Diet No. 2 — description of permitted and prohibited products. Examples of recipes diet No. 2.

Diet number 2 is recommended for:

— chronic gastritis (low acidity) with mild exacerbation or during recovery from acute;

— acute enteritis, colitis and gastritis at the stage of recovery as a gradual transition to a physiologically balanced diet;

— chronic colitis and enteritis out and after an exacerbation (without concomitant diseases of the biliary tract and liver and pancreas);

— gastritis with preserved or increased acidity.

Diet No. 2 — description and General principles

Table No. 2 — a balanced diet that provides the body with all necessary for its normal operation elements, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates and normalizing the motility of the gastrointestinal tract (the gastrointestinal tract). Boiled, fried and baked products are subjected to different degree of size reduction that provides mechanical sparing of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulation of secretion of digestive organs. Full the chafing is exposed to only that food that contains a coarse fiber or rich in connective tissue, fiber. Excluded from the diet of indigestible food (smoked, fat), irritating the mucosa (spicy, sour, selenaselena), as well as excessively cold or hot. Optimal food temperature should range from 15 to 60 s. it is Recommended that smaller meals, moderate portions, four to six times a day.

Diet No. 2 — what products can be used

1. Bread and bakery products: bread made from flour of the 1st, 2nd and top grade, dried and baking yesterday, dry biscuits, nesdobnoe cakes and biscuits, to two times a week – the cooled cakes with boiled fish and meat, eggs, jam, apples, rice, well-baked nesdobnoe curd tarts.

2. Soups: rather weak low-fat meat and fish broth, vegetable broth, mushroom, finely chopped (pureed) vegetables with noodles, noodles, potatoes, boiled cereals, meat balls. If portability is a pickle with pureed vegetables without pickles (replaced brine), soup from fresh cabbage, Sokolniki with finely chopped vegetables, borscht.

3. Meat and poultry: sausages, lean meat without films, leather, tendons, meat dishes, baked, boiled, fried (dipped in egg, but not to pyrovate), boiled tongue, baked pancakes with boiled meat, products from chopped meat of rabbits, veal, beef, Turkey, chicken, lean pork and lean young lamb. Veal, turkeys, rabbit, chickens can be cooked in one piece.

4. Fish: lean fish species. Fried without breading, steamed, boiled, whole or chopped cous.

5. Dairy products: yogurt, kefir and other fermented milk products, cheese, sliced or grated, fresh cheese in dishes (dumplings, soufflé, cheesecakes, pudding) and natural, cream and milk for addition to drinks, meals, sour cream (up to 15g) dishes.

6. Fats: oil – refined canola, butter and ghee.

7. Eggs: baked, steamed, boiled, omelettes, fried (fried without much crust).

8. Vegetables: finely chopped fresh herbs in dishes, pumpkin, potatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, beets, ripe tomatoes, carrots, with portability – the green peas and cabbage. Roast slices, steamed, boiled, in casseroles, mashed potatoes, puddings. Fried and baked vegetable patties without the crust.

9. Cereals: oatmeal in meat broth, water (you can with milk), including crumbly and well cooked (except barley, millet), baked, steam puddings, steam cutlets or fried (no fried crust), rice, fruit, noodles.

10. Snacks: soaked herring, mild cheese, jellied language, fish and meat, low-fat beef jelly (jelly), lean ham, liver pate, caviar, sturgeon, sausages – doctor, diet, dairy, vegetable caviar, salads, cooked vegetables with fish, eggs, meat (without sauerkraut, onions, pickles), fresh tomatoes.

11. Berries and fruits, sweets and sweet food: ripe berries, fruits, ground into a puree, very ripe and soft – not wiped, baked apples, jelly, jellies, mousses, compotes. Lemons and oranges, adding in the tea or jelly. If portability of fresh grapes without the skin, oranges, tangerines and watermelon. Honey, sugar, jams, marshmallows, jam, butter caramel, marmalade, toffee, candy.

12. Drinks: cocoa, coffee, broth hips, bran, juices, diluted with water and berries, vegetables, and fruit, tea with lemon.

13. Spices and sauces: sauces broth, mushroom, meat, vegetables, fish, white sauce, and sour cream. Herbs – dill, celery, parsley. Cinnamon, vanillin, vanilla, Bay leaf (a bit).

Diet No. 2 — what products should not be consumed

1. Bread and bakery products: pastries of puff (pastry) dough, fresh bread.

2. Soups: pea, bean, millet, milk, hash.

3. Meat and poultry: meats, goose, duck, canned food(except dietary), fatty meat, and rich in connective tissue restrictions – lamb, pork.

4. Fish: fatty species of fish eateries canned fish, smoked and salted fish.

5. Dairy products: heavy cream, milk (in kind).

6. Fats: lard, fat – lamb, beef, and cooking.

7. Eggs: hard-boiled egg.

8. Vegetables: radishes, radish, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, garlic, turnips, mushrooms. Vegetables are pickled, salted and pickled, and raw not wiped.

9. Cereals: legumes, restrictions, corn, barley, pearl barley and millet.

10. Snacks: canned meats, excessively fatty or spicy meals.

11. Berries and fruits, sweets and sweet food: ice cream, figs, chocolate and cream, dates, berries with small coarse grains — red currants, raspberries, with a tough skin – black currant, gooseberry, and fresh (cheese) fruits and berries containing coarse fiber.

12. Drinks: beer, grape juice.

13. Spices and sauces: spicy and fatty sauces, mustard, horseradish, hot pepper.

Diet No. 2 — examples of menu

Breakfast (first): flummery, soft-boiled egg, coffee with cream.

Breakfast (second): fruit jellies.

Lunch: noodle soup with beef broth, boiled meat, sour cream sauce, mashed potatoes, pudding berry.

Snack: a decoction of rose hips.

Dinner: cottage cheese with sour cream, compote.

At night: kefir.

Breakfast (the first one): mashed potatoes, butter, herring, and tea.

Breakfast (second): a decoction of rose hips.

Lunch: soup with meatballs, potato gratin with meat, tomato juice.

Afternoon snack: baked Apple

Dinner: lazy cheese pierogi, sour cream, tea with honey.

At night: yogurt.

Breakfast (the first one): rice pudding, sour cream, tea with lemon (or chocolate).

Breakfast (two): blueberry jelly

Lunch: potato soup with chicken broth, beef meatballs with noodles (baked in cream), fruit and berry compote.

Afternoon snack: baked apples.

Dinner: potatoes with boiled fish, cocoa.

At night: kefir.

Breakfast (first): steam scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, lean ham, coffee with milk.

Breakfast (two): baked Apple.

Lunch: soup with rice and carrots with croutons (meat broth), crumbly buckwheat porridge with meat steam cutlets, jelly.

Afternoon tea: jelly from the hips.

Dinner: fish fried, souffle potato with sour cream, compote.

At night: yogurt.

Breakfast (first): boiled rice, butter, stewed in sour cream fish, coffee with milk.

Breakfast (two): baked apples.

Lunch: rassolnik (meat broth), roasted chicken meatballs, white sauce, boiled noodles, tea and fruits of black currant.

Snack: orange juice (diluted with water).

Dinner: krupenik buckwheat with sour cream and cream cheese, jelly.

At night: kefir.

Breakfast (first): flummery with butter (milk), boiled sausages or sausage, lemon tea.

Breakfast (the second one): Apple juice (diluted with water).

Lunch: vegetable soup(carrot and cauliflower), baked potatoes and boiled meat, fruit compote.

Afternoon snack: marshmallows, tea.

Dinner: boiled tongue, mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, tea.

At night: kefir.

Breakfast (first): oatmeal (with milk), soft-boiled egg, cheese, butter, cocoa.

Breakfast (second): berries or fruit mousse.

Lunch: potato soup with pasta and meatballs, baked chicken, white sauce, gratin of cauliflower, jelly.

Afternoon tea: jujube.

Dinner: boiled meat, sour cream sauce, boiled rice, butter, broth hips.

At night: yogurt.

Diet No. 2 — useful tips

Diet can a long time, while at home or treatment in hospital. In the period of exacerbation, with the purpose of unloading the stomach and digestive organs, it is recommended to set a fractional power mode – up to seven or eight times a day in small portions.

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