Diet for weight loss belly, tips and sample recipes

Diet slimming belly — a description and General principles

Ideals of beauty is different in all people, but sports a flat belly is always very attractive. It’s not just the beauty but also health. If you are thinking about a beautiful belly just today, so time to pay attention to diet for a flat stomach. We should mention that by itself, the diet is just part of the slimming process, an additional and equally important steps are exercising, allowing you to burn extra already earned calories. It will be easier to fix the result that after the diet the extra pounds didn’t come back with the same speed as gone, or even faster. The feeling of hunger can become so strong that in addition to the same pounds being added. Diet and sports should become a principle of life, rather than an inclusion.

The challenge for the first – stage burn fat in the areas of the waist and sides. Just need to properly configure the gastrointestinal tract. In this case I have to eat mostly foods that contain high amounts of fiber, often in small portions. This diet has nedvuznachno name – diet for a flat stomach. The rules are simple — enough to eat, split food intake for a large number of techniques and drink plenty of water. A healthy diet and exercise, plus the normalization of the bowel will do the trick.

Beer and alcohol

Before starting a diet should eliminate the two main factors is alcohol and Smoking. Depends on normal metabolism, set which with constant use of alcohol impossible. Because alcohol is a derivative of sugar, which is the first tool to increase belly fat. And all Beers also contain alcohol, and in addition, also the female hormone estrogen. That’s why men with a beer belly acquire feminine traits – the looseness of the figure, the increase in the chest and a soft big layer of fat around the waist.


You should try to drink as much water as possible. This is the factor that will help bring the stomach to its normal flat condition. With the participation of water in the body metabolism. To expedite the process, better to use thawed water – it helps a lot to quickly clear the lymph and to burn fat. Freeze in plastic sadochke 1 liter of water and activite it the next day. Drink throughout the day. Useful green tea with a spoon of honey.

Diet for weight loss stomach — what foods can

For a flat belly you need to choose the diet that provides common nutrition 9 less than 5 times a day. Remember that protein is essential in the body for healthy functioning, but in small quantities. That is why at least 2 times a week protein foods should be present in the diet. It can be fish with vegetables, occasionally (1 time per week) to afford a white chicken. For dinner, eat 2 chicken protein and orange. Nutritionists advise to include in the diet of seeds and nuts, but not more than 50 grams per day, to avoid overloading the kidneys. Well help burn fat dishes based on buckwheat, yogurt, rice. As a dressing for salads use vegetable oil, olive oil.

Diet for weight loss stomach — what foods you can’t

First of all, the threat of beautiful belly are sweet and fatty foods. They need to be deleted unconditionally. The body quickly cleared of toxins, disappear fat, the waist becomes thinner. Should also abandon the salad dressings with sour cream and mayonnaise.

Diet for weight loss belly — examples menu


Breakfast – 1 boil egg and a slice of dried bread.

2 eating apples or oranges. As long as you want, only eat soresu.

3 reception (lunch) — chicken breast cooked (250 grams), fish low-fat varieties (200-250 grams), vegetable salad with a dressing of vegetable oil.

4 reception — vegetable soup ( 1 plate).

5 reception (dinner) – beef (200-250 grams). Cook on grill or in a pan without oil. Dessert – orange.

Diet for a flat stomach in a week

Breakfast: dried bread (1-2) sliced tomato, Apple (1 piece), yogurt (1 Cup). Yogurt you can prepare yourself.

Lunch: chicken leg without skin and salad as you want. Bread from wheat flour.

Snack: watercress, prepared in the form of anguish with black bread, boiled beans (two tablespoons).

Dinner: stew, cauliflower bake and tomato, Apple. As the filling is good to use honey and currants — 1 teaspoon.

Breakfast: low-fat sausage, mushrooms, crispy bread and a little jam.

Lunch:50 grams of cheese, some grapes, a salad.

Afternoon snack: bread from wheat flour, vegetable soup, Apple.

Dinner: jacket potato, fish and zucchini. You can add green beans and broccoli.

Breakfast: cook soft-boiled eggs (2 pieces), the bread dry.

Lunch: slice of melon, salad, bread branny piece, a few spoonfuls of beans.

Afternoon snack: banana, mixed with a diet yogurt.

Dinner: low calorie cooking any dish and complement it with baked tomatoes and green beans.

Breakfast: bake in the oven piece of bread with bran with cheese and tomato.

Lunch: fresh roll with salad, ham. Apple.

Afternoon tea: fish (tuna) crunchy salad ( as you want).

Dinner: roast chops of lamb. Then stew it in a small amount of liquid. Mashed potatoes and orange. Boiled cauliflower.

Breakfast: one banana, drenched with boiling water cereals with bran.

Lunch: mixed salad with vegetables, shrimp (80-100 grams), a pear.

Snack: baked tomatoes with cooked beans.

Dinner: boil 2 tablespoons of beans, fish fingers (4 PCs), garnish with green peas.

Breakfast: slice of melon with natural yoghurt.

Lunch: steak with low-fat bread, 1 fruit (orange, pear, etc.)

Afternoon snack: a handful of small tomatoes, vegetable soup and crispy thin bread.

Dinner: boil pasta, serve with sauce and canned vegetables. Add 100 grams of boiled chicken, a banana.

Breakfast: prepare a fruit salad with banana, Apple and pear. Dressed with low-fat yogurt.

Lunch: a real American sandwich bread with lettuce, top with low-fat cold meats, the top layer of the toppings — cabbage salad. Additionally, half kiwi.

Afternoon snack: vegetables – peas, tomatoes, greens served with boiled pasta.

Dinner: fry in vegetable oil onion until soft, add canned tomatoes. Grated celery root and chicken breast.

Diet for weight loss belly — tips and reviews

If you’ve seen at least once even on TV Chinese overweight? Slavic women are unlikely to be able to maintain this lifestyle permanently. The Chinese diet with the application of the principles of Chinese cuisine are very good for a flat stomach. But it will be a very low calorie diet and very hard. It involves eating large amounts of kelp and other seaweed, fish. This is a very expensive diet, as fish, can reduce weight, it is worth quite a lot. During the diet you will have to eliminate the bread and use it instead of rice for 2-3 months. Another option within 2 weeks to exclude completely from the diet of animal food.

Exercises for belly

A combination of exercise with diet said many. Here are some simple exercises that are advised to use during the diet and beyond:

— You need to sit comfortably on a chair, straighten your back and move your knees, pressing his feet to the floor. Lower jaw, and pulling the hands in front of you forward. Breath, abdominal tenderness, slow to tilt forward. Exhale return to the starting position. Repeat at least 3 times. Slowly touch the floor, straining the stomach. Repeat three times in between meals. Try daily to increase the number of slopes at least once.

— To consolidate the effect of a flat stomach when you exercise with a Hoop – a normal circular rotation. Serious exercise for the struggle for a flat stomach are jumping rope, dancing, swimming, walking and Jogging.

Good effects do side bends with dumbbells. No dumbbells — take in hand the subject of 2-3 kg and lean to the right about 15 times. Then to the left. A great method to not only eliminate excess fat, but also to get rid of stretch marks is the energy massage with vitamin E (vitamin five drops diluted in half a teaspoon of olive oil).

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