need to:

• foods that contain a lot of starch: potatoes, rice;

• juices from packages.


• fried foods;

• fat, smoked;

• flour;

• dairy products;

• oily fish and meat.

Scheme of diet for slimming hips

Diet slimming thighs involves the consumption of no more than 1500 calories, most of which are complex carbohydrates.

Diet per day


One Cup of rolled oats, 200 ml of orange juice (it must be extremely fresh), an Apple or a banana.


A couple pieces of bread (rye or bran), carrot, celery, a couple small pieces of meat (chicken breast), tomato, small slice of low fat cheese, grapes.

Afternoon tea

A glass of low-fat yogurt, an Apple of small size.


Boiled chicken breast or lean fish, boiled beans. Salad with tomatoes and green peas, steamed. To fill the can with olive oil.

Dessert: chocolate pudding with no sugar.

Diet slimming thighs: «hourglass»

Rules of the perfect diet:

• Nutrition should be a fraction and draw up five-six times a day, the portions are small. If you are sure that you will be able to get enough small portion, deceive your stomach visually. Take a small plate where the same amount of food as on the big will look much more, thus deluded brain, and therefore the stomach.

• «Hourglass» it is important to increase protein and reduce carbohydrate.

Fully it is necessary to abandon bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, as they negatively affect the thyroid gland, which in turn actively produces hormones that leads to deposition of fat in problem areas.

• Diet for weight loss thighs involves the complete rejection of carbonated beverages, energy drinks.

While you started dieting, you need a proportionate intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Completely abandon one of the components or reduce it is impossible, it is immediately affect the health of the whole organism, hair, nails, skin and nervous system in particular.

Products, the presence of which is obligatory in the diet:

• chicken, Turkey without skin boiled;

• greens;

• seafood;

• lean meat;

• skim milk;

• low-fat fish;

• dairy products (low-fat);

• eggs;

• vegetables, fruits.

The products should be kept to a minimum:

• pasta;

• nuts;

• avocados.


• fried foods;

• sweet;

• flour;

• salt;

• alcohol.


Twenty minutes after drinking a glass of water, you can start Breakfast. It needs to charge energy before lunch. Great option – boiled breast of chicken or Turkey and salad vegetables. An hour later, drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Second Breakfast

Salad vegetables and egg whites, seasoned with vegetable (olive) oil.


Join the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates fish baked with vegetables.

Afternoon tea

Tomato juice – 200 ml and a thin slice of bread with bran.


Evening replenish calcium: relies a serving of nonfat cottage cheese and a Cup of yogurt.

The diet lasts for two to three weeks.

Products, slimming

Counting diet slimming thighs, be sure to take note of melons. These delicious foods will help rid your body of excess water and burn fat hateful.

Foods rich in potassium is essential during the diet, they will not let feet swell, will prevent such unpleasant phenomena as seizures. On your Desk should be radishes, black currants, broccoli, honey.

Must be in the diet include citrus fruits: orange and grapefruit, which help to effectively break down fats. Characteristically, these fruits should not only be on the table, but also used in beauty treatments: masks, body wraps, scrubs.

If diet for weight loss thighs, you are afraid of their monotony, and the imagination does not allow to choose dishes, there is a system diet for a week or couple of weeks.

Diet for weight loss thighs for a week

The first day

Breakfast should consist of rye bread and slice of low fat cheese. You can drink green tea without sugar an hour later.

Lunch will replenish energy: for this prepare boiled breast and vegetable salad. Wash down with freshly squeezed juice.

For dinner, perfect cauliflower, baked in the oven.

The second day

Breakfast should be nutritious, so better suited oatmeal, steamed milk, banana and light herbal tea.

Lunch can also be useful at work, so take your two slices of toast and two slices of low fat hard cheese varieties. Complete the meal with a glass of drinking yoghurt.

Dinner should be light and not to overload the stomach, so you should prepare a vegetable soup with a slice of toast.

The third day

The Breakfast of the third day is two slices of rye bread with cheese, low-fat varieties, and the soft-boiled egg. An hour later, drink a Cup of tea with milk but no sugar

For lunch perfect soup based on the broth from the chicken breast and fresh vegetable salad with olive oil and lemon.

For dinner bake in the oven low-fat fish (or cook it on the grill) to which you can apply green peas and boiled beans. Follow with green tea.

The fourth day

Start your day with a salad of fresh tomato, cheese and seafood. Complete your morning glass of drinking yoghurt.

Soup for lunch will be most welcome. Add vegetable salad and a Cup of tea.

High-calorie dinner, 100 grams of lamb on the grill and salad vegetables will not allow you to go to bed hungry. Wash down with herbal tea.

The fifth day

Energy in the morning will get from oatmeal and banana. Complete your morning with an invigorating green tea.

Lunch can indulge in mashed potatoes and vegetable salad. Follow with yogurt with fat content of 1 %.

The evening will Fund the balance of protein in the body baked fish with vegetables and a glass of drinking yoghurt.

The sixth day

The morning of the sixth day, start with a salad and banana. Green tea with lemon will be a great addition.

The lunch will support you throughout the day – chicken breast boiled, a piece of low fat cheese and a Cup of tea.

In the evening you can treat yourself to pasta with tomato gravy. Wash down with herbal tea.

The seventh day

Breakfast is soft-boiled egg, two slices of cheese, a couple slices of rye bread.

Day dine boiled meat (chicken or Turkey), piece of cheese, a Cup of beef broth. In an hour you can enjoy a Cup of your favorite tea.

Three hours before bedtime, eat a plate of salad vegetables and drink a glass of fresh juice.

Vitamins when dieting

If you decide to go on a diet for weight loss thighs, you will need to take care of the vitamins that must be ingested. All trace elements are to do with food, but their number is too small, so it is necessary to adopt and tablet means: askorbinki (vitamin C), vitamins b, vitamin D, omega-3, magnesium, vitamin E.

All these vitamins – the key to proper body function. If it doesn’t get at least one component, will discord in the state of health, so diets for weight loss hips, supplies, complex vitamins.

Physical activity

Diet for slimming hips does not exclude physical activity, rather, it will be incomplete without a series of exercises that will help to reduce body fat and tighten the skin, making it more elastic. Pay attention to squats, lunges, jumping rope.

Proper diet and exercise is the key to a beautiful toned body!