Diet No. 3 in diseases of the intestines

Diet No. 3 relates to therapeutic and is used in chronic diseases of the bowel, accompanied by constipation, periods without exacerbation or blurred or fading aggravation. It is characterized by a daily diet containing normal amounts of protein (100 to 120 gr.), fats (100 to 120 gr.), carbohydrates (400 to 450 g.), salt (15 g.) and free liquid (1.5 l). The energy value of the diet is from 3000 to 3500 kcal per day. Diet provides 4-6-fold meal of the day.

Menu diet №3 is prepared using ingredients and dishes that can enhance motor function of the intestine. Thus it is necessary to eliminate food which causes fermentation and decay and negatively affects the work of other digestive organs. Thus, this diet aims at normalizing the functions of the intestine and metabolism in the body.

The food that is consumed in the diet No. 3should not be crushed, ideally, steamed, or by cooking or baking. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed raw. The temperature of cold foods should not be below 15°C, the temperature of hot dishes should not exceed 62°C.

Foods that you can eat during the diet No. 3 submitted:

— bread from wheat flour, and occasionally pies from nesdobnoe test (with meat, Apple and other fillings);

— soups rather weak broth, meat or fish, or vegetable broths, borsches, Sokolniki, fruit soups;

— lean meats (beef, veal), poultry (chicken, Turkey) and fish (perch, bream, cod, pike, hake, carp) in boiled or baked form; doctoral sausage, lean ham;

— beets, carrots, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin in salads, side dishes, casseroles; also boiled cauliflower and white cabbage, green peas, boiled French beans;

loose buckwheat and millet porridge, cooked with water (with milk);

— poached eggs, steam omelets, protein omelet;

— acidophilus, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, fresh cheese (including puddings and cheesecakes), mild cheese, milk (in dishes), sour cream (in the dishes);

— ripe fruits and berries that can be eaten in large quantities, both in raw form and in the dishes and juices); dried fruits and berries (prunes, dried apricots, dried apricots, raisins) in various types; jam, jam, jam, sugar, honey; parsley, dill, celery, cloves, Bay leaf in a small amount; white sauce, fruit sauce;

— tea, broth hips;

— butter (in food); good tolerability allowed vegetable fats;

— fresh salads and vinaigrettes from vegetable oil, vegetable caviar, fruit salads, mild cheese, herring, meat, and fish water;

— tea, coffee substitutes; broth hips and wheat bran, fruit and vegetable juices (prune, apricot, carrot, tomato, etc.).

While diet No. 3 is not to Supplement your diet:

— bread and flour products from flour varieties, pastry, pureed porridge, jelly, cocoa, chocolate, strong tea and coffee, mushrooms, onion, garlic, radish, radishes, turnips, culinary fats, lamb, beef, and pork fat;

fatty and spicy dishes, smoked meats;

— honey, jams, jellies, candy, milk caramel;

— acute and fatty sauces, horseradish, mustard, pepper.

For example, the daily diet diet №3 can be presented in the menu:

For Breakfast eat a salad, dressed with oil, steam scrambled eggs and a Cup of tea.

The second Breakfast consists of fresh Apple.

As lunch can be prepared vegetarian soup with sour cream, boiled meat with braised beet and dried fruit compote.

Dinner consists of stuffed cabbage vegetable, krupenik of buckwheat with curd and tea.

At night you can drink a glass of buttermilk.

Here are some recipes that will help to prepare a menu for diet number 3 and make it tasty and varied.

Green soup


1. vegetable broth — 300 ml

2. beets — 1 PC.;

3. carrot — 1 PC.;

4. parsnip — 20 gr.,

5. tomato paste — 2 tsp,

6. onion — 1,

7. butter — 2 tsp,

8. potatoes — 1 PC.;

9. sorrel — 40 g,

10. spinach — 40 g,

11. wheat flour — 1 tsp,

12. egg — 1 PC.;

13. sour cream — 3 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Cut julienne beets, carrots and white roots, then pripuskaet with the addition of a small amount of broth.

2. Enter into the vegetables browned onion and tomato paste.

3. In the boiling broth lowered cut into small pieces the potatoes, then stewed vegetables, shredded spinach and sorrel.

4. Bring all to a boil, season with flour, warmed with butter and diluted with broth, add salt to taste. Before serving in a bowl put half a hard-boiled egg, sour cream and greens.

Roll meat steam


1. lean ground meat — 60 gr.

2. milk — 1 tbsp.

3. egg whites — 3 PCs,

4. carrot — 1 PC.;

5. butter — 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Minced meat mixed with milk, egg whites, salt and knead well.

2. The resulting mass is put a thin layer on the moistened cloth, put on the middle of the sliced carrots and turn the roulade, then carefully place on a baking tray and cook for a couple. Before serving, pour oil or sauce.

Jelly of currants


1. currants — 30 gr.,

2. sugar — 15 gr.

3. gelatin — 3 oz.,

4. water — 100 ml.

Method of preparation:

1. Sort through and wash the berries, mash them in the dish, which is not oxidized, then pour a little boiling water and squeeze the juice, put it in the fridge.

2. Pour gelatin cold boiled water and leave to swell for 30-40 minutes, then drain off water.

3. Gulf pulp with hot water, boil for about 7 minutes, then strain and bring the broth to a boil.

4. Add the sugar, remove the foam, injected prepared gelatin and stir to dissolve gelatin.

5. Pour in extracted juice, stir, pour into molds and leave for 1-2 hours to solidify.

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