Diet Osama Hamdy: how to lose weight in 4 weeks. Menu planning diet Osama Hamdy

One of the most popular methods for slimming is diet Osama Hamdy, American doctors of science and professors.

Dieting refers to emergency methods of weight loss and allows you to get rid of 10 to 28 pounds of excess weight over time.

If you have willpower and are willing to strictly comply with all rules and guidelines for 4 weeks, then you can safely proceed to one of the two varieties of techniques Osama Hamdy: egg or cheese.

Diet Osama Hamdy: the nature and description of

The original diet intended for diabetic people. For them, the standard diet was always excluded. But over time, the diet has received very wide distribution and was released to the masses, helping people with problems of the endocrine system and obesity. Weight loss is ensured by running inside the body’s chemical processes. To work, you need to use certain products in clearly specified time. This is the whole strictness of the diet. Not everyone can live in a tight rhythm strict compliance with the rules 4 weeks. But unlike other diets, the methodology Osama Hamdy valid seasonings, salting dishes when cooking, but is strictly prohibited oils and fats. Any failure to comply with the diet severely punished by the lack of results. If you really want to achieve, then begin the diet you need to be from the beginning.

The best results and the effectiveness of the diet occur in people with more weight. The probability of the return of the lost pounds is extremely small with strict adherence to food regulations.

The rules and principles of diet Osama Hamdy

1. The basic rule of the diet of the American scientist is drinking plenty of fluids at least 1.5 liters of water per day. You can drink without limits mineral water, herbal blends, occasionally indulge yourself coffee, diet soda or dosages.

2. In any case, cannot deviate from the set diet diet. You can’t replace some other products, change their quantity of consumption, as well as the order of the day. That is, the dish offered for Breakfast, to eat it for Breakfast. If you made changes to your diet, starting a diet should be from the beginning.

3. If there and does not leave you feeling hungry, it is possible to eliminate it by using a snack with carrots, cucumber or lettuce that can be eaten no earlier than 2 hours after a meal.

4. If the menu consists of boiled vegetables, then bring them in so you only need on the water. If desired, you can add water to the seasonings in the form of pepper, salt, onions or garlic.

5. Banned in cooking use oils and fats.

6. To decide on a diet at any day of the week, but must begin with a menu prepared for Monday of the first week.

7. Cooked vegetables can be arbitrary. If they are in the menu, it means that you need to choose any one fruit. The exception is always potatoes. To include in the diet menu diet Osama Hamdy not.

8. Even if the menu includes grilled meat, chicken, vegetables, the heat treatment should occur without vegetable fats, oils and other products.

9. When dieting the compulsory acceptance of low-fat products in the form of curds or cheese, the maximum threshold of fat content around 17%.

10. To supper for a few hours before bedtime.

11. If the menu on a certain product is not specified the number, it can be used without restrictions.

Fundamentally important in the diet of Professor Osama Hamdy are lists of permitted and prohibited foods. There can and should be such:

— fruits are melons, watermelons, peaches, apples, plums, apricots, oranges, tangerines, pineapples, grapefruit, pear and others;

— vegetables – are suitable for frying zucchini, eggplant, legumes and regular beans, zucchini, green peas, carrots;

— raw can you eat any vegetables, it should be avoided potatoes in any form;

— low-fat dairy products, e.g. cheese varieties and cheese;

— lean meat, lean fish, eggs;

— the priority of a whole wheat or rye bread, but in small quantities in very rare cases, can afford normal.

Among the forbidden foods of diet Osama Hamdy was:

— fruits such as mangoes, bananas, figs, grapes and dates;

— any kind of sweets;

— all products that contain fats and oil.

Primary option menu diet Osama Hamdy: the egg diet

The most difficult period of the diet are the first few days, during which the body adapts to the new diet. The egg diet is so called because of the monotonous Breakfast, which will consist of no less than 2 boiled eggs and half of the citrus, such as orange or grapefruit. Be prepared for the fact that for all the 28 days you will have almost the same Breakfast.

