Diet on meat and vegetables: a balanced diet in all their diversity. Try to lose weight easily on a diet of meat and vegetables!

Slim body and healthy lifestyle recently gained enormous popularity.

Almost every second committed to use only quality products that contribute to the strengthening of the body and do not affect the weight and shape.

Protein and vegetable diet is quite varied and you don’t have to starve or eat tasteless or monotonous food.

Variety of recipes of different Nations and countries became the reason of emergence of all sorts of special dietary needs and diets. The right combination of products, especially thermal treatment and quantitative restriction are the components of any diet.

Why meat and vegetables

Whether really become leaner or to build muscle mass, consuming only vegetables and meat? How this food will affect the health and General condition of the body? And are there any contraindications for this diet? Here are the basic questions asked by most people, choosing from a variety of diets that that will be for them more suitable and comfortable.

Feature of diet on meat and vegetables is that you need to alternate protein foods — meats of various thermal processing and carbohydrate and various vegetables. Changing your daily diet with protein for the vegetable, and on the contrary, you saturate the body beneficial trace elements and gradually build muscle mass.

All extra fat accumulation, due to the optimal amount of carbohydrate intake, gradually leaving the body, and your body becomes graceful shape. Such a diet will not only help to correct a figure, but also to normalize metabolic processes in the body.

In addition, the protein food helps to build muscle mass. The increase in the diet that is protein of animal or vegetable origin, will help to strengthen the muscles. But too do not get carried away. The basic rule of protein consumption per day is 2 g per kilogram of body weight. On average, 40% of the daily diet.

Meat and vegetables – the perfect combination for weight loss. Protein is a very long time to digest, so the body spends a lot of energy. In the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body produces a lot of energy. In other words, for digestion of protein the body will use the carbohydrates from the energy. In this case, he will not have to spend its own reserves.

What foods to eat can not be on dieted of meat and vegetables

The basic idea of the diet on meat and vegetables to limit the consumption of fats, sugar and foods containing starch. In other words, you will not be able to consume:

• beets and carrots, and fruit: bananas, grapes and apricots;

• any flour products, pastry and sweets;

• cereals, including rice and buckwheat;

• potato and corn, because they contain starch;

• any legumes.

Despite such a large positive list, protein and vegetable diet is so effective and useful that after that, you can safely again be their favorite treats.

What foods you need to eat on a diet of meat and vegetables

Deciding to use this diet in the first place you will need to significantly increase the consumption of some products. If the tomatoes have to consume with caution, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage and eggplant should be eaten in large quantities. Tomatoes can increase appetite while the cucumbers and the eggplant is very nutritious, so you will feel satiety for a long time.

To the permitted products include the following products:

• various mushrooms. You can use champignons, forest mushrooms. But the oyster mushrooms do not get carried away;

• low-fat fish. You can cook salmon and mackerel. The salmon and salmon, though expensive types of fish, but are ideal for the diet. So you can indulge yourself a small steak for a couple;

• beef, pork and poultry — boiled, steamed or baked without added fat. Preferably, even after the diet, not to get grilled meat. Well protogenoi meat with spices is much tastier and healthier than fried;

• the fat in very small quantities. You can replace the meat with a piece of boiled bacon, then the quantity consumed fat is not as great;

• black and green tea without sugar, you can also use herbal tea. Use leaf tea for brewing. Maximum use brewed tea – two days. Then welding it is better to replace fresh.

Variations of the diet on meat and vegetables, and menus by day

The main options for protein and vegetable diet only three. But there are many different variations. You can make your own your diet, if to take into account the basic restrictions and permits for the consumption of the products.

Option 1. Duration of the diet – 5 days. The main limitation is that you can’t eat potatoes, to drink any alcoholic or carbonated beverages. The result – lose weight 3-4 pounds of excess weight.

On the first day. Breakfast raw vegetables and two slices of rye bread. For lunch and dinner, only vegetables, raw or cooked. As a drink you can use tomato juice, but not more than 2 liters for the whole day.

The second day. Your Breakfast will consist of tea without sugar and toast with butter. For the toast you can use wheat bread, and the oil should be low in calories. For lunch, boil the chicken breast with beans, you can also eat a piece of rye bread and a Cup of chicken broth. For snack – black tea with one teaspoon of honey, but no sugar. But dinner is more protein – sauté 200 grams of meat, preferably lean on the side will fit two boiled eggs and low fat cottage cheese.

Day three. Repeat the diet the second day.

Fourth day. You can enjoy your Breakfast low-fat cottage cheese and fresh fruit. For lunch, boil the vegetable soup. You can eat it with a slice of rye or bran bread. And will fruit for dessert. Dinner will be low fat cottage cheese with vegetable salad and a slice of bread with bran.

Day five, final. Use the diet of the fourth day. Only for lunch and dinner, fresh fruit, replace the baked apples.

Option 2. Duration of the diet 3-4 days. The main limitation is that you can’t eat potatoes. The result – lose weight 2-3 kilograms of excess weight.

Daily diet is as you see fit. The basic requirement, mandatory use of the following products:

• boiled meat or fish, but not more than 100 g per day;

• one boiled egg a day;

• low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese – 100 g, and a solid fat with reduced fat content – not more than 50 g;

• cooked ham – 50 g;

• fresh or steamed vegetables.

Option 3. Duration of the diet – up to 4 days. The result – lose weight up to pounds of excess weight daily.

Breakfast can be a glass of low-fat yogurt. For lunch, after a couple of hours from the main, drink another glass of low-fat yogurt for dessert – 100 g low-fat cottage cheese. For lunch, prepare a vegetable soup and a green salad, dressed with lemon juice. Dinner — boiled lean meat with fresh vegetables on the side. As a drink you can use fresh decoction of the hips.

Diet on meat and vegetables, and physical activity

With a healthy diet, you will consume sufficient animal and vegetable proteins, and carbohydrates. Consequently, your body will not experience stress due to the abrupt change of the chemical composition of the products. The feeling of hunger to plague will not, and carbohydrates consumed will help to get rid of extra accumulations of fat in the body.

The desire to regain a slim figure is commendable. But dieting alone cannot achieve the full effect. So do not forget about exercise. Daily exercise will not only improve shape but and harden the body. In addition, morning exercise helps to Wake up, tones the body and gives energy for the whole day.

To determine the version of the diet, you need to properly organize your day. On weekends it is best to do walk, Hiking in the fresh air. As on weekdays all the time takes work and household chores, in addition to charging you can also use the walk in place or dance exercises.

Hardening is also effectively used for slimming and strengthening the body’s immune system. It will be possible to alternate physical exercises and tempering, to achieve the best result. Just do not walk around half-naked in the cold. Due to hypothermia, the body will experience stress and will begin to stock up on fat for insulation.

Diet on meat and vegetables. Little tips and tricks

• You can eat up to six times a day, but after eight in the evening, not even tea without sugar to drink.

• The amount of mineral water drunk in a day shall not be less than 2 liters.

• To feel good, to restore the elasticity of the skin and normalize the bowels, for three hours before bedtime, stop any consumption of food – cookies, muffins, sunflower seeds, chewing gum and other small treats that lead to big problems.

• If the tendency to corpulence is a purely physiological feature, forget about potatoes, sugar and any products made from wheat flour.

• Fasting is effective only in the case if you urgently need to lose 2-3 kilos to get into a super-cool dress for a party. Prolonged fasting or very hard diet is only destroy the body, all metabolic processes will be disrupted and you, contrary to malnutrition, will begin to rapidly gain weight.

• Proper and healthy diet best possible diet, besides not harm the body.

• Eat only fresh food. Natural and vegetable fats and proteins had not yet begun to disintegrate into its constituent parts and will bring more benefits.

• Raw vegetables contain lots of vitamins. But cooked or steamed time to part with the useless substances which the body does not digest and just fill the stomach.

• You can alternate week vegetable diet with meat. Such combined power might not last more than a month, the result — you loose up to 6-7 kg of excess weight.

• To feed too much meat is not worth it. It is a heavy product and digestion takes a lot of time. Also eaten for dinner, the meat will cause the body to work overnight, and this morning you will meet tired and not fully rested.

• The lack of carbohydrates in the diet leads to apathy and depression. So you need to monitor the amount of consumed fresh vegetables and fruits. They are the main source of carbohydrates.

• Vegetables and fruits are best to eat in the morning. Then your body will have enough energy to digest protein that comes from foods at lunch and dinner.

• Instead of fish you can sometimes use seafood, especially shrimp. Steamed without sauce or in a salad with the vegetables they will be equal amounts of protein small salmon steak or salmon.