Diet Queen — detailed description and useful tips. Reviews about the diet Queen, and examples of recipes.

Diet Queen — description and General principles

The Japanese diet is one of the options of diet 3 3 3 designed for 9 days. It consists of three stages, each of which, in fact, is a mono-diet of one product in conjunction with a vegetable diet. This is one of the latest weight loss very much the stars of show business, which, as you know, concerned about their appearance more than regular folk. Valeria has become almost the «face» of this diet: it is said that she managed to lose 6 pounds. A kind of advertisement did the trick, and now the diet Queen is considered one of the favorites of many detachment methods for quick weight loss.

Actually requires a whole system for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to maintain the weight afterwards, otherwise it can result only in another stress to the body. However, in the diet to starve do not have products and techniques of power are selected so as to not feel «hungry» voltage. But to eat monotonous foods for several days, will power is still needed, since «to enjoy» monotonous rice or tasteless boiled meat is not very nice.

Mono is not the only principle. A pleasant variety brings change products, but it is more balanced with the aim of giving the body the necessary nutrients for life. During the restructuring of power by alternating products every three days the body is very well cleaned. There is a feeling of lightness and strengthens the immune system. Major products — rice, chicken, vegetables.

Fluid intake

A method Queen has a firm rule — drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid. It is desirable that it was a simple purified water, you can use non-carbonated mineral water. It is possible to alternate water with green tea. Tea should not be drunk immediately after rice, in between drinking and eating better to maintain a certain interval. The basic amount is advisable to drink in the daytime. Sugar is better to replace a small amount of honey.

Queen diet — what foods can be consumed

In the first stage, within three days have to eat only boiled rice. Drink — non-carbonated water and green tea. Rice is selected quite rightly, grits covers all the walls of the stomach and promotes gastric secretion. The saturation is felt from low doses of cooked rice. Of course, it passes quickly, but the number of meals can be quite large, every hour you can eat a few spoonfuls of cooked rice without salt. It is gluten free, and this means that we are not facing allergic. In buckwheat contains a sufficient amount of potassium and selenium.

Dishes from rice are rich in lots of vitamins. Particularly important is the presence of b vitamins that strengthen the nervous system. Nutrients are transformed into energy and strengthens hair, nails, improve skin condition. In rice contains large amounts of lecithin, which improves brain activity. Thus, the combination of these properties contributes to the achievement of the first goal — the cleansing of the body in the initial three day diet.

In the next three days on your Desk will be the Queen of protein – chicken. Chicken meat is cleaned of skins and fat, boiled in water. In the day you can eat 1-1, 200 kilograms of cooked meat, chicken contains vitamins, phosphorus, iron, calcium and zinc. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are the best prevention of heart disease.

In the third stage, the palm goes to vegetables. The number of amino acids and protein in chicken is very high, and the number of calories is much lower than in other types.

Queen diet — what foods should not be consumed

Chicken during the second period of the diet is quite capable of replacing meat pork, lamb, beef. To give up many pleasures of life: frozen-crab cakes, smoked sausages, canned food, compotes and pickled conserves, mushrooms, dairy products.

Diet Queen — examples of menu

Menu for first three days – a boiled rice. It is desirable to pour the glass of cold water. And in the morning boil no more than 15 minutes. Thus, the cooked cereal retains all the necessary components. Rice can take quite ordinary. But the better the quality, the easier it will be to endure the hardships of dieting. Breakfast — Cup of cooked rice. The remaining figure divided into 6-7 small pieces and eat one serving every hour.

The second part from the fourth to the seventh day — the cooked meat. The body will be filled with missing trace elements, which can only provide the meat. Boil the chicken in it to 1200 grams of cooked meat without bones. Drink non-carbonated water or tea.

The final days is the boiled vegetables. You can take any, based on 800 grams of finished refined products. The portions are allocated to each hour, and you can have, and to replenish the missing vitamins and minerals. Useful vegetables are called in the diet to make the final touch. They contain no fat and are Packed with useful cellular. You will feel a surge of energy from the vitamins and mineral salts. The metabolism is accelerated by 15-20% toxins quickly excreted. And with them will melt those extra pounds. Also increase the formation of bile, strengthens the immune system, restore power. The General condition is greatly improved.

Which fruits should I choose?

Best to stick to the principle — «Eat space». Best way to lose weight those. Which contain a large amount of water. Fruits and vegetables are composed of water more than other substances that is able to get rid of excess pounds is 40% better than those who simply exclude from the diet of fats. Fruits help fight hunger. Great attention should be paid to the green – there are no restrictions.

Diet Queen — tips and reviews

Count the calories

The biggest problem after the diet is the exit and a further saving results. Experts advise not to pounce on food and to count calories. To the pound weight stayed in our body, you need 3500 calories. Your daily requirement is only 1500 calories. A source of additional calories is absolutely not important – the body is in any case appropriated them to himself «in reserve». The Japanese diet is considered low carb, weight loss happens through ketosis — burning fat from the stock.

After the diet better to keep track of the consumed calories, otherwise the lost weight slowly but surely will take its place. Even if you do not follow any diets, but just count the number of calories consumed, and to strike out about 500 calories a week, you can lose not less than 300 grams. It is not necessary to starve, except for fasting days. The body changes in starvation, and begins to seek out every opportunity to create reserves. Therefore, immediately after the end of fasting he begins to work in emergency mode.

The role of sports

During the fasting energy expenditure is compensated at the expense of muscle. When the weakened muscle calorie burned much slower. That’s why it’s important to do sports. Diet and sport are so interconnected that some coaches recommend that athletes who are overweight, and pre-competition diet. If the sport is working, you still have the ability to get more calories than you burn. Even the workout routine of aerobics for 20 minutes is able to deliver only 100-200 calories. Piece of cake — and you «catch up» .

Create meal ritual

That is, do not be distracted during the meal by other things. It is unknown how much food you can swallow quietly under a series or a football match. With these pleasures of modern life will have to say goodbye, but it’s worth to change it to something new and enjoyable. Nutritionist advice in this case is unanimous — the food should be carefully perezhevyvaya and adopted intelligently, giving food to digest before sending to the new stomach portion. Most calories should be spent on lunch.

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