First week

1. Monday begins with a standard Breakfast, for lunch, you can choose which fruit from the allowed list, and for dinner you can cook in a skillet or even grill any kind of meat except lamb.

2. On Tuesday you will see an exquisite lunch of chicken meat supplemented with one tomato and an orange for dessert to unload after a hearty lunch, for dinner you can prepare a light salad, boil 2 eggs and again to eat dessert with orange.

3. Environment will differ for you a light lunch of toast with a small piece of hard cheese and tomatoes, Breakfast and dinner will be similar to those on Monday.

4. Thursday – normal day, at lunch, any fruit, and for dinner a small piece of lean meat and vegetable salad.

5. Friday – lunch is very similar to the Breakfast, again 2 eggs a bit of sugar to any cooked vegetable. But dinner can get you luxury, as the choice can cooked seafood, e.g. shrimp or fish, and for dessert, eat an orange or a grapefruit.

6. Saturday – day analogies, the standard Breakfast, lunch Monday, dinner Thursday.

7. Sunday for lunch you will have chicken with vegetables and an orange for dinner, boil vegetables.

Second week

1. The first three days of the diet will be the same. You can prepare a day meat with vegetable salads, and breakfasts and dinners will be the same.

2. Thursday comes egg a day. All three meals accompanied with eggs, for lunch they can eat a slice of cheese and a vegetable.

3. Friday lunch awaits you in any way cooked fish, and similar to the Thursday dinner.

4. Saturday is expected to fruit, for lunch cook the meat with tomato, eat citrus, and dinner is make a salad of favorite fruits.

5. Dinner Sunday is similar to Saturday lunch, and the day eat chicken or beef.

Third week

It can be considered fasting. Of the days, namely Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday will have to spend on all the fruits, the vegetables, Thursday, too, but to add to the diet more and fish, and Friday to stay on the meat and vegetables.

Fourth week

It is the most interesting and varied. Distinguish diet each day included in the menu of cucumbers and tomatoes. Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday should have 2 fruit on Monday and Tuesday for three tomatoes and cucumber 4 on Friday to forget about the cucumbers and leave three tomatoes.

1. In addition, the menu on Monday included polyplank, canned tuna and already a standard orange or a grapefruit.

2. On Tuesday you can eat a piece of bread and a fruit salad.

3. Wednesday based on boiled vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, bread and grapefruit.

4. Thursday again, you need to eat half the chicken and one piece of fruit.

5. Friday boiled eggs, lettuce, orange.

6. Saturday is supposed to vegetables boiled breast, a piece of bread. You can eat 120 grams of cheese, yogurt and grapefruit.

7. Final day – Sunday delight canned tuna and cooked vegetables, cottage cheese with 0% fat, bread and orange.

A variation of the cottage cheese diet developed by a Professor for those people who suffer from intolerance to eggs or just dislike them. So from your menu diet Osama Hamdy they can eliminate eggs and replace them with low fat cottage cheese.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet Osama Hamdy

Advantages of dieting that is impossible not to notice immediately, is:

— high efficiency;

— easy portability;

— the performance from the first days of the diet, many have tried;

— with the right end of the resistance;

— the lack of constantly pursuing the feeling of hunger, but rather, the presence of satiety;

the products included in the diet are easily accessible and have reasonable prices;

— reduction of time spent on cooking.

Disadvantages of the diet believe:

— duration of almost 1 month diet. Not everyone is able to follow established menus and rules for such a long period of time. Some hard to restrain myself in the future in this period of holidays and events and all the efforts go down the drain.

— complex process of restructuring food habits in people who have not used protein foods, such as berries and fruits.

specialists in nutrition warn that egg normal in the diet is exceeded, which may adversely affect health. At the first sign of malaise should stop a diet and go to the doctor.

It is not necessary to lose weight using techniques Osama Hamdy such people:

— pregnant women and mothers breast-feeding;

— diseases of the digestive tract, urinary tract;

— allergic to eggs or protein, citrus fruits and other products included in the diet of 4 weeks;

— with diseases of the kidneys, as the eggs are contraindicated.