Diet «one minute a day»

Now there is a boom for weight loss. Women like crazy, choosing a diet which as a result can not adhere to. For weak-willed ladies who dream to lose weight, the diet. All you need is to have you spending on your weight loss just a minute of your time. So.

  • Prepare a special juice

Any juice should be mixed in equal parts with simple or mineral water with gas. This mixture can reduce up to 85 calories a glass, resulting in the loss of approximately 1.5 kg per year.

  • Burn calories working around the house

When washing clothes you can burn up to 160 calories, setting the table – up to 85%, by watering the flowers – as many as 102 kcal.

  • Chewing gum without sugar

As it turned out, such a trivial process as chewing gum without sugar for for that can increase metabolism up to 20%. In General, the chewing gum you lose almost 3 kg per year.

  • The punishment for sweets

When someone will offer you candy or a piece of cake, and you limp eat them, fine itself by a certain amount, which it is possible to give to children. When you start to pay for the candy, then say «no thanks» will be much easier.

  • Always carefully read the description of the composition of the products

Taking a chocolate bar or packet of biscuits, are you absolutely sure that there is no crime to eat them at least once a week. However, giving yourself the trouble to read the composition of your chosen product, you can be sure that the energy value is much higher than you thought.

  • Trite, but drink more green tea

Caffeine included in green tea helps the body to burn fat.

  • Do not let yourself relax!

The calories that you worked so hard burned at the slightest sign of laziness back. Remember this when you want to indulge in a slice of something sweet. Also, remember that the diet requires discipline to throw the diet and again to return to it has no meaning, no results.

  • Eat less

Fasting day a couple times a week will not hurt to those who strive to become slimmer. Depriving yourself of two or three dinners per week, your body will not get 300 calories, which is pretty good.

  • No sandwiches with animal oil

Replace animal oil to vegetable. It is extremely beneficial to the body. Scientists estimate that people who prefer butter, olive, «enrich» your body is 52 calories.

  • Flax seed

Nutritionists recommend a sprinkle of flax seed porridge, cereals, yoghurts. It reduces appetite, positively affecting intestinal motility. To purchase Flaxseed and products with them (e.g., bread) in the calving diet.

  • Follow thyroid hormones

According to reports, every first of the twelve women thyroid to Underperform, leading to lowered hormone production. All this leads to metabolic disorders in the body, which is unacceptable not only to those who are trying to lose weight.

  • Drink more mineral water

If you were to drink up to two liters of mineral water a day, it well affect the body’s metabolic processes.

  • Be smarter than your hunger

Eat an altoid is a great way to drown out the hunger and not to give opportunities to snack between meals.

  • Include in your diet more milk

It is recommended to alternate the consumption of mineral water with a glass of skim milk. Besides the fact that the milk fills the stomach, it provide the body with beneficial carbohydrates, which, incidentally, is partly able to saturate the body.

  • Eat more salads

Salads should be made from coarsely chopped and hard vegetables: carrots, potatoes, celery, zucchini. The secret is that the chewing of large pieces will take more effort and creates a feeling of satiety.

  • Record what you eat

Capture your daily diet. It helps, first, your self-discipline, and second, perhaps by counting calories eaten in your food, you will rethink your diet.

  • Worry

Did you know that the excitement burns up to 700 cal a day? Watch more melodramas.

  • Evenly maxlite food

There are special dispensers that, for example, olive oil can evenly coat all of the meals spent with a teaspoon of oil and 2-3 tablespoons not like you used to do it. This «spray» will help to reduce our diet by 100 calories.

  • Less is better

Buy less products. The less you buy, the less you will eat – corny, but true.

  • Cook for exactly one portion

Having prepared a lot of food the we eat more than we would have liked, saying, «you Left the food, well, do not throw away». Prepare as much as you can eat.

  • Objectively look at yourself from the side

There are studies that showed that if you look while eating at his reflection in the mirror, the desire is reduced by 22-32%.

  • Review the process of eating soups

Studies have shown that people who ate the soup, composed of many of the herbal ingredients – slices of beet, cabbage leaves are filled faster and ate 20% less during lunch.

  • Maybe weird, but… eat from blue dishes

According to psychologists, color of dishes affect appetite, and therefore weight. Green and blue glassware was somehow able to suppress appetite.

  • «Vegetables, fruit, pumpkin and turnips, imported cranberry»

Citrus, berries, spinach, broccoli, beans are considered low fat and has a number of advantages: they are rich in vitamins and minerals. And most importantly – eating it, you’ll quickly feel the saturation.

  • Eat more fish

It is no secret that the tuna, salmon is rich in omega-3. Fish dishes will help You to lose excess weight and in addition, they have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and immune systems.