Diet Polina Gagarina: how to lose weight without compromising health 40 pounds? Nutritionists approve of the diet Gagarina

Which only tricks are not using the fair half of mankind to get rid of the hated kilograms: hurt yourself physical exercise, seek out new author diet are often not only ineffective but also harmful to health.

Meanwhile, the ill-fated weight is in no hurry to leave.

In recent times it has become a very popular diet Polina Gagarina, a famous Russian singer.

Participant of «factory of stars — 2», International contest «Eurovision» literally blew everyone away radical makeover, turning from an adorable girl with a rounded shape to the slim beautiful model parameters.

The secret of the Transfiguration singer, actress and a charming young woman is the author’s method of weight loss designed for people seeking to lose weight without compromising health.

Looked like Pauline.

In her youth Pauline was by no means skinny. Although the weight and it was hardly critical (56 kilograms), but compared to their peers, the participants of «Factory», the lucky owners of a wasp waist and narrow, boyish hips, the girl seemed to be a butterball.

Everything changed when Pauline became pregnant and began gaining weight due is not a joke raging appetite. She ate with great pleasure confections, without the calories sweet dessert does not do any tea party.

In the end, after the birth of Gagarin gained 30 pounds! According to the singer, she was very unpleasant to watch so unattractive changes in appearance. The problem required a drastic resolution.

Feelings Polina familiar to every woman. Really annoying when you have to buy clothes a couple of sizes larger, as still too small. And appetite, meanwhile, was not going to subside, adding new inches around the waist.

Example Pauline, stunned the public with their new look, thinner, prettier and changed the hair color, deserves sincere admiration.

Showing the strength of will, with the support of family and friends, the singer was able to fully recover after birth, dropping 40 pounds. Now, thanks to a simple and highly effective diet, the figure of Pauline flawless.

Diet Polina Gagarina: basic principles

Struggling with excess weight, the singer has tried many diets. Now, she confidently says that temporary, even very severe food restrictions are not effective. First, when the diet ends, the pounds lost are beginning to return, and with a vengeance. Secondly, there is the risk significantly undermine your health.

Polina opposed to counting calories as a waste of time, so she developed her own diet, which is based on the important tenets of proper nutrition.

Gagarin notes that a diet that helped her to get rid of excess weight without harm for the organism, is rather a way of life, as fundamental principles of weight loss system, you need to adhere to constantly, not from time to time, when there is an urgent need to lose a few pounds.

The main rules of the author’s diet Polina Gagarina include:

1. Exclusion from the diet flour and sweet products, fast food, sausage products carbonated beverages. No fancy buns, doughnuts, pies and cakes and Pepsi-Cola, instead – rye bread and a Cup of yogurt.

2. A complete ban on starchy foods. No longer are potatoes, people will rapidly lose weight. Allowed one or two times a week to eat baked in foil potatoes.

3. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, is very high in calories. In addition, they stir up appetite, and detrimental to the overall health. They imposed a taboo.

4. Seasonal vegetables and fruits fill the body with all necessary vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, enhance immunity and replenish vital systems of the gastro-intestinal tract. Everyday you need to include them in the menu.

5. Fried foods are replaced by cooked in a gentle way (boiled, steamed, stewed). Roasted meat or fish contain carcinogens and free radicals, is extremely dangerous for health.

6. A daily intake of liquid food. Soups and broths perfectly saturate the body, dull the feeling of hunger, stimulate the bowels. In addition, they are very quickly absorbed by the body, which is especially valuable in the cold season.

7. Mandatory inclusion in the diet of seafood. They contain a minimal amount of calories, the body gets needed amount of nutrients.

8. The refusal of food after 18.00 or 2-3 hours before bedtime.

9. Adherence to a fractional power, the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In addition to the above, the system weight loss imply physical exertion. In the period of intensive weight loss Pauline engaged in school-Studio of MKHAT. The lessons of stage movement, fencing and drama of the dance took a lot of energy and strength, therefore, contributed to the burning of calories. After six months, personal accomplishment, the singer has lost 40 pounds. The result is impressive! With the growth of the 1 m 64 cm the singer began to weigh 47 kg.

Since the weight does not return and the young woman feels great and proudly demonstrates to others a magnificent body, dressed in a stylish stage outfits, sometimes very Frank.

Now Polina plays sports several times a week, three-hour class includes the load on all muscles. Visit pool, gym, sauna, do not forget about various cosmetic treatments (body wraps, Spa treatments, anti-cellulite massage), which allows to maintain the shape.

The only not so pleasant thing is the fact that diet Polina Gagarina is not conducive to breastfeeding. A month later, after the birth of the son of Pauline white transferred to artificial feeding as the young mother had no milk.

Gagarin when asked how she managed to claim a brilliant victory over excess weight, she admits that initially, many of her friends didn’t even recognize. To support the result Polina sits more on the diet, instead, it adheres to the principles of proper nutrition.

Diet Polina Gagarina: weekly menu

According to the author’s weight loss system, you should eat four times a day: Breakfast, lunch, dinner + snack. The intervals between meals is 3-4 hours.


• vegetable salad without adding salt and oil (tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, cabbage);

• oatmeal without butter, boiled in water;

• vegetable or fruit juice (Polina herself prefers tomato juice).


• fish, cooked chadashim way (steamed, boiled, baked in the oven);

• any steamed vegetables (starchy are allowed no more than 2 times a week);

• 1 Apple.


• fruits in unlimited quantities (it is best suited for this purpose apples, as they are perfectly satisfy hunger, provide job intestines due to high fiber content);

• herbal tea, fresh fruit juice without sugar.


• white lean meats (burgers, meatballs or steamed meat boiled piece);

• a salad of fresh vegetables;

• yogurt.

In the day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water. It removes toxins, removes swelling, breaks down fat.

As you can see, diet Polina Gagarina does not include any exotic ingredients that makes it accessible to all girls who want to bring the weight back to normal.

Eat Polina Gagarina currently

Achieving impressive results, the singer is not sticking to a strict diet, however, its basic principles, namely: a four-time diet, avoiding harmful foods and stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Singer notes that in connection with busy schedule of work, tours, filming and performances she is not always able to fully eat, but here she believes in the Golden rule: it is better not to eat than to overeat.

Menu Polina has become more diverse, but in the diet have fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat and wholemeal bread.

Now approximate the daily menu of the singer is:

1. A Breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates: porridge with nuts, honey, dried fruits, fresh berries and granola.

2. Protein meal consisting of meat (boiled, baked, fried on the grill) or broth.

3. Snack from dairy products: low-fat cottage cheese with fruit, nuts, honey or yogurt.

4. Seafood dinner, yogurt.

Portions should not be too large and exceed 300 grams.

However, Polina Gagarina sometimes allows himself to relax and eat tasty. Singer notes that the diet in any case should not be a crucible, it is possible to arrange a small deviation from rules, the so-called citing.

These planned disruptions in the diet – it is a common practice among dieters. Citing not only provide psychological relief, but also allow you to avoid the plateau effect when the weight ceases to leave, due to habituation of the organism to systematic restrictions in the diet, stimulate metabolic processes.

As cheat foods Polina prefers fast food.

Diet Polina Gagarina: experts ‘ comments

Nutritionists speak positively about the method of weight loss Gagarina, unlike other author’s diet, and produce the following advantages:

• balanced content of nutrients;

• is not contrary to the principles of healthy nutrition;

• promotes rapid weight loss;

• maintains long-lasting effect;

• has virtually no contraindications, can be used by both sexes, regardless of age;

• no side effects.

Contraindications include a severe cases of obesity. Weight loss in this case must occur under the supervision of nutritionists and other professionals.

Versatile menu suitable for ancestral reconstruction.

Polina herself, answering questions about how she managed to achieve such excellent results in weight loss, says that in the beginning was undoubtedly difficult but later she was involved, there was excitement. The first successes delighted, set up for the continuation of the business started. Never give up and to walk steadily towards its goal.

Diet Polina Gagarina allows you to control your appetite, restores the metabolic processes in the body, instilling healthy habits, strengthens the will power. His personal example of Pauline proved that nothing is impossible